DAMIEN DSOUL was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Aside from being a foremost writer, he's as well a certifiable sex fiend. Much of his books which so happens to be erotic are based on his sexual exploits and lifestyle. However, that being said, he's as much a connosieur of life, love, happiness, and pain.


On his spare time, he enjoys writing poetry, art paintings, and nothing gets him off than watching stand-up comedies and listening to classic rock music. He considers himself a student of human nature, and bids you welcome to viewing his page.




Thaddeus Black is on the case again ... except this is one he least prepared for. A pretty dame he spent the night with is missing and all fingers point to him. With nothing to go on, except for a Chesire cat, he's got less time to solve the case than he becoming someone else's cat food.

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