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Going From a Cuckold Dream into a Reality

Updated: May 8, 2023

The life of every cuckold couple starts as a dream. It begins as a figment of a dream from someone in particular (in most cases, it’s usually the husband who initiates the idea) and progresses into sharing it with their spouse. Once they both grasp the urgency, things start steamrolling into manifesting towards a desired reality. Reality is what every cuckold/Black-Owned couple desires, but for that to occur, there needs to be a junction where the couple decides to leave their fantasy behind and jump into the realm that is a cuckold reality.

How this change occurs is as intricate as attempting to explain the different stages of water.

How can a couple change the desire of their cuckold fantasy into a reality? First they must define individually what measure of reality this lifestyle holds for them.

Many husbands often prefer staying bogged down in their fantasy role-play to accepting their assured want. The reason for this has more to do with the thought of shame and embarrassment at harbouring such incredible thoughts than anything else. Many such husbands would rather belabour their embarrassment than admit to themselves how much they’d love to see their wives enjoying the best sex from another man. It’s partly why most husbands prefer that their wives venture out and cheat. At least then, they could fake being angry and apply some form of forgiveness once she comes clean about her infidelity. These husbands would even create excuses for their wives before allowing them space to consider the option.

These husbands would make bland excuses like:

“She would never consider it; believe me, I’ve tried numerous times talking to her.”

“She knows how much I want her to cheat. Every time, she keeps turning me down.”

“She tells me that I’m all the man she wants; the last thing she needs is to be in bed with another man.”

“I did mention it to her again, and she warned that if I ever mentioned the topic, she would divorce me. So, the answer is no.”

That’s not saying that many of these husbands don’t have genuine reasons regarding what their wives would think about daring to consider such an issue, let alone dare to consider it. What wife would readily admit to saying yes from the onset about wanting sex with another man in her husband’s presence? That can only work if she is already attempting such or if the couple has long made forays into such terrain before and are comfortable with exploring this lifestyle further.

Many husbands have their work cut out for them when trying to convince their wives to consider entertaining the idea of her taking on a black lover while her husband takes up a voyeuristic activity. Such men should be aware of what they are getting into should they want to involve their wives in this lifestyle. And this is an area many husbands often neglect to pursue.

Many husbands are clueless regarding how best to define being a cuckold themselves.

Yes, they have read countless articles/stories regarding the lifestyle. They have watched innumerable porn videos featuring couples entertaining a threesome affair to middle-aged/mature women getting fucked by a roomful of black studs while their husband(s) stand back, observing the initiation. Some couples have even corresponded with other adventurous couples who have succeeded in living the cuckold lifestyle through their means.

How then can a new couple get involved in this lifestyle without compromising any aspect of their marriage/conservative lifestyle?

There is never a genuine answer to that question. About compromising, such couples would have to expect some. One cannot always have their cake and eat it. Don’t think there won’t be some form of reproach or that things would fall expectantly in place should she agree with submitting to your cuckold desires, hence why it is necessary for husbands (including wives) to first admit TO THEMSELVES their intimate wish/desire regarding why they want their spouse to partake with them in this lifestyle.

Yes, you want your wife to become a black cock slut.

Yes, you want your husband to become your willing cuck . . .

However, first answer this question: WHY DO YOU WANT THIS?

It is never an easy question to answer, and even after considering committingto this lifestyle, you should continue to grasp and grapple with this.

As long as you’re first willing to come to terms with why you want/desire this lifestyle and second, coming together as a couple to determine why this lifestyle would be suitable for both of you, things are bound to move along with less rocky steps. But before suggesting the idea to your wife, always consider why you want this for yourself.

Why do you desire to live your cuckold fantasy as a reality?

What aspects regarding your cuckold fantasy would you consider divergent from your cuckold reality?

If ever your wife/husband were to question you about wanting this lifestyle, what/how would you respond to make her/him comfortable?

If/when things were not to go as intended, what next option would you choose?

Would you be willing to give your best in making your spouse comfortable with the choices you’ve made? Regardless of whether they/she says yes/no to this lifestyle, what means would you choose to employ to get her/her to see things your way?

How/whatever means (whether subtle or immediate) would you be willing to employ to suggest this cuckold agenda to your spouse?

The answer to the last question would depend entirely on how well you and your spouse best CORRESPOND and COMMUNICATE with each other. It is never enough to simply shock your wife/husband with the news about wanting her to go out and fuck a black man or for your husband to sit back and watch you become a whore to his best friend. Communication is the key; how best you’re willing to utilise it matters a lot.

There is no guarantee that your wife would stand up and say yes to your ideas, and neither your husband. And that is fine. If you are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to suggest this idea to your spouse, then you need to dig into your trenches and be ready to play the long game; it’s not often that your spouse would grant a positive answer within a 24hr period, or even a week. Be prepared to hear a lot of no, but remember that persistence wins the race.

But for persistence to win, one needs to know how assured you are of wanting this. There has to be more, a lot more, of why you crave such destiny. Not merely because you want to see your wife getting fucked by another man or for your husband to admire your sexual kink. The fulfilment of any dream comes with a cost; the same goes with cuckoldry. But don’t consider the cost; consider the dream instead.

Are you ready?


Years ago, I published a collection of several erotic cuckold essays of mine in a book called Master SHANGO's Essays & Letters. I haven't attempted such since, and lately I have been considering about making another such publication, but would like to know if you all would be interested in having a copy should I do such.

Let me know your answer through the poll below, or write to me via email ( or contact me via Twitter or through my website, and tell me what you would prefer.

Would you want me to make a book collection of my cuckold essays?

  • YES

  • NO


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4 comentarios

Don't believe all the stories about how their wifes jumped at the chance to be with a black guys. I'm sure it happens, but not as often as people (men) write about it. It takes time, sometimes, as in my case, a long time to convince her to go black. 1st step is getting her to watch IR porn before having sex. Slowly, and I mean slowly work up to talking about it prior and during sex. Hopefully she will warm up to the idea and begin to enjoy it as a fantasy. Eventually get a black dildo (not huge) and work it into your sex time. Remember, this is a huge thing for most women t have sex wit…

Me gusta

Jonathan Cuckold
Jonathan Cuckold
09 may 2023

There is no doubt about it this is a difficult and high risk topic to raise for the would be cuckold. However the benefits are significant your woman gets to enjoy amazing sex that let’s face it you can’t deliver and and the cuck gets both the pressure to perform lifted from him and gets to enjoy watching his woman get truly satisfied. As a real cuck I can confirm that it’s incredibly hot to watch a dominant black man take contro, take her breasts or in his hands and fuck your woman there really isn’t anything to beat it!

Me gusta

I think 🤔 the best way is an indirect approach. first of all cock holding is about a female lead relationship and second of all a female doesn’t just wanna sleep with somebody because her husband or boyfriend desires it she also needs to want it and desire it, and from the man of her choosing.

Me gusta

Yes. please publish your best essays into a book, like a manifesto. That would be great.

How can any husband let another man breed his wife? It’s simple. Imagine you have a powerful sports car, but you’re terrible at driving it. Then one day you meet a racing driver, and he offers to take you around the track, in the passenger seat, for the drive of your life... Black Bull London has the best method to allow a black bull to fuck a cuckolds wife.

Me gusta
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