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Accept Your Cuckold Desires

Do you still dream about your wife cheating on you? Such is what society would call it, but you would rather that she makes a cuckold out of you than cheat.

How often do you post nude photos of your wife is various erotic forums and on your secret social media account, hopping for others to take a good look at her and see how sexy she looks? And whenever you get responses, doesn’t that send you into a tailspin of arousal, knowing that your wife is still beautiful and sexy enough to compete with other gorgeous wives out there. Your arousal increases when you receive private messages from anonymous bulls who narrate to you about what they would do to your wife if given the chance to meet with her. You masturbate to the image of watching your wife submit to some sturdy bull whom you’ve invited over to come and be with her. You sit back and watch the manner in which they interact with each other in the bedroom. This is something you have long craved for your wife, and it is unbelievable that it’s finally coming through.

However, before any dream can come through, it needs to conform to the rules of reality. As much as you desire your wife becoming a slutwife to you, the question you need to answer is simple: how far are you willing to go towards making your dream a reality?

It’s going to take more guts than you merely suggesting this idea to you, and you know that. You’ll have to have as much patience, especially when letting her understand that your desires are a part of her being happy and sexually fulfilled.

The main thing is not to pretend or hide from your emotions and desires. Don’t be ashamed to admit what you picture happening to your wife, regardless of whether some might consider it weird or strange.

As you undergo this cuckold journey, you’re going to learn more about starting to accept your fate: your choice towards wanting to become a cuckold under your wife. Everything starts with you and your desires towards her.

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Jonathan Cuckold
Jonathan Cuckold
Jan 17, 2023

The simple and honest truth is that there are a huge proportion of under endowed white men who crave watching their partners being blacked and made a cuckold. The equally honest truth is that their partners would benefit from a real fucking from a well equipped black man. fortunately there are plenty of black men who are only too happy to help and it’s our role to encourage the natural process along. We’ve certainly benefited from having black men in our relationshi to cuckold me and put a smilin her face!

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