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I Got to Watch My Wife and Her Lover - A Cuckold Confessional

Dear sir,

I’m an avid reader of your blogs and I enjoy reading just about every article you post, even though I don’t agree with some of them. I have purchased several of your books, too, and your Twitter page is one that I enjoy keeping up with every post you make. I have wanted to send you this mail for a long time.

I and my wife have been indulging in our private fantasy for some years now. My wife, Shelby, prefers “sharing” herself with me and her black bull. What I mean is she likes it when I fuck her after they’ve done cumming inside her. I enjoy it too: the wetness and looseness of her pussy, it feels so good when my cock slides inside her and then when I, too, cum inside her. She often has a second orgasm that way.

As you can see from her photos that I'm sending you, she has a magnificent-looking body. Shelby enjoys doing yoga; I guess it's what makes her butt keep getting bigger and why black men keep glancing at her every time we go out. She loves been appreciated, too. I'm thinking she would look good having a Queen of Spades tattoo, but I don't know where would be most appropriate to put it. Perhaps you can make a suggestion.

Shelby and I met her current boyfriend, Kanu (he’s a college student from a West African country, I forget which) in a night club. How it happened was that one as weekend we got bored being at home and she came up with the idea of us going out and having some fun. Usually I get excited when she says this ‘cos Shelby is most times a submissive creature. She only gets dominant when sex is on her mind and that often gets me hard. We got dressed and waited till it got dark before leaving for the club. Lots of young people were there and lots of black men, too. I whispered in my wife’s ear that there’s every chance she might score tonight.

That was where she ran into Kanu. Apparently he arrived there with another date, but she stiffed him and left with someone else. We met him at the bar. I introduced him to Shelby and she sort of liked him right away. We had a few drinks and he danced with Shelby. She returned looking flush with excitement; it has been a while since I met anyone make her glow the way she was that night, I tell you.

I took her aside and asked her what she wanted to do. Shelby told me right away that she wanted us to take him home. She went to the ladies’ room while I talked with Kanu about spending the night with us. He seemed like a nice-enough fellow and he never gave me any bad questions. I assumed later that it was his first time of doing this because he appeared calm when I explained that I wanted him to creampie my wife's cunt, and to allow me eat his cum when he was done. Shelby soon returned and we went back to laughing and sipping our drinks like we were old friends. Shelby sat beside Kanu and they flirted all the time.

We left the club and I drove while she and Kanu lounged in the backseat, kissing and necking. I watched through the mirror as he pushed her face down to swallow his cock.

We got home and they went into the living room while I rushed into the kitchen to fetch a bottle of wine. Those two never bothered about me: they got out of their clothes and I sat across and watched her suck his black cock. He an impressive muscle for a black cock. I got hard watching them and forgot about the bottle of wine and went to stroking my dick.

Things got heated when they took things to the bedroom. He fucked Shelby from behind, slapped her butt every couple of minutes, and she loved the feel of his palm on her flesh. She fell face forward on the bed, and groaned non-stop from him hammering her from behind. He held her down on top of her and kept fucking her hard while I watched from the camcorder I was wielding to record everything.

He shot his load inside her and I waited till he'd poured every drop inside her and then rolled off her before I climbed on the bed.

Shelby spread her legs for me and I lay forward and inhaled the sweet, sour musky smell that was Kanu's cum gushing out her labia. I gave it a first lick—it tasted really good. I gave it a second lick, and then before I could even protest, Shelby pressed my head down on her cunt.

“Quit being a bitch and eat my pussy, sissy!” Shelby snapped at me.

That was what I did.

I eat the bull's cum out my wife's pussy and never did I stop even when she clenched her thighs tighten against my face.

Her body jumped and slammed back on the bed. Shelby gave a screeching cry as she orgasmed against my face. The taste of my wife's juicy cum mixed with that of Kanu's semen was a taste unlike any I've had.

Done with her pussy, I pulled my shorts down my thighs and pressed my erect penis against her pussy and grunted as I thrust all of it into her. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me downward on top of her.

“Go ahead, fuck me, white boy!” she gasped. “Show me what you’ve got. Yeah, you ain’t got nothing, have you. That dick’s so small I can’t even feel you!”

I felt jealous. I felt angry . . . I felt so goddamn fucking HORNY! I kept pounding my wife's cunt like I hated her, and unbelievably when I came, I thought I saw stars. My body shook all over when that happened, and I was still shaking when I rolled off her.

Shelby and Kanu took a shower together while I went and uploaded the camcorder recording into my desktop computer. Kanu did spend the night in my bedroom. He slept beside Shelby, while I got out a camp bed and slept in the living room. I woke up later that night when I thought I heard the sound of Shelby screaming once more for him to fuck her harder. I smiled at myself and stroked my cock while in my mind's eye I imagined Kanu must be tearing her pussy up.

I almost didn't want the morning to arrive; I'll bet neither did they.

This is what happened to me, sir. I want to know . . . DOES IT MAKE ME CRAZY?

Listen to my SoundCloud below:

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