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Tommi's Cuckold Confession - Wife's First Time

When I first told My wife about the fantasy, she was more enthusiastic than I thought she would be. I thought I would get one of those disgusted looks when I told her, but she just smiled and said, "I love black men!"

As we pulled out of the parking lot, she looked at me and smiled, "I am so turned on, Tom. I can't believe we are doing this!" She was very flushed and excited. She just kept bouncing in her seat like a school girl. She called him and he was just getting to his apartment.

We drove over, while they talked. She was flirting openly. When we pulled up to the apartment, Dee told me she wanted to go in alone first and told me to come to his door in 20 minutes. I started to protest, but she held her finger to my lips and said, "20 minutes, baby, okay?" What was I going to say at that point? I nodded my head and she got out of the car. Watching her walk away I knew our lives were about to change in a big way.

I wasn't going to just sit there in the car for 20 minutes, so I pulled out of the parking lot, checked the clock and began one of the longest 20 minutes of my life! It seemed like it was hours later, but I was actually a minute early when I knocked excitedly on the door. A deep voice called out, "C'mon in man!" I prepared myself for what I might see when I opened the door.

I stepped in and saw my wife in the kitchen and the young black man standing next to her in a towel. I nearly tripped when I stepped in the door, and looked down to see my wife's jeans and panties laying on the floor. Beyond them I could see his entire work uniform, right down to his shoes and socks he had taken off (or had she undressed him??!).

"Honey, this is Eric", she smiled, "and Eric, this is my husband, Tom."

He came over to shake my hand and I noticed that he was somewhat muscular and very casual about greeting the husband of a woman he had making him a sandwich in his kitchen, while he was in a towel and looked like he came straight from the shower, and Dee was naked from the waist down. I'm sure my face was red. I was suddenly jealous, intimidated and turned on at the same time. My mind and imagination was reeling! What had they done before I got there? Was this really the first time she had been here? They seemed way too comfortable to have just met!

"You want a sandwich Tom?" Eric said, and smiled real big. "Or do you just want to watch your wife suck this black dick?"

He unhooked his towel and let it drop to the floor. I couldn't help it - my eyes went straight to his dick. It was nine or ten inches long and thick. Dee came around the counter and she was looking HOT! She had a plate in her hand with his sandwich and a glass of milk. She walked over to the coffee table and set them down. Here was my wife of 20 years serving another man, and I was trembling with excitement!

"I wanna' watch her suck your dick!" I blurted out, maybe too enthusiastically!

She stepped into his arms and he kissed her. They kissed long and deep. I watched his hands glide down her back to her sexy ass and caress her cheeks. She broke the kiss and led him to the couch and sat him down. She handed him a half a sandwich and kissed him one more time and got on her knees between his legs.

I'll share the story sometime, but here's what you need to know now: If you have this fantasy, be prepared: Your wife is going to develop something of an obsession with having sex with her black man. All of his friends will know that he fucked your wife. Probably the whole school will know. Black men of all ages will give you their phone number, if you are with your wife or not, and wink and tell you to have your wife call them. Black men will look almost pitifully at you. Sometimes you will see men talking and laughing and looking at you, and often pointing and it will be humiliating. Black men will openly flirt with your wife in public like you aren't there. Your wife will love all the attention. EVERY time she is late, you will be suspicious. You will have to buy her new clothes and lingerie - stuff she never wore for you. And finally, watching your wife with other men will be more exciting that you thought possible!"

I know a lot of you men out there have a fantasy of your wife being with a black man. I had that fantasy too. An obsession, really.

You see, I have a small dick. I wanted to see how my wife would respond to a man with a big dick. I shared my fantasies with her, and found she had been having the same fantasy. In fact, she had already taken the plunge - one time when we were separated, in another town! She told me about another man from the local college that flirted with her every time she went to the grocery store. He was getting to her. We decided to pursue it and see how it turned out. We went to the grocery store. I let her go in alone and he was there. I didn't think he was, because she came out quickly, but he was about to get off work and she got any address and phone number and an invitation to come help him shower when he got home from work. My head was reeling - it was going to happen! 24 hours ago, this was my secret fantasy, now it was about to happen.

- Cuckboi Tommi

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