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A Letter from Claire’s Husband

Compliments of the Season, Master SHANGO,

It has been a while since you and I corresponded. My wife, Claire, thinks the world of you. She still enjoys reading that confession of hers that you wrote about her on your substack; she never thought you would deem it worthwhile to take an interest in her. I’m glad you did; she has been a completely different woman since you made contact with her.

It is the dead of winter here in South-West England. The streets are flooded with snow. Claire and I spend the majority of the day indoors, watching TV, playing games, listening to music, and sometimes visiting your website to read your numerous blog articles. She especially loves the one that refers to couples being Black-Owned.

Claire wants to be a Black-Owned wife. She talks about it frequently. She talks about you coming to England to own her, to fuck her in our bedroom. Whenever I get to play with her, we like to pretend you are in the room with us. When I get to fuck her with her dildo, we like to pretend that it is you doing it to her, fucking her instead of me, and not with her dildo.

She got me to purchase two of your books last month. It’s good that we are stuck indoors, so I have adequate time reading them to her. Claire much prefers books than watching porn. But she enjoys interracial porn the most. I know if she were in her 20s, she would have loved to be a porn star. We have talked about her starting an OnlyFans account, but it’s mere talk; I doubt she would ever go through with letting me record her playing with her sex toys and then uploading the videos online. She can be very conservative when she chooses to be. But with the right type of man, I know she will open and bloom like a rose.

In my opinion, you are that right type of man.

You have no idea how hard it has been for us to find someone with your manner of credibility. I know she has told you of how there are few men around here that she fancies. Some would seem OK for her to take to bed. But Claire doesn’t want someone who would only come to fuck; she wants something strong and special. She wants someone to warm her up and make her feel like the special woman she is in bed.

There are few black men in the part of the country. If you ever visited here, I know plenty of people will be focusing their eyes on you, trying to figure you out. I know many of the women, especially, would want to meet you.

Have any wife every written to you from this part of England before Claire? I perceive they must have been disappointed finding out that you don’t live anywhere close. Have any couple ever wanted you to visit the UK? Though now would be a very wrong time, what with the winter.

What would they think if they realise you and Claire are lovers?

What would they imagine that I would love nothing but to see you fuck Claire in my presence?

I dread to imagine that one: people would go crazy if they perceive such. Not to say that they, too, wouldn’t want the same for their women if they got to know how happy you make my Claire feel.

You have seen photos of my Claire, right. Do you reckon she would make for a fine English slut? I know she’s far older than some of the wives you have been with, and her body isn’t what it once was when she was young. But she has plenty of fire inside her. I reckon she would be capable of going the distance if she has you in bed. Her tits are quite firm, as is her butt. She squirts plenty when she gets excited. I know she would love to play with you if you ever make it this way.

Anyway, we were still be keeping in touch with you well into the New Year. We still love visiting your other sites to read whatever you post. Claire loves it that other people have come to know about her through you. We will be thinking about you through the festive season.

Stay safe and blessed, and thank you once again for striving to make my wife happy. I know you are capable of doing more. Merry Christmas to you and your family there in Nigeria.


John & Claire.

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5 commentaires

grannirs have rights to be black fucked it is never too late to be black owned


Condoms… even to mention that word in front of a Black God is an insult! There must be a law against the use of condoms between a Black man and a white slut wife!


USE condom IS RACISM if the lover is BLACK STUD


happy new year ... full of great hard huge black studs

no condoms with black masters

En réponse à

It should be illegal for a white femal to use condoms when serving any Black Man!!

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