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More from Merry Wives of Master SHANGO Pt. 2

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Here's another excerpt from my upcoming erotic novel. A sequel to 'The Merry Wives of Master SHANGO'. I have long been stalling on sitting down to write this story, as I had other projects to take care of at the time. I'm hopping to be done with this before Thanksgiving. We'll just have to wait and see! For now, enjoy . . . .

Alice opened her door and stepped inside and almost ran down the short hallway then turned left into the living room where her best friend was waiting for her. His car was still parked in her driveway. She was smiling when she entered the living room and saw her black lover seated in her husband’s favourite chair flipping through a newspaper. He’d already sighted her from the window watched her hurrying back to the house and he didn’t look up as she came toward him.

“You left me here a long time,” her lover said to her. He lowered the newspaper and looked at her. He was naked. “I’d been waiting ages for you.”

“I’m so sorry, Master,” she said to him. “I was only gone for a minute—”

“You’ve been gone more than a minute,” he said to her and flung aside the newspaper. “I hate been kept waiting.”

Alice fell to her knees and continued to earnestly placate him. “I’m so sorry, Master. I didn’t mean to. I just took a cake to welcome the new woman in neighbourhood. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting, Master. Let me make it up to you, please.”

She crawled on her hands and knees toward him. Olu Shango shifted his legs apart as she came and knelt before him. She took his flaccid prick resting snugly between his legs. Almost immediately it seemed to pulse with life. Alice could feel herself starting to gush between her legs. A shiver ran through her arms and down her spine the more she grasped his cock, feeling it start to become turgid in her grip. It felt as if her Master’s cock was giving off a vibe of electricity she couldn’t withstand and she couldn’t help moaning from its ecstatic pleasure. It became too much for her she had to bring her other hand to it and now was stroking his nine-inch cock with both hands, and gasping like a long-distance runner.

“Master, your cock is just so beautiful,” she moaned as she kept stroking pre-cum out the penile slit in his cock. She slicked her tongue over her lips once then twice. “I think about your cock night and day. I just love to worship it.”

“Then get to work, bitch!” Shango growled and brought his hand to her head and pushed her face down toward his crotch. “Don’t delay anymore.”

Alice opened her mouth to accept his cock and instantly felt his shaft stretch her mouth beyond its average size. She just about choked on his prick and still she rolled her tongue around its bulbous head with joy. That was just how she loved to do to Master Shango whenever he came by her home to fuck her. It was too bad Ben, her husband, wasn’t always around to watch her. Though Master Shango was just as benevolent to sometimes drop by when Ben was around so he too could partake in the festivities.

TMW (59).jpg

Shango kept his hand on Alice’s hair, pulling her head down to choke more on his prick. He as well thrust his prick up her mouth. He took pride in hearing her choke forcefully on his meat, seeing trails of saliva dribble down her chin. Her slobbering moans soothed his dominative spirit. A while later he rose from the chair while she remained on her knees and now he held her face with both hands and kept thrusting back and forth into her mouth. Alice groaned from the effort. It hurt her jaw muscles, but she knew she wasn’t going to stop. Not when it involved pleasing Master Shango.

“You’re a stupid, horny white bitch, aren’t you?” Shango said to her.

Alice took a moment to stroke his cock while gasping for breath and she looked up at him and replied: “Yes, Master. I am a stupid, horny white bitch,” she gave a throaty moan while she rubbed his saliva-coated cock all over her lips like she was munching on a lollipop. “I want you to train me, Master. Make become obedient.”

“Come here then,” Shango grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet and pushed her to the couch. “Get over there and assume the position, bitch!” he snarled.

Alice got on the couch and hiked her skirt up her thigh and presented her bottom at him as she reclined forward. Shango shoved her panties to the side and holding his cock in his head rubbed it against her pussy’s entrance. This sent a wave of electricity coursing up Alice. She groaned impatiently as Olu came forward and then she held her breath as she felt the tip of his prick slide into her. Alice shut her eyes and she squeezed the couch’s fabric as more and more of Olu’s prick invaded her privates.

“Awwhhhh God!” she cried aloud. “Awwwhhhh . . . Ohhh God!”

Shango grabbed her hair and pulled her face backward as he thrust deeper into her. Her cries grew louder and louder and she felt her body break into convulsion.

“Dirty white bitches all need to learn their lesson,” Shango snarled into her ear while listening to her groaning cries. He always enjoyed hearing his women cry and beg for his cock; he hadn’t even gone deep inside her yet. “You ready for your lesson, bitch?”

“Yes, Master!” Alice hollered amid gasps. She sucked in air through her mouth and even that wasn’t enough to stop the orgasm roaring through her body. “Forgive me, Master . . . Awwuuhhhh God, YOU’RE SO DEEP!”


Shango thrust deep into her mercilessly. He kept pushing her head backward with each thrust of his meat he gave her. Her panties kept getting on the way and afterward Shango got her to lie on her back and nearly ripped her panties off her. Alice pushed her skirt up her crotch and fingered herself. Her pussy felt stretched already; her finger seemed to be swimming inside her cunt. Shango edged over her and she took her Master’s cock and guided him back into her. She moaned and shut her eyes once again from the biting pain. Shango leaned toward her and fed his cock deeper than before. Alice tightened her grip around her Master’s arms and gave a screeching groan as Shango’s cock dipped in and out of her cunt. He gritted his teeth against her warm tightness, and still he kept pushing deeper and deeper into her. Alice locked her legs behind his back and urged him to keep fucking her. Her thighs and moaning cries synchronized with her ecstatic rhythm.

“Don’t stop, Master!” she cried. “Auuoowwwhhh . . . Owwhhh God . . . I want your cock . . . I want all your cock!”

“You’re going to get it, bitch!” Shango groaned in response. “You’re gonna get all of it.”

The sex went on till the moment arrived and they both seemed to sense it about to happen. Shango didn’t relent from his fucking. He now was resting on top of her while his hands took firm grip on the couch’s headrest. Alice wrapped her arms and legs over him like she was drowning. She wanted the feel of cum he was about to blast into her cunt. Shango tensed himself at the moment of climax and Alice groaned reassuringly as she felt him release himself inside her. Neither of them moved for a long time. They held each other like two lovers glued together. Alice especially didn’t want to let go of her lover, her Master. She adored and worshipped the very ground he walked on. It was her duty to offer herself to him whenever he demanded, even without him telling. Not just herself, but any other white female friend of hers . . . and that now included her recent friend, Jocelyn Baskin.

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