Sep 17

Hi, my name is Martin.


I am 35 years old and a cuck-wannabe from germany. Looking for a woman for a long-term relationship and its okay for me when she sleeps with other men as long as i could watch. But i´ve never met a women who is into this lifestyle too.


Maybe I need to look harder. ;)


I nearly only watch ir porn, mostly cuckold. But also shemale, sissy, femdom, flr, ...



This is my biggest fantasy. A BBC is coming in my woman and afterwards i clean...


You’re never going to find such woman if you expect her to have such statement on her forehead. Such women you’ll need to work the desire into them.

Yeah, i will listen to you. I went too naive on the search.

hi martin I am in australia but pleased to keep contact

Sep 19

Hey Martin there are women like this out there you just need to cultivate a relationship with one making clear that you are submissive and willing to do anything for her happiness. II need to show that you are a cuckold and not the focus of her desires. You need to be aware that you will not get to have sex with her she will want a large thick black cock like Damiendsoul. The black cock will stretch her holes and if you were allowed to try to have sex with her she would feel nothing. You will also need to be ready to eat a cum filled pussy and lick or suck a ruined cum filled asshole. Cum from a superior big black cock will be your main focus. Good luck in your search. Please keep us posted.

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