Definition of a 'Hot Wife' Pt. One

What’s the proper definition of a ‘Hot Wife’?

There’s been plenty of talk regarding this title for years and years. Just like the derogatory word ‘Cuckold’, it’s often perceived in the wrong sense of the word, or of what it connotes. For a lot of folks out there, majority of whom perceive the word ‘Cuckold’ as something that involves a cheating spouse, so too ‘Hot Wife’ is supposedly to signify a well-kept house wife who opts to cheat behind her hubby’s back while he’s making the bread at work.

These statements couldn’t be so far from the truth.

In all respect, I will define a ‘Hot Wife’ as a married wife who opts to take charge of her sexuality, as much as she decides to engage in exploring her femininity. Yes, it sounds like something hard to swallow, but I’ll go even further in breaking it down for others to grasp.

A Hot Wife isn’t necessarily a well-kept housewife, as the world right now is filled with working women, most of whom are married and raising kids as well. A Hot Wife isn’t about single mothers or single young women wanting to get as much dicks they can while still young. A Hot Wife, most especially, isn’t a wife who cheats on her hubby. A Hot Wife is a woman who knows the best in terms of sex, and is willing to seek out the right sort of men to give it to her. This may not necessarily be up to her hubby to contend. Even if he is, the hubby too might just as well decide to make things a lot interesting by incorporating the idea into his/her sexual fantasy so as to involve himself too in her exploits.

A Hot Wife is a woman who’s sensuously content with herself, in and out, with as much love and harmony with her beautiful self. She loves her husband just as much as he too loves her, and knows that by getting herself the best sex she can find, it her way of maintaining further harmony with nature and herself. Getting a lover to appreciate her body, uncaring what her size is, whether she’s maintained her skinny self, or is now a BBW-type of woman makes no different. It makes no difference too her age, or the fact that she can hardly fit into a slim-fitting jeans. She knows her lover won’t mind, and it’s his place to nurture the sexuality in her, to make her learn to appreciate herself plenty.

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Dad did a Bad, Bad Thing

Jessie never knew what to expect when she came home one summer afternoon and found her Dad in the living room crying and looking miserable while upstairs, her Mom was paying the price for a gambling debt her Dad had accumulated. That summer afternoon was a day that changed everything in her household. From the moment Morris Knight enrolled her and her Mom into being part of his pimp harem, a whole new lifestyle was open to her. From that moment, she stopped being Daddy's little girl.

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