Brandy's first BNWO Experience

This is Brandy McKinley, and this is her confessional regarding her first BBC experience, told in her own words.

* * * * *

I'm hungry.

I'm eating a banana right now; but I wish it were a black cock I was choking on instead. Yes, I am hungry. Hungry for black cock. I've been hungry for years now, ever since I started discovering more about my sexual appetite and desires. Ever since I realised that it was my dream—my desired destiny—to be a Black Dom's slave-pet.

I gave up dating a white boy in college. That was about when I started being aware of black men and secretly admiring how they looked at me, the way they flirted with me and my girlfriends whenever we strolled past them. Often we'd burst into giggles once we went farther from them.

My girlfriends and I spent numerous times conv