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Having It All (BBCSharing)

Who said that Black men can’t have it all? It least when it comes to bedding white women, who says that they can’t have their cake and eat it?

Who also said that white women won’t want to share the good news of what it means to have sex with a Black man for the very first time? It is like winning a lottery, or rather, accomplishing an incredible feat that up until then was a choosy gossip amongst them and their friends.

Would you think that white girls don’t spend as much time cradling the question of who amongst them would get to have sex with a Black man first? Not just have sex, but wild, dirty-type of sex. The kind of sex that they reckon their fellow white boys won’t be so inclined to comprehend.

You would be clueless to think that majority of white girls don’t go a day without fantasising about Black men, and imagining themselves in bed with them. Of course, these women watch a lot of interracial porn, about as much as their fellow white boys won’t admit to watching.

For these women, the bold step begins with them reeling Black men into their web of attraction. It is considered as breaking the ultimate taboo in a predominant white man society: to go against your colour and date outside your race. Or for some whites, it involves dipping your foot into the water while keeping your other foot on dry land. That attraction can’t ever be extinguished, especially now when it’s easy, due to the aid of modern technology, to make such connection happen without a span of tapping on a phone to ensure a hookup.

Once that has been accomplished, they cave to whatever measure of submission they can commit towards dedicating their mind and body to please Black men in bed.

Would you think they would be adverse toward sharing a Black lover with their best friend?

They might not at first, because that would only soil the competition they have towards garnering as much Black men in their bed, but others would say ‘why not?’. After all, it would add generous spice to the sex, why not steer their friends towards accepting what they’re enjoying already?

But as the saying goes: “Once you go Black, there ain’t ever no going back!”

The same goes with black cock addiction: once you get a first-hand taste of it, you’re going to keep wanting it. It’s like nicotine. Your body and soul won’t stop craving it. It’s only fair for a white slut to share her erotic, kinky addiction with another.

Even better, after they’ve had their threesome experience, they can sit down and talk about it. Relieve the sex and describe what it felt like getting impaled by a black dick. They can switch up tactics and refer to what they’d love to do next time. And who knows, they can from there keep on with tradition and tell their other friends and family members about their sexual secret.

If Black men can someday have it all with white women, who ever said that white women can’t have theirs, too? Why else would you think that many wives consider getting much black cock fun when being gangbanged?

Many white women aren’t merely content with having sex with a black cock, but get an extra kick when sharing their intimate desire with their best friends, or family members. To want to see their friends share in the benefit of going black, to know what it’s like to get fucked by a single cock, or multiple cocks in each other’s presence, should never be ignored.

Hence such wives start up cuckold/hotwife clubs in their neighbourhoods to showcase their black cock love in harmony amongst themselves. They get to invite black men over to attend gangbang/orgy sessions where the wives get to enjoy, share, and partake in the copious outflow of sex the likes of which they can never attain from their husbands.

This goes with married women, too. Once a horny milf gets intimate with her black cock desires, the adrenaline is a rush that needs to ventilate by being shared with other couples beside herself. She is expected to inform her friends about the latest craze that’s swept into her life, the one that even her husband dare not make her quit. The same trend goes with the hubby, too: he cannot help bragging amongst his friends regarding the forbidden fruit his wife is secretly enjoying, and why not his buddies get their women to do this same?

You might assume that this trend began solely with being a cuckold, but note that couples who have enjoyed a swingers’ lifestyle have perfected this attitude long before the notion of being a cuckold floated in their minds. As long as you’re part of their circle, then it is inevitable that you will become aware of what majority of these couples consider as their favourite past-time fun.

Sharing is caring and loving, as it equally applies to being immersed in the cuckold lifestyle. Sharing is one of the effective means for couples to have equal measure of fun while basking in the glory that they are doing what’s essential: committing other couples towards becoming self-aware of what this lifestyle entails. Even better is when such couple take things further by indulging in Black-Ownership. Then it becomes a matter of introducing more horny wives to become subjected to their Black Master’s form of quality training.


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Jonathan Cuckold
Jonathan Cuckold
Feb 28, 2023

In the uk there is a club called the black man’s fan club which visits swinger clubs around the country. We’ve visited it a few times, it is a very fun night out. As the name suggests it’s focused on black men getting access to as much white pussy as possible. The white couples that attend are very much like us, the husbands stand back and enjoy watching their women get blacked and the wives enjoy a real fuck on the end of some impressive black cocks. The black men who attend also seem to enjoy themselve!


Feb 23, 2023

i am a caged and pussyfree white boy. As a white boy i am unworthy of pussy. i am not a man, i am a feminized worm. i serve as a white slave and eunuch for Black Masters. Only Black Men are worthy of pussy and there are so many white girls ready to give up their pussies to Them. So, there are plenty of white girls to go around to serve Black Men. Black Men are Kings, white girls are Their whores, and white boys are Their slaves.


I totally love seeing white women fucking hung black men. BBC is superior and they deserve the best cock and best fucking. All white women should fuck BBC.

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