Black Santa for Christmas

It was the night before Christmas and I was feeling naughty and horny at the same time. We sat on the floor beside the glowing Christmas tree, my husband and I, and we kissed and exchanged gifts. A Tony Bennett CD was playing on the stereo. Outside our driveway and much of the neighborhood were covered in snow and holiday festivity.

My gift to Andy had come in a small package compared to his which came in a bigger box; I couldn’t help speculating what was inside, of which I was dying to see.

“You go ahead and open yours first,” I said to him.

He tore through the wrapping but stopped to read what was on the box. He had this peculiar look on his face that went from mild curiosity to overblown surprise as he then looked up at me.

“My God, Lauren. You shouldn’t have.”

“But I did, darling,” I laughed, touched by the happiness I reflected in his eyes. For a moment my husband looked like a kid instead of the 39 year old I’ve always loved him for. We have stayed m