DAMIEN DSOUL was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Aside from being a foremost writer, he's as well a certifiable sex fiend. Much of his books which so happens to be erotic are based on his sexual exploits and lifestyle. However, that being said, he's as much a connosieur of life, love, happiness, and pain.


On his spare time, he enjoys writing poetry, art paintings, and nothing gets him off than watching stand-up comedies and listening to classic rock music. He considers himself a student of human nature, and bids you welcome to viewing his page.



Brown Eyes, Blue Smile.jpg

Shanice never thought she would find a good man. That changed when she met Eric. Their love was spontaneous and magical, defying their skin color. But as they get pulled into the secrets of each other's lives, the question is how strong will their love hold for the future.

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