Hubby's Confession: Las Vegas Nights (Night 3)

The couple continue their third and final night of sexual adventure in Las Vegas with a crashing finale!

Our third and final night in Vegas was supposed to be about us. I had made dinner reservations at a fancy Vegas restaurant and bought tickets for a Cirque De Soleil show at the Bellagio. The show was called “O” and we were joking about how many O’s she has had during her Vegas trip.

After the show, she receives a text message from James, the guy from the first night. He is hosting a poker game and asks if he would want to come. My wife agrees and James said he would pick us up in an hour. I voiced my disappointment to Liz and told her that it was supposed to be our night. I was looking to finally fuck her after watching her with three other men already and I was dying. She said that it is our last night in Vegas and that we should go out and name the most of it. I agreed and soon we met James outside our hotel.

We got in the car and asked if my wife was ready to be the entertainment. I asked what that was about but my wife just looked at me and shrugged. She turned to James and said, “Yeah, let’s have some fun”. It didn’t take us long as the place wasn’t that far from the strip. We arrived at a small restaurant. It was rather empty since it was already starting to get late.

We go inside the restaurant and there are about 8 black guys sitting around a large table playing cards. At another table are an older couple. We aren’t hungry as we had dinner, but we are pretty drunk already. The black guys are having a good time and introduce themselves to us. They all know James and seem to be good friends with him. The guys are having a good time, drinking beers and playing cards and being loud. After about ten minutes, the older couple leaves leaving only the table full of black guys and us. The card game is getting more heated as the drinks start to flow more. One of the black guys asks my wife if she wants to play. She says she doesn’t know how to play and she doesn’t have money. James then offered her some strip poker.

Liz was already drunk by this point. She told the room full of men: “If you want me to strip, just ask! I don’t need to play any games!”

Of course this got the room in an uproar. Some started pulling out singles. We wife pretended to act shy but soon the spirits took over. She started to dance and make her way out of her clothes. She would go up to some of the black guys and wrap her leg around their torso and grind them. She went around and did the sexiest tease for all those black guys in there. She was finally down to bra, panties and garter belt. She whipped off her bra and threw it behind her. Her panties were next to go. She was naked in a room full of black men. She bends over the table where they were playing cards. She asks them: “Are you all going to fuck me now or what?”

Then that’s what all those black guys proceeded to do. One by one, they took turns on my wife, entering her from behind. They switched off and my wife never changed position. For about an hour and a half she was bent over that table as different black cocks entered her. Sooner or later, one by one all these guys started to cum. Some came deep inside my wife’s pussy. Some all over her back. One took the liberty of going to the other side of the table and cumming all over my wife’s face.

They were done and zipper up their pants. My wife had about 8 loads of cum on her body and pussy. She turns over and smiles, exasperated. She thanks them all very much and tells them that they made her Vegas trip. James offers to take us back to the hotel. My wife is still naked as she enters the parking lot holding her clothes. It’s late so no one is out there to see but I still think it’s hot. She is so fucked that she doesn’t care.

James brings us back to the hotel. She tells my naked wife to get dress because we obviously can’t go to the casino like that. She does, barely putting her dress over her. We get back to the room and she collapses.

So after three nights in Vegas. I spent hundreds of dollars. My wife fucks about a dozen men. She is double penetrated. I get cum on my face and get to jack off into some tissue. What a Vegas trip to remember.

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