A Black Master's Role

The question is simple: What is the role of a Black Master, besides fucking the wife and keeping the hubby entrenched in his cuckold role?

A lot can be categorized about the workings of a Black Master. It’s far different from been a Bull. I’ve often made it known a Bull can be of anyone, including a white fellow or even a Latino. It’s not something only susceptible for black men. Anyone can assume the role of a Bull, including some hubbies do it to their wives when taking their dominance towards extreme. However with a Black Master, there comes a lot of distinction.

A Black Master is there to seduce a housewife, alter her thoughts and way of sexual thinking towards becoming that of a hotwife. For a Black Master, this is a full-time job, not something most hubbies are capable of dealing with because of the binding emotion they share. With a Black Master stepping in, it’s more like taking the couple back to school again. He holds the crop and has the means of whipping butt should anyone skip out on their lessons. Besides eroticizing and fucking the wife not just in the bed, but anywhere he so chooses, he as well deems some lessons necessary to her cuck hubby to put his ass in check. The cuck hubby becomes more submissive to the Master, as well as gracious to his presence in their home, and does whatever he should to see to the Master and wife’s comfort together.

The Black Master issues strict regiments upon the couple, part of his ‘White Slut Training’ program. Some of these may include assignments the cuck hubby must abound, such as getting to wear the wife’s panties, not playing with his pathetic penis unless properly instructed when to do so, must be on his knees beside the bed watching the Master fuck the wife, and be ready to do his dutiful clean-up role, also he too, like the wife, is expected to undergo ‘Black Cock Training’ lessons.

Every white couple is expected to learn to suck their Master’s cock the preferred way he demands of them. This especially goes to the wife.

Never is a wife meant to suck her Master’s cock the same way she would her husband. And she should know that as long as her and her hubby have become ‘Black-Owned’, no longer is it expected of them to have sex anymore. Unless for means of procreation, and that could be up to the Master’s jurisprudence to direct.

A wife or her husband can as well continue enjoying the Black Master’s training even if one of them isn’t around. It is especially required that a cuck hubby undergo plenty of black cock training, because his role will be required a lot for when it comes to sucking the Master’s cock and keeping him hard once again to fuck the wife. Or if the Master just needs someone to be a fluffer for whenever the wife isn’t available. Or even as a treat to the hubby for been diligent.

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