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Cuckold Confession: My Wife the Escort

A cuck-hubby's confession of just how much of a slut his wife is, and of him trailing along with her to one of her escapades . . .

My wife is a slut and an escort.

I know it may surprise some of you who are reading this, but this is true. Though you’d never know this if we met. On the surface, my wife and I make a happy all-American couple. We haven’t any kids yet, though we’re making plans for it in the coming future. But that’s all on the surface. It’s what lies beneath that makes everything so very different from the average couple out there.

I work as a consultant for a mid-western software company. My wife works as a paralegal. She earns a good sum, though it wasn’t always enough to cover the bills. This was when she decided to take on being an escort to help bring more bacon to the table. We did talk enough times about it though. It wasn’t like she seriously needed to do it, but to be candid, my wife loves very much to fuck. She especially loves to fuck black men; she never would dare thing of fucking white men as she often told me I was all the white men she wanted and nothing more.

Once though she had broken protocol. It had been a sluggish period for her when there were hardly any black men around to satisfy her urge and she’d opted to spend an evening with a white businessman in his hotel room. Like she had expected, the sex had been dismal. I know this because she always takes pride in regaling me with her exploits whenever she returned home to me. I myself never stopped loving her for it. Always whenever I taste my wife’s pussy, I swear I could perceive the aftermath of another man’s cum still livid in her and can’t help loving the smell of it. She knows I love it too. For the longest time I’d begged her to take me along on the prowl to watch her do her thing. Always she was skeptical about how I might respond to watching her and always I pleaded that I would be proud and happy. Nothing would have pleased me to be there in the same room watching her take another man’s cock—especially a black man’s cock—in her mouth and pussy as well. On several occasions she told me she’d hooked up with more than one black customer and they’d fucked her simultaneously. It drove me crazy picturing it, yet inevitably sad that I wasn’t there to see it happen.

Two weeks ago, she agreed to my demands. She had gotten a call from one of her regulars—an out of state businessman who was coming into town the night before and wanted so badly to hook up with her. She told me he was a high-roller; sometimes she allowed him to fuck her on a discount basis. Her price was usually a c-note for an hour or two, and upwards if they wanted her for the night. This regular usually preferred having her for the entire night. I was more excited that I was finally going to have my dream come through of watching her in action. I was going to watch another man fuck the shit out of my wife. I was pumped so up I could hardly wait.

The day arrived and I drove my wife to the hotel where her man was staying. She wore a cream-colored blouse, gray skirt and stockings. She looked gorgeous and smelled wonderful too. I was careful not to admire her too much for fear my hard-on might take control of the steering wheel.

We got to the hotel and she dialed the man’s number while I slid into an empty parking space. She hung up and told me he said he was waiting at the bar. We walked into the building and found the bar and she wasted no time recognizing her man and went over to embrace him. She made the introduction and explained to him my reason for coming with her. The man was all smiles, unperturbed of my presence, and asked what we’d care to drink. My wife had herself an Irish cream while I stuck with scotch and lime. We found ourselves a table and made idle conversation while my wife pressed herself against his arm. He was a jovial sort of fellow; I could imagine why my wife enjoyed spending time with him.

Drinks over, we left the bar and rode the elevator to his suite. He held my wife tight in his arms and she was all chuckles as he kissed her neck; they made like I wasn’t even there. Out in the hallway, I got out my cell phone and took several snapshots of my wife and her regular. She raised the back of her skirt to reveal that she had nothing underneath. My God, she truly was a slut!

Her man let us into his suite and after shutting the door he took immediate charge of us. He indicated where I should plant myself and told me not to move an inch unless I needed to use the bathroom.

They came at each other aggressively, taking turns kissing while helping each other get out of their clothes before then crumbling on the bed. The man knelt beside the bed and drew my wife toward him and lowered his face down on her pussy. As for myself, I unzipped my pants and stroked my pecker while I watched. Later the man came to his feet and my wife sat up and gripped his cock with both hands and then brought her face to it. Watching her roll her tongue over his turgid meat got me feeling me envious . . . and excited at the same time. This was all I’d been missing out on this whole time she’d been going out on her own.

She stood up while still stroking his cock. The man turned her around and bent her forward and jammed his prick inside her and got busy fucking her. My wife was soon whimpering with pleasure while flinging her shoulder-length hair about. The man was groaning too as he fucked her hard. Now and then he slapped her butt and yanked her hair hard. Still my loving wife yelped and begged him to fuck her harder.

The man came to a slow stop and then pulled out of her; I observed his cock dripping with my wife’s cum juice. He wiped sweat off his brow, gasping heavy, but wasn’t done with her yet. I was far from ejaculating and was enjoying the sight of them in action and didn’t want it to end too soon.

My wife sucked his cock for a while before he then lifted her up. She locked her legs behind his back and rocked her pelvis and butt against him with both of breathing in each other’s face. They went like this till the man then fell on the bed and my wife got busy riding his cock like a wild stallion. She went crazy with her moaning frenzy, fanning her hair in every direction. I watched her buck against the man’s pelvis, totally loving the sight. Her cries would have woken the dead if anyone at all heard her. The bed buckled stridently under their weight. All that filled the room was their combined grunts and exertions. My wife hollered aloud repeatedly for him to fuck her harder . . . telling him how she missed his dick . . . how much she always looked forward to fucking him.

They continued fucking like that for a long time before the man then switched position. He pulled my wife down toward him, locked his arms around her and rolled over I edged forward in my chair. I didn’t want to miss any detail of the man sinking his prick deep into my wife’s fuck-hole. It looked so beautiful the way their skin contrasted against each other. I’d watched plenty of porn flicks, my favorite being interracial ones, and I’ll confess that nothing beats the sight of watching a black man fuck a white woman to submission. Now imagine when it’s your wife that’s being fucked and then you get an idea how excited I was that night.

I was by now stroking my prick to the rise and fall of my wife’s frantic whimpers. Her feet dangled over the man’s elbows and later rested on his shoulders while he continued hammering down on her. At one time he pushed himself up hunched over her, thrusting down into her cunt. He too was grunting harder almost in sync with her cries. He returned to resting on top of her and dug his hands under her ass and groaned as he kept fucking her harder and harder.

My wife raked her fingers over the man’s backside and shoulders and repeatedly screeched his name. It was almost a sad relief for me when the man came upright and was pounding her harder after announcing he was about to cum. I couldn’t help drawing my chair closer to see the climactic moment happen. My wife wouldn’t stop hollering and held on to him and locked her legs over his thighs, not wanting to miss a thing either. The man tensed and uttered a searing groan as he pumped deeper and deeper into my wife’s cunt. My wife screamed too when she felt him ejaculate inside her.

The man remained on top of her while still grunting his release before slipping off her to the side. My wife, too, was groaning from the experience. Her cunt resembled a crater oozing the man’s cum like milky lava. It was only then I felt a sudden wetness on my hand. I looked down and realized to my surprised that I’d shot my load obliviously in my hand. My front of my pants was soiled by my cum spray.

I rose from the chair flush with embarrassment and made it to the bathroom. I got some tissues and was wiping the stain off my pants when I heard my wife call out my name. I disposed of the used tissue and flushed it down the toilet before returning to the room.

My wife still lay with her legs spread open and was digging her hand inside her pussy and coming out with a handful the man’s cum while smiling at me.

“Well, honey, aren’t you going to get down to work?” she held her cum-filled hand toward me.

I knew what she meant and she knew I did too. The man now occupied my former chair wiping his face with his handkerchief. His cock lay flaccid between his thighs like a deflated balloon.

I came to the bed and brought my wife’s hand to my face. I consumed every drop of cum off her hand and licked droplets off her fingers before coming to press my face on her swollen cunt. My nostrils flared at her cum-scented pussy but I thought nothing of it as my tongue and lips got busy probing her orifice, licking her pussy expertly clean. My wife moaned responsively and caressed my head over and over as I kept on with my work.

“You’re such a darling,” she moaned. “I hope you had fun watching.”

I certainly did, I wanted to tell her, but I was too consumed with what I was doing. I held her thighs apart and rolled my tongue over her cunt lips before resuming eating out the interior of her pussy with glee.

“Don’t forget to clean the man’s cock,” she said to me.

I turned to look and to my surprise the man came on the bed stroking his cock inches from my face. He roughly grabbed my head and I must have uttered a gasp when he shoved his cock at my face.

“Get to work, boi!” he said. “I ain’t got all day.”

To my surprise, that was exactly what I did.

P.S. Just to let you know, Master SHANGO has begun a GoFundMe project to see about raising enough funds to bring him back to the States. Follow the widget below, or simply follow this link: Master SHANGO's GoFundMe

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