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Cuckold Confession – My Mature Wife

Updated: May 20, 2022

My wife turned sixty at the start of the New Year, and the foremost thing she uttered to me was what she wanted as a birthday gift—her first Black Cock!

That was a shocker to me. Never before did I dare assume that Nat would want to be as audacious as she just admitted to wanting a Black man in bed with her. Sure, we have talked and talked about it for months. We have watched hundreds of interracial porn in bed, and she had asked me plenty of questions, the usual being: Are Black men really that big? What do you think they would do to me if I got to meet one? I doubt they like to fuck older women . . . or what do you think, Bill?

I did my best as any husband would do to ease her mind, to calm her fears, and let her know that for sure, Black men would love to fuck her. To make things real, I even went about downloading any interracial porn I could find of Black men bedding mature-looking women like her. Nat remained skeptical about it. But never did I know she was thinking about it deep until that day in January when she gleefully told me what she wanted.

Was I excited? Fuck yeah! But I played dumb and questioned her about it to make sure that she wasn’t going to welch on me once the time came. Nat was dead as nail serious. She demanded I find her someone suitable or she was gonna change her mind on the subject, and if she did, then this would be the last time the subject ever gets brought up.

I’ve always known Nat has a body that Black men would envy—take a good look at her ass, and you’ll see. She’s got the type of ass that most Black men would love to climb! And her tits—they’re saggy, but hell, they sure do get excited once they know what’s coming. And she gets wet with ease. That day, she got me to eat her pussy and she came all over my face!

It was tough finding a suitable man for her. The internet is like a river when you log on, but once you get down to searching for something vague, it turns into an ocean. Somehow I got lucky. I found Nat a young Black gentleman who lived across town from us, named Collins. I took some gorgeous snapshots of Nat and sent them to him; he liked what he saw, and then we arranged ourselves a meeting.

We met at a Drive-Thru restaurant. Collins was a dashing fellow—Nat got to liking him right away—he took to her like they were longtime friends. We sat at a table with Nat beside Collins. He got her laughing within minutes; that certainly put me at ease. Already I had booked us into a motel not far from the restaurant. If Nat hadn’t been feeling his vibe, we would have called it off and returned home. As it turns out, we finished our meal, then Collins got into his car and followed us.

“Oh gosh, I can’t wait to have him,” Nat said to me as we drove toward the motel. She took off her panties and rubbed it on my face, “Go ahead, smell me, hon.”

“Geez, Nat! I’m fucking driving,” I brushed her hand aside while she cackled like she just made the greatest joke.

We arrived at the motel, and she waited outside with Collins while I went in to fetch our room key. I led the way across the yard and unlocked the door to the room, then locked it after they were inside.

The curtains remained shut; the air conditioner was on full blast. Nat and Collins came at each other like two randy animals. It was like watching a clash happen before my eyes. Nat had her arms all over him while sucking on his lips. Collins pushed her away to get some breathing space, then went on to attack her tits. What was I gonna do, besides pull up a chair and plant myself on it and watch? My hard-on was kicking in my pants the entire time.

Nat got out of her dress then lay on the bed, fingering her pussy while Collins hurried out of his clothes.

“Come on, big boy,” Nat called out to him impatiently.

“I’m almost there,” Collins said as he struggled to free his leg out of his jeans. Finally, he discarded his jeans, but kept his socks, then climbed onto the bed.

I watched him stick his cock into Nat’s mouth. She went ahead humming while sucking a mouthful of his cock. His cock was thick as a bottle—Nat took it down her throat like she was swallowing a sausage. Her hand kept tugging on his balls while her mouth gulped his cock like she wanted to eat him raw. Collins played with her huge pair of tits, and reached downward to finger-fuck her cunt. At one time, he lowered his head down there and they both got to sixty-nine each other. By this time, I’d unzipped my fly and was jerking off bad.

Collins got my wife to turn over by the bed’s edge and then he came at her from behind. Her big booty could have taken up half the room. Collins looked like a twig compared to my Nat’s butt, but his cock looked formidable enough.

Nat grabbed hold of the sheets and let off a scream the instant he penetrated her.

Her face pressed down on a pillow; all I heard was muffled grunts coming from her while her butt shook and bounced each time Collins slammed into her. His slams sounded like thunder in the room. I watched his cock slid into my wife; listening to her cries, I knew he was striking a home run.

Collins was grunting hard too. He slapped Nat’s butt hard, leaving palm prints on her ass cheeks. Nat loved every minute of it, too. She whimpered and called out to him to fuck her harder. I couldn’t help lending my voice into the action.

“Yeah, Collins,” I said while still jerking my penis hard, “go ahead, fuck her! The bitch loves your dick!”

“Oh yeah, I’m fucking loving her pussy too,” Collins grunted. He swiped string of sweat from his face while still maintaining his pace. “Hope you know I’m gonna wanna fuck her some more after today.”

“Oh fuck yeah,” I agreed. So caught up was I in my action, at that moment I could have promised giving Nat to him for the entire week. “I’ll write down our address for you. You can come by and fuck her whenever you want.”

“That’s for damn sure!”

He climbed onto the bed with his feet balanced on either side of Nat’s giant butt and went on pounding her harder. He grabbed her hair and yanked her face off the bed, letting her scream even louder.

Collins pulled out at the last minute and jerked thick semen all over her butt. Me being the horny dog I was, left my chair and went to lick his cum off my wife’s booty. Nat laid flat on her face while I performed this treat for her. Such a wonderful birthday gift it was.

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best wife's birthday gift ever is HUGE BLACK STALLION

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