More from Merry Wives of Master SHANGO Pt. 2

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Here's another excerpt from my upcoming erotic novel. A sequel to 'The Merry Wives of Master SHANGO'. I have long been stalling on sitting down to write this story, as I had other projects to take care of at the time. I'm hopping to be done with this before Thanksgiving. We'll just have to wait and see! For now, enjoy . . . .

Alice opened her door and stepped inside and almost ran down the short hallway then turned left into the living room where her best friend was waiting for her. His car was still parked in her driveway. She was smiling when she entered the living room and saw her black lover seated in her husband’s favourite chair flipping through a newspaper. He’d already sighted her from the window watched her hurrying back to the house and he didn’t look up as she came toward him.

“You left me here a long time,” her lover said to her. He lowered the newspaper and looked at her. He was naked. “I’d been waiting ages for you.”