No More Keeping Secrets


These are eleven stories told from the minds and perspectives of eleven unrelated women, married and single, except all having one thing in common: the need to explore their sexual proclivities in ways that are bound to change their lives, especially that of their husbands.

“Brena” is the story of a horny wife out on a weekend getaway to Las Vegas with her husband who afterwards go looking for a potential mate to seduce.

“Greta” is about Greta Buchan, an insecure newlywed bride who ought to be enjoying her two-week honeymoon in the Cayman Islands with the love of her life, Jerome. Except she cannot help but wonder what secrets he is keeping from her. Secrets that will change her life and the course of their marriage. “Lily” tells the story of Lily Summers, a lonely woman who attempts an afternoon romp with a young man that doesn’t go well. Later daring herself to visit an erotic nightclub, she gets to shed herself off her high-strung attitude and encounters the sort of man she had been daring to have. 

A collection of erotic tales comprising of innate lust and desires that lies in the heart of sensuous women. What once were well-kept secrets will be brought to light.






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REVIEW FOR "Southern Hospitality or Horny Wives of Pinopolis" -
Nobody does cuckold erotica quite like Damien Dsoul. He can write a story that is dark and dangerous, full of coercion and dubious consent, just as well as he can one that is sexy and romantic, marked by a delightful openness and free of inhibitions.

Southern Hospitality: Horny Wives of Pinopolis is one of the latter, and it is . . . well, just delightful. No plots or schemes or conspiracies, just an African tourist welcomed with open arms, legs, mouths, wallets, and homes by the couples who make him feel welcome.

There is a bit of a taboo edge in the Deep South setting, and one of the characters does make reference to the racism that it is best known for, but that just makes the happy couples all the more delightful. We get to see multiple women enjoying the erotic attentions of the unnamed narrator, sometimes alone, sometimes together, and sometimes with their husbands.

That bisexual bliss is one of the things I love most about Damien Dsoul. While he can do degrading, humiliating, cuckold cleanup (and do it very well), I love it even more when he has men worship alongside their wives, taking an active role in pleasing their bull, not because they are forced to, but because they know their place and they enjoy it.

There is not a lot of story to this one, just a series of widening circles of friendship that allow for increasingly erotic explorations, but Southern Hospitality is a happy, sexy, entertaining bit of creamy erotica that goes down smooth, and leaves you satisfied.
- By Sally Bend at on March 7, 2018
The story of thaddeus black, pt. one