Sep 23

how I was made to admit bbc


Hi my name is terry I am widowed.I used to think I satisfied my wife and so I looked around for another hot blonde to move in with. Then I found Kathryn she was a prefect figure 25 blonde 36d boobs and fit. Then she moved in but when she saw my cock she laughed and said no wonder my wife died. She said it would never satisfy and that she would have amny lover she wanted and if I wanted any sort of sex I would agree. I did. Then after a lot of bigger men than me she took a bbc lover who was also bi. Well my worst fears were confirmed not only did they attack the status of my manhood but as the bbc was bi I was forced to suck his cock and clean Kathryn.

There was also talk of a cock cage and Kathryn and her lover made me eat my own cum as they said no one should ever have my cum.

I now realise how inadequate I am when compared with bbc or any black man . I attact a copy of my cock for any comment


Sep 23

I know I am pussy and black cock whipped

Yes, you are, cuck-boi. This post should be read by many others. In fact, I just shared it on my Twitter feed.😂😂

Sep 24

well I suppose some might learn I only know I am pussy whipped by Kathryn

Sep 29

Hi Terry here again with a report on my life as a cuckold to my beautiful gf Kathryn. When she moved in with me my friends warned me she could be a real ball buster. Little did I know the perfect peaches and cream blonde woman with perfect body would do even more than that. She soon insisted he black bf move in with us . More and more my manhood was attacked. I don't have a big cock but never had complains . However soon the both of them were ridiculing my size and ability to please. Because I so wanted her I obeyed and soon it was clear I could get hard except watching them. The final cut came when I had to guide his cock into my Kathryn knowing mine would never be in there, as I guided his cock in I got a big erection and came hard much to the amusement of them both. The final indignity was that yesterday I was told top wear a cock cage . It wasn't on long but the message was clear with it on or not my cock is fully pussy and cock whipped.

If only more white husbands are here to read this.

who can blame Kathryn with a cock like his may it never be used


Nov 4

More white husbands need to read this

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