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Chained and Bound to Serve

What better way for your Black Master to have you under his beck and call than when you’re chained about bound. When you know there is no place for you to go except continue your servitude under him.

A Black Master demands complete control over his slaves. That goes double if the wife includes her husband as well. What better way for him to be proficient in training the wife into becoming his useful whore than having her wear his dog collar around the house naked? Or even better, when the Master is on his way over, let her husband tie and bound her before he arrives.

Such is a fitting way for a cuck husband to offer his wife to her lover/Black Master, knowing that it is the Master's place to transform his wife from being a mere housewife into something better than ever.

Black-Ownership promotes the willing transfer of power from the husband/couple onto their Master's hands. No longer will the husband consider himself as deemed worthy of having his wife submit to him. For those husbands who desire becoming participant with regards to Black Cock Training, they should consider their masculinity as hereby forfeit.

The wife should henceforth consider herself as more than what she is. Although she would still retain the qualities of being the wife of the household, but her sexual preferences will become heightened when she comes to accept that her husband is incapable of being the one to give her to better value of sex that she craves. It is necessary that a housewife learns to become immeshed in her addiction towards wanting to please her Black god. This is essential when she finds herself in his presence.

A hotwife's dedication to her Black Master should always be true and honest. Her trust should be given to him, and she should make known her submissive desire toward upholding his love even more than she would to her husband.

Her Reparation payment comes with being gratified, knowing that her Black Master intends on breeding her on more successive occasions as possible. Wherever he chooses to have her is up to his discretion. Her husband will make the necessary payment toward ensuring the Master's upkeep as he continues to enslave the wife under his dominion.

Does it just end with the wife? Not exactly; neither should the husband's presence be overlooked.

As it turns out, more husbands, too, desire wanting to become enslaved alongside their wives. They, too, have caught the Black Cock-addiction bug, and what better means for them to showcase their love toward their Master than to partake in cleaning his tool for him, before and after he concludes with breeding the wife?

Not every hotwife would want to enjoy seeing this, as most would fear losing any sign of respect towards their husband should he desire wanting to be humiliated in her presence. But on the contrary, this will strive towards strengthening their bond together, as they become linked in worshipping their Black Master: kissing his feet and his cock, and showering him with praise for enabling them to become part of his harem.

Discretion and trust are two major components to ensure then healthy journey of a couple towards Black-Ownership. Where their love becomes transferred towards their Black Master, his will power is bound to enforce their need for further acceptance of this erotic movement to ensnare other couples around them.

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