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A Black Lover for Thanksgiving

This tale is part of a longer story that is only now starting to take shape. Hopefully it will be done by the start of the new year, so enjoy this excerpt and stay tuned . . .

* * * * *

My daughter, Gwen, had called early in the week saying she didn’t think she was going to make it home in time for Thanksgiving. Against all odds, she had decided to leave school and head for home, even though on the news there had been warnings about avoiding the second spike of the ongoing COVID-19 virus still plaguing the country. People were advised not to travel for the holidays. So far, that seemed to be falling on a lot of deaf ears.

Henry, my husband, and I sat up in bed talking about it. We were empty nesters since Gwen set off for college a year ago. No doubt, she was having fun with herself, whereas we, too, were getting started in ours. But the last thing we wanted was to spend Thanksgiving alone. Going out was out of the question, as many spots were still closed up because of the virus. Most of our friends were going to stay indoors like we were doing. We needed a second option.

“What about Eric?” Henry suggested. “We should give him a call. Maybe he might be free to come by.”

I looked at my husband, surprised by what he’d said. “You think so? You don’t think that would be rushing things?”

“What’s there to rush, hon? You’ve known each other sometime now. What better time it is to get him to drop by, as long as he’s got nothing on hand. And who knows, maybe we can get him to stay the night,” Henry added.

“Wow,” I thought of the prospect. “You think he’ll go for it?”

“No harm in asking,” he said, then reached for my phone and gave it to me.

Eric picked up the phone the instant I hit the dial button. He too was being lazy at his apartment with nothing on hand to do. I left the bed and went out into the corridor to talk to him. Like with Gwen, he had wanted to head home and spend the holidays with his mom, but with the COVID measures put on the city, that was a no-no. It was then that I hit him with the proposal.

“Would you mind coming over to spend Thanksgiving Thursday with us?” I asked. “It was Henry’s idea that I put it through you.”

“You won’t be having any visitors then?”

“I doubt it. It’s gonna be just the three of us. What do you say?”

He didn’t waste time giving me his answer. “Sure. Just tell me what you’d want me to bring.”

“You needn’t bring nothing,” I said, smiling within myself. “Just bring yourself over.”

We said goodnight after that and ended the call. I was dancing when I returned to the room. Henry looked at me and laughed.

“I’m guessing he said yes, right?”

“He certainly did,” I got on the bed and kissed him. “Looks like we’re on for Thursday.”

I had plenty of work to do between then and Thursday, and with Henry aiding me at cleaning up the house and getting it ready for our date while I took care of the meal, things went on smooth for us. I kinda liked it that it was only going to be the three of us at home. I wasn’t looking forward to entertaining a crowd this holiday, what with everything that’s been happening in the world lately.

Thursday arrived, and we had everything in place. Eric had called to say that he was on his way over. The drive to his place was a half-hour, with or without traffic, which gave me enough time to get ready. I decided to look sexy for him and put on a black dress with high heels. I was fixing my lipstick when Henry knocked on the door to let me know that our guest has arrived.

“Keep him entertained, honey,” I said to him when I fussed over my makeup in the vanity mirror in the bathroom, “I’m almost done here.”

Henry returned downstairs. It didn’t take me long to finish with my admiring myself, making sure my tight-fitting dress looked good on me, before heading downstairs.

Eric and Henry were sipping beers in the living room when I came to join them. Eric kissed my cheek and said that I look beautiful; that got me blushing. I led him to the dining table and we sat down and said grace, before digging into our Thanksgiving meal. Henry did the honours of carving up the roasted turkey, while I filled Eric’s plate with Mashed Potatoes, green bean casserole, and gravy. There was only the three of us, but the dinner table was laden with enough food to feed a small town; imagine what it would have looked like had we invited the neighbours over, not to mention our in-Laws. Henry played some music—vintage Sinatra—while Eric popped a bottle of white wine and we drank to each other’s health.

Haven eaten our fill, we retired to the living room. We kept the TV off, as there was nothing but dire news coming from it; nobody wanted to be reminded of the escalating COVID crisis that was still ongoing.

I settled on Eric’s lap, and he got to caress my thigh while I played with the growth of beard on his cheek. Henry sipped his wine and pretended not to be in the room with us.

Eric and I got to kissing. His hand slipped into my dress and cupped my breasts while my tongue roamed in his mouth. I inhaled his aftershave while he soaked in my perfume.

His hand roamed up my thigh to stop at my panties. I uncrossed my legs to grant him access.

Sinatra crooned about flying to the moon the same time I gripped Eric’s shoulders and moaned into his face as his fingers probed past my panties to feel my wetness. I wanted him so bad and I made it known to him how much I had missed him since our last fling.

“How about we take things upstairs,” he suggested.

“Yes, we should do that,” I gasped. My horniness knew no bounds.

I came off him and once again took his hand and led him up the stairs while Henry followed a few steps behind. I slipped out of my dress the instant we entered the room, and then I turned to my lover and helped him to get out of his. Henry, too, took off his clothes. I smiled approvingly when I saw that he was wearing his chastity cage; he never failed to have it ready, especially when he knows that Eric was coming by.

“Come to me, darling,” I said to Henry.

He came and sat beside me on the bed, and we got to kissing while Eric was busy arranging his clothes on a nearby chair. When he was ready, he approached us while stroking his cock inches from our face. Henry and I leaned closer and we both got to suck his cock. Henry attended to his shaft while I focused on the tip of his penis. Up-close, his cock was huge. My pert-sized mouth could barely take every inch of him down my throat. Henry, however, knew how to manage. For the next five minutes, we took turns sucking Eric’s tool back and forth. We attended to his massive pair of balls, too. I couldn’t wait for him to stick his dick inside me.

I climbed onto the bed on my elbows and knees and reached behind to spread my ass cheeks for him—Eric caught the message. Henry was busy getting his cock all warmed up, then got the honours of guiding my lover’s cock inside me. My squeezed my eyes shut and gave a long groan as I felt him stretch me in half.

Aaaeeeeiiiiiii . . . shit!” I exclaimed as I pressed my face down on the sheets.

My feet beat a pattern on the bed. My body began to spasm out of control as Eric took charge and started pumping me with his long, hard, and amazing cock. In no time, I was orgasming like a supernova, and we had only just begun.

Eric fucked me for a while, then extracted his cock and aimed it at my husband to clean up for him before introducing it back inside me.

“Ohh, God, Eric,” I moaned while sweeping my hair from my face. “Awwhhh, I’ve missed your cock so fucking much!”

“Yeah, I’ve missed your pussy, too,” he replied.

Henry lifted my head off the bed and kissed me. I went ahead gasping in his mouth as Eric went on fucking me harder. His cock was unbelievable. The way he possessed me was out of this world.

I could feel his cock expanding in my pussy. I listened to his groaning response as he then quickened his pace; I thrust my butt back at him, wanting him to cum in the worst way.

That moment finally came, and I tensed by clutching the sheets and squealed as I felt him squirt inside me. Henry was there when he eventually pulled out, and wasted no time slurping my lover’s cum. My body was rolling with another shattering orgasm, and I squirted into my husband’s face. Henry didn’t appear to mind. He held my ass cheeks apart and didn’t stop tonguing his way into my pussy, licking up every ounce of semen he could find.

I turned over on the bed when he had finished. Henry was then attending to Eric, sucking his cock.

My phone began to ring. I shouldn’t have answered it, not after the terrific sex I had just enjoyed, but then I figured what the hell. I picked it up and saw that it was Gwen calling.

“Hi, hon,” I said.

“Hi, mom. Just want to let you know that I finally made it.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“I meant the trip,” she laughed. “I’ll be home in the next twenty minutes. Hope you’ve got some turkey, ‘cos I’m famished.”

I ended the call and looked at Henry and Eric. They must have seen the surprised look on my face.

“What is it, darling?” Henry asked while still stroking Eric’s cock inches from his face.

“That was Gwen,” I said. “She’s coming home right now.”

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Dec 27, 2020


Dec 27, 2020


average white man
average white man
Dec 23, 2020

Great story so far. Look forward to the rest. I’m sure Gwen will have a Very Happy Thanksgiving when she gets home. Probably be a lot of Stuffing involved..


Dec 19, 2020

fight racism......... offer your wife to your black neighbour


Dec 18, 2020

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