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Hubby's Confession: Las Vegas Nights (Night 1)

This is a hubby's confession from three nights spent in the City of Sin, which we all familiarly know as Las Vegas.

My wife and I finally got married recently. If you read about my fiancée before, you might know that she liked to regularly fuck black guys during our engagement. She especially liked to tie me up, leaving me defenseless, forcing me to watch as she rode her black lovers. After we got married though, all the extracurricular activities stopped, for whatever reason. I guess we were just a young happy married couple in love. We fucked like bunnies those first few months and were pretty much exclusive.

We had planned a trip to Vegas a few months ago, our first as a married a couple. We had gone several times before and always had a blast. We planned on doing some of the usual stuff, catching a show, having a good dinner, drinking and gambling. The highlight of the trip though, was that my new wife was going to meet up with James, an older black male that Liz had recently been talking to online.

We had been planning this Vegas trip for a while, but it was only a few weeks ago that my wife had told me that she was talking to someone online and wanted to meet up. We haven’t even talked about black dick or any other cocks for that matter since we were married. Then one day, she prints out a picture of a well-built black guy. She showed me the picture and this stud is hung like no other I’ve seen before, just massive. She tapes the picture to the wall of our bedroom and that night we fucked liked animals. After we were done, she told me that the picture was sent from someone that she had met online. He lived in Vegas and they were trying to meet up for a night. We fucked again we were so horny. That’s how I found out. My wife was fucking me but thinking about that big hard black cock.

Our night in Vegas finally arrived. We got in pretty late but we were ready to get started. Drinks were flowing freely and we were just excited to be among the lights and glitter of the Vegas strip. Liz and I had planned on meeting up with James in the casino bar downstairs from our hotel. After a few rounds of drinks, Liz invites him upstairs to our room. That was easy. She had been a few months out of the game but picked up exactly where she left off. Marriage doesn’t change a white slut wife.

In the elevator and in the room, my wife begins to taunt me. She turns and asks me if I’m ready to watch a real man fuck his new wife. She says her married white pussy has been waiting for that big black cock to fill her up. James smiles as he begins to feel her up and they make out. Now, Liz tells me to get undressed first.

I act confused but ultimately get naked, with my cock in my hands. She then tells James to get undressed, which he does. My wife, still in her cocktail dress then examines both our naked bodies. She directs James to stand next to me. He is taller than me by a good 4-5 inches, and is much more muscular. He is an older gentleman, but black don’t crack. His penis though, was a monster compared to mine. My wife put our two cocks near each other and it’s no exaggeration that his cock was nearly twice the size of mine. My cock was already raging hard by this time but his was still semi-soft and it was already much bigger. I would have to say his penis was about 7 inches, thick like my wife’s forearm, and he wasn’t even fully hard yet.

My wife pulls a set of handcuffs from the dresser and we wonder what she has in mind. She looks around the room, but there is nowhere good to tie somebody. They bedframe had no posts and the chairs were large and plush. Finally, she takes me and kneels me down beside the coffee table. She puts my arms behind my back and cuffs them around the leg of a table. I am know tied up with my hands behind my back, naked with my hard cock out in front of me. I am kneeling down with my eye level to someone’s waist and a clear view of our hotel room bed.

My wife begins to strip pulling her dress over her head. She is down to her bra, thong panties and high heels. James and my wife begin to make out in front of me. He reaches behind and unclasps her bra, falling to the ground. He stands over my wife, he begins to go down on him but can’t fit his massive cock in her mouth. She wraps both her hands around his cock, put his head into her waiting mouth, and there is still enough cock to go around. She sucks him and jacks him off with two hands until he is hard. Somehow his dick managed to get even bigger. I know this because I am tied up defenseless and this is all happening in front of me.

After his dark dick was hard, they cut right to the chase and end the teasing. Giving in, she takes off her panties and lays down on the bed with her pussy facing towards me obviously soaking wet. James gets on top of her as she spreads her legs. I see James get on top of her with his massive bulging erection. He tries to fit it in but can only get the head in. That is enough to drive my wife wild. My cock is not nearly as thick as she probably has not been stretched out like this for quite some time.

My wife is loud and very vocal. James is at this point sliding nothing but the head of his penis. There is no way he can fit that huge penis into my petite wife. He is slowly sliding in and out of her pussy as I watch from behind. He is not in all the way, not even halfway perhaps but my wife is moaning, screaming with delight. She puts her white hands on his black ass and lets out a prolonged scream. I can see her pussy twitch and her body spasm. She has already cum and James is not even all the way inside her yet.

After that cum, his massive dick finds an easier time going deeper into my wife’s pussy. I see his cock start to go deeper and deeper into my wife and his cock is becoming more covered in juices from my wife’s pussy every time he pulls out some more. I watch this, my wife still holding on for dear life. After about ten minutes or so, he finally is able to fit his cock all the way into my wife. He now has momentum giving it to my wife, thrusting his full cock into my wife’s stretched pussy.

He pulls out his cock and lays on the bed. His cock is covered in my wife’s cum. He tells Liz to sit on top of him. It’s when he’s laying down that you can really see how big his member is, like a beer bottle or something. My wife though has no problem sitting on top of that rod and making it disappear deep inside her. She rides that cock grinding it hard. Soon, she is cumming again. Her eyes close and she starts to squirm. Her body twitches and her nice perky milky tits bounce as she is thrusted into.

It’s probably been an hour that I’ve been kneeling, handcuffed to this chair. My knees are sore as they support my body on the hard carpet. James had absolutely been tearing my wife apart while I could do nothing but watch. Liz gets up and comes over to me. She puts her hands on my shoulder and her ass facing the bed where James is. Her tits around in front of my eyes. Between her legs I see James legs get up from the bed. He comes closer to my wife and enters her.

I can see my wife’s tits sway and bounce as James forces his big black cock inside her. I can even see James swinging set of balls slam against her pussy. My wife loves to put on a show for me and tease me, and this is one of the great views I’ve had in a while.

James starts to build up speed again and soon my wife can no longer balance with her hands on my shoulders. She sinks down and puts her head on my shoulders with her arms holding my neck and upper back. Now I can see her naked back and her curvy ass. I can see James cock over my wife’s ass as he fucks her from behind. He is dripping sweat, and his gold chain bounces off his muscular chest as he pounds my wife. By this time he is absolutely using my wife like a jackhammer. My wife is screaming in my ear, “Fuck me with that big nigger cock!”

He fucks her as hard as he could, his body pushing her body into mine, the force is pushing me hard against the wall. I’m being crushed by this black man and in between us is my wife. Liz can’t hardly take it. “Oh God!” She repeatedly screams into my ear. Her nails dig deep into my back as she lets out a loud deep moan, another raging orgasm, this one her best yet.

Just then, James begins to pull out and cums all over my wife’s ass and back. He lets out a monstrous roar like an airplane taking off. He shoots a massive load of thick cum on my wife. Two or three strands of black seed up and down my wife. There is one trail of cum that starts on my wife’s ass and goes all the way up her back to her left shoulder, and up to my face. Intentionally or not, James unloaded his cum all over my wife and managed to shoot some on my face. It is only a small amount compared to what was on my wife, but it was on my cheek and dripping down towards my mouth. My wife slinks down, covered in James cum, and totally ravaged. I have cum on my face and I can’t wipe it off as my hands are still cuffed.

James gets dressed, kisses my wife on the bed, still naked and totally worn. He thanks her and starts to leave. He sees me and nods and smiles. I am still cuffed but he just goes on his way. My wife finally mustered the energy and coordination to undo the cuffs. My knees felt so good after I was able to stand. My wife feel asleep almost right away so I went into the bathroom and jacked off into a tissue.

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