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Asian Wives for Blacks

Little has been said about Asian women and black men. I'm not being selective about them, and I don’t want for anyone to presume that simply because I write mostly about white women that means Asian women aren't included … or even Latinos. All women, I believe, are included in my articles. Just because I'm prone to mention one don't necessarily mean I'm excluding the others.

However over the past months I've gotten quite a lot of traffic from white husbands married to Asian women and they too would love to have their women conquered and made submissive by black men and a lot of times they've approached me about the subject of wanting to hear me talk about Asian ladies. Well, with this post I'm going to humor them and give Asian women the much needed justice I've been avoiding.

I haven't had much dealings with Asian woman and this is part of the reason why I haven't talked about them much. Another reason, and I think this is a most important one, is that Asian women (I believe), share as much kinship sense of belonging as Black men do. By that I mean that (and I'm just talking aloud here, so please don't throw rotten cabbages at me if by chance I'm talking nonsense), a lot of Asian women are somewhat restricted by their environment and by Asian men in general. Also, there's little that's been talked about Asian women with black men and one of the reason for that is less mingling amongst them as well the stereotyped imagery that's often being depicted by Asian women mixing with black men and what the often result can be sexually.

It's easy in present-day America to find a brother walking along with a white woman, but it's kind of hard finding a brother with an Asian woman. There's few association with them and rather more of Asian women mingling with Caucasian men. Don't ask me why, because I just don't know. Then there's the sex part: Asian women (again, I don't know if this is completely true, although I'm sure there's some sense of truth in it), are particularly well aware of how well-endowed most black men are, and since Asian women are mostly known to bear the world's tightest pussies, obviously they'd be scared that once a brother hits that cunt, he's going to make room enough to park a Chevy inside and seldom would any Asian brother be able to follow that hole once it gets 'Black-Owned'. And brothers too, we can't help but love to want to fuck Asian women (I doubt brothers find it hard wanting to fuck anything as long as it’s a female), because we know the woman have tight pussies, they look petite and just ripe to be sexually dominated. In the hands and eyes of a black bull, all white women need to be dominated; the romance we can leave to the white men to deal with.

There's something erotic and exotic about Asian women. It's kind like figuring out why cats are often mysterious and I believe it's that sense of exoticism in Asian women that draws a lot of black men to want to have them. A lot of Asian women too I reckon are drawn towards black men for their raw masculinity and energy, but they get scared acting out on this because they too have seen and heard black men in action when it comes to fucking we take no prisoners. This makes it somewhat of a challenge when a hubby wants to try and sweet-talk his Asian beauty into being with a black man. Although a lot of Asian women are now starting to leave the enclosure of their conservative, homely lifestyle, there's still a long road for them to cross in order to be as wanting as most white women tend to be when it comes to demand for black men. The manner of seduction accosted to an Asian woman is more higher than that given to a white woman, and I can make time to talk about some of it right now.

1. What Moves Her:

For a white husband trying to get his Asian hottie to cuck him might seem like a step mountain to scale, and in a way it is far step to scale than turning a white woman towards the Black side. As I've often declared that when it comes to such turning around to begin a husband must first 'know his wife' before he maps out any plans of seduction. Know her on a emotional level and never be so blatant as to lay it out on her what you want her to do. The same goes for the Asian wife: don't just open your mouth and say 'Honey, I've having my black friend over and I'd love you to show him a good time and give him a good fuck!' No. You do that and if she strikes your head with a vase, you deserve it. Know what moves her sexually, erotically. What stimulates her mostly during or before sex. Usually it's best starting this in the early stage of courtship. Get to know your woman inside and outside. It's with such information an experienced black man can use to work his way into her mind when the time comes for that.

2. Melting Her Ice:

There's the belief that a lot of Asian women are often rigid when it comes to love-making and improving on their sex life (I might be wrong in this as I'm yet to know more about the 21st century Asian women in America, and if I'm wrong then let the fault be mine), thus a lot of work needs to be done to melt through her ice of rigidity and get her being comfortable with sex. Whatever you, the husband, must do is first make her comfortable with being herself and let her know sex is a lot more fun that she's often thought it to be. This might take some time, but it's worth it, believe me. Once she's gotten well enough comfortable, then you can work towards adding more flavor to the script. Impress her by taking things outdoors. Do exotic, erotic stuff with her you seldom hear Asian women involve themselves with: take her to a nude beach, make love to her outdoors, have her do a striptease for you … in other words, show her off in public looking good. Be creative as you can, just let it all warm up towards what you intend for her soon enough.

3. Sex Toys & Erotic Literature:

This works with most women and it should as well work with you. Get your Asian princess some sex toys. Anything to spice up her sex life and venture her towards being more creative with herself in bed. Let her hold the reins every now and then. Instill in her to dominate you sexually. If she's adverse towards watching porn flicks with you, whether interracial or otherwise, then get her some erotic literature to melt her mind off on. You can start with that 'Fifty Shades' collection and then get her some interracial ones. Start with something romantic, if that's where her mind lies in, then as you notice her being enticed, slip in some hardcore ones. Take note of how well she's responding to them. And whatever you do, always make out time to read them along with her. Cuckoldry is about sharing, never just about the wife getting her rocks off and you stuck at the office crunching numbers. Even if you aren't there to watch, the fact that you know makes it even better.

4. Love the Asian in Her:

This is more a warning that a means. Your Asian woman is/will be an Asian in your eyes no matter what. Don't ever try to make her seem like a Caucasian white girl or some other colorful fantasy you've got in your head. If you love the image of women with big tits and your Asian girl has smaller ones, don't go thinking of wanting her to get fake boobs just to please your image of what you want her to be. If you're thinking of blondes, don't go asking her to dye her brunette hair to look like Jessica Simpson. Don't make her into something she might find uncomfortable with. Behind ever Asian woman is an exoticness waiting to explode with erotic beauty. Just to hear her moan and say sex stuff in her language is enough to make any black man go crazy. Don't try and take that from her, instead find means of helping her enrich what she has already.

5. Give her Room:

Give your Asian wife all the room she needs to be herself. With most Asian sluts, it takes quite some time to get them toward opening up on this subject. Not saying there aren't some out there who aren't open-enough, but I know how troubling it can be for most hubbies. Especially the ones who've written to me in the past before. Images, too, can help enhance her decision: Get her to see the good in been around black men, and not the sterotypical image that populates the evening news. Hook her up with a black mate that'll start off gentle with her. As time goes on, she'll begin to loosen up. That's when the bull can take off the gloves and teach that Asian pussy of hers a thing or two about what black cock is about!

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