Oct 1

Hello lovers. My name is PaigeO-The O gives great meaning-the letter-the number is always hopeful-let's go up and find out all the wonderful


welcome and happy to chat anytime even outside this blog

Oct 1

Where the hell is that?lol...................How are you doing this lovely night fair lady?

Oct 1

I wish I would quit answering three hours, two weeks, a month late.. I apologize. Sometimes I just write and run.Lol

Oct 17

Hello and welcome to the group

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  • I am 35 years old and a cuck-wannabe from germany. Looking for a woman for a long-term relationship and its okay for me when she sleeps with other men as long as i could watch. But i´ve never met a women who is into this lifestyle too. Maybe I need to look harder. ;) I nearly only watch ir porn, mostly cuckold. But also shemale, sissy, femdom, flr, ...
  • I am a blonde 25 this month and becomea real slut for bbc and am bi pleased to be here a uni graduate from australia
  • I am a cuckold in the traditional sense. My wife cheats whenever she likes and I accept it. I can't keep her home if I wanted to. Men will not leave her alone. She loves all the attention. She told me the first time she cheated, that she knew I would never leave her no matter what she did. She was absolutely correct. The attached photo show why she gets so much attention and why I can't and do not want to leave her.