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Fantasy Becomes Real

There is a fantastic dream that lies in the hearts and minds of most white husbands. Such a dream beckons them toward the reality of which they so much desire. However, like every other sort of dream, it fades away from view once your eyes become acquainted with the actual reality that you’re living. However, such husbands do get fleeting glances of this dream when they turn to their side and see their wives lying snugly in bed beside them, asleep. When this happens, for the husbands, they get fleeting catches of the dream. They imagine that they aren’t alone with bed with their wives. They even imagine that they, the husbands, aren’t lying in the same bed with the wives.

They rather picture another man in bed with the wife. A black bull sleeping snugly beside her, with the wife resting her head on her black lover’s shoulders. This is the strongest part of the dream that remains with most white husbands when they come awake every morning. However, this dream especially runs through the minds of those husbands who’ve yet decided on taking adequate steps toward making sure their wives become seduced and lost in the arms of a black lover/Black Master.

Many of such husbands would want to know if they’re actually losing their minds to think that they would dare consider such. Many have thrown the question to me, wanting to know how much of a taboo this cuckold lifestyle actually is, and how come it seems to be getting stronger more and more. But most especially, they want to know how come they are so drawn toward it. Why is it that this cuckold lifestyle beckons them toward it . . . and why is it they desire it so much?

The Cuckold need is inherent in most white couples. For reasons beyond their comprehension, they’ve never suspected it to be this strong. More and more white couples are seeking recognizance of their submissive desires. They’re attempting to break down the wall of perfect society that’s kept them held prisoner in their homes and lives. Who else would make for their need to be addressed and settled than a Black Master who understands their craving?

However, there comes the desire of acceptance. For any white couple to want to desire this lifestyle, not just being involved in a Cuckold relationship, but as well going further toward having themselves and their wives ‘Black-Owned’, they need to undergo the process of Acceptance & Submission.

  1. Acceptance:

No white hubby can assume to want to become a cuck hubby without first admitting to his submissive sexual desires. First to himself, and then toward his wife. But more especially he’s expected to showcase his acceptance toward his designated Black Master whom he wishes to introduce to his wife. For most hubbies, the will to accept their stance is easier declared than they might think. Even when at their workplace, they find themselves differing to their black workers without even being told. They realize too soon that they’re already beginning to live the submissive lifestyle of a cuck-wannabee even without yet declaring it. However, there is much joy and tension release to their souls once they admit that this is what they’ve been wanting a long time now. That this lifestyle beckons to their acceptance of its reality for them, and not just a figment of their accrued erotic fantasies.

2. Submission:

The inevitable comes to those couples/white husbands who after accepting the reality of their fantasy now venture a step forward to making it real. The reality begins once they assume their individual submissive roles, but not before they’d introduced the Black Master into their lives. The Black Master issues checks and provides the appropriate measure of balance toward letting the husband understand what his new-found role of place as the wife’s husband/cuck hubby entails for him.

3. Desire:

Desire is everything. Desire is what gets husbands awake at nights, dreaming of watching their wives getting impaled by a black cock. Desire is what entices wives to reach into their dark erotic mindset to accept what beckons to them. Nothing can be complete with this trifecta. Just as a husband or wife desperately awaits the moment of when he and his spouse will get to find the perfect Black Master/Lover to submit to, so also it empowers them to admit to their submissive calling.

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