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Appreciate the Hotwife in her

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

How well you appreciate your wife can tell a lot about how much you desire her to make a cuck out of you. This isn’t an admittance that you don’t already, but a more subtle devotion.

Do you appreciate your wife as a sexual being, who has plenty of unfulfilled sexuality yet unexplored inside her, or do you merely see her as a housewife/mother to your children? This is regardless of her age, outlook appearance, or the fact that her body weight has taken a couple extra pounds. Seeing your wife from an intimate perspective can help assimilate how you would prefer other men to view her.

Whenever you see her putting on lingerie, or wearing something exotic, and if you happen to have your phone camera with you, take adequate photos of her, or make her strike erotic pose for your amusement, but view them from another man’s perspective. Many husbands, already, are performing such task. They want to see how much their wife would appear desirable to another man, if maybe there’s subsequent work that needs to be done with regards to shaping her attractiveness or letting her loosen herself whenever in public.

A wife’s clothes can help with this dilemma. Most wives tend to assume some measure of conservativeness once they have settled into the twilight of married life. Just when the husband is gearing towards accepting his role as a wannabe cuckold, that is often when the wife has given up reviving her sexual batteries, feeling there isn’t anything worth the effort anymore. The kids are grown... you and her seldom have sex anymore... for whom could she possibly be looking sexy for, when you’re always watching sports or out at work?

Here is where a husband can indulge in some form of investigation into his wife’s mode of attire. It should be carried out with means of stealth and subtlety, as I earlier mentioned; not something to be done when she’s around.

When you appraise her side of the closet, sort through your woman’s collection of panties, her selection of lingerie; whatever outfit she wears for any specific occasion, whether social or business-like, also take note of your findings: does she prefer thongs, Tap Pants, Seamless Pants or French Cut Panties? Which is her preferred choice of bras: Strapless, Soft Cup, Sheer, Push-Up... you get the point. Do her lingerie reveal more of her figure? What sort of perfume does she often wear?

These questions aren’t merely about the wife, but inclusive of you also: how often do you suggest what sort of outfit she should wear for any given occasion? If and when you did such, how did she take it? In cases where her closet is devoid of anything that presents her figure in appreciative light, shouldn’t you make out time to purchase some for her?

Husbands harbour elements of insecurity mixed with jealousy when it comes to their wives being appreciated by other men. As much as they desire to imagine the wife in the arms of another man, they have to accept their insecurities as part of their cuckold instinct that would help sharpen the wife into accepting herself for the beautifully erotic creature that she is. This message will be absorbed by her would-be lover, whose duty it would be to assist in elevating their wife’s desires towards the necessary height only obtained by a hotwife.

Desire remains the key to unlocking such instinct. When a husband happens to see a woman in the arms of a lover, he projects his wife onto that woman, and acknowledges that true indeed, his wife has what it takes to emulate whatever sexual energy that woman is giving off that’s attracting her lover towards her. This venture is one of several means a husband can utilise to enhancing his wife’s sexual appetite towards dominating him.

This sense of kinetic energy is what majority of cuck husbands crave. What better way to start by first learning to love and appreciate the woman you have beside you... than picture her bequeathing similar arousal towards someone other than yourself. Someone you cannot wait to see make a move towards seducing her mind, with the inherent goal of fucking her in ways you can enjoy as a voyeur.

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Mature wife
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Jul 11, 2021

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