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I Want a Bull for My Wife!

Here is a wannabe cuck' confession from months ago . . .

I’m sending out this letter as a sort of distress call to any suitable black bull out there who might read this in record time.

My name is Daniel, and I am writing this confession from my hotel balcony in Boca Rotan, Florida. My wife and I are here on vacation. We come from upstate New York, and Florida has always been our ideal getaway from the cold winter that’s happening up north. Usually, we would have headed out to the Caribbean, but Vera, my wife, chose this hotel. This was where we spent our honeymoon eight years ago, and it’s got such an emotional hold on her. Not that I’m complaining.

I am sitting here alone—just me and my laptop with a glass of red wine beside me. Vera is out by the beach working on her tan. I will finish my wine and go out to join her once I’m done typing this. I am soaking up the gorgeous view of the beach from here. It is like a soothing tonic helping me dive into the recesses of my mind for me to compose this admission.

For two years, I have been looking for something for Vera and myself. Some erotic adventure. It occurred to me that we were missing out on something, though at the time I couldn’t grasp what the feeling meant. It was ubiquitous, yet so intangible that I could only grasp it in dreams. By the time I come awake, the feeling slips from my mind and I can barely recall its dregs.

But I wasn’t about to quit on this desire. The weeks slipped into months, and with what little time I had from work and paying attention to Vera, I did my best trying to assemble left-overs of my dream into something near tangible value. The internet was a tremendous aid to my quest. Within several months, I amassed a wealth of knowledge presented to me that I had been looking for. Yet I never realised then that the answer was right in front of me.

The answer lied in Vera.

I realised that Vera, too, craved everything I’d been wanting. She had been craving it for a long time but didn’t know how to express it to me. According to her, she thought at first that the feeling would go away. Except with time, it got stronger, more foreboding for her, especially when she discovered that a friend of hers was into such.

We sat up one night and she told me about it. I knew of this friend of question but always assumed her marriage was rock solid. The woman’s husband is a friend of mine, and to this day, is clueless about his wife operating an OnlyFans page under an assumed alias, where guys get to screw her in front of a camera. She has been living this life way before she got married, and is unlikely to give it up.

Vera wasn’t suggesting to cheat behind my back; her love wouldn’t allow her to do that. But we decided if we were to do this, then it might as well be together.

Hence the reason behind me putting out this plea to any potential Black bull/Dom residing in the area. This is a heartfelt desire of mine that I wish to see accomplished hopefully before our holiday vacation concludes.

I want to see my wife locked in the arms of another man, preferably a Black god.

I want to see Vera worship the Black god’s cock.

And then I want to watch him fuck my wife like a whore.

These wishes aren’t mine alone; Vera wants the same, even more. She has expressively told me that she desires to become a black cock-whore. She quickly gets aroused when watching interracial porn and spends ample time fucking her dildo than she does playing with my cock. In fact, the only time I get her aroused is when I apply my tongue on her. The feel of my tongue gets her wanting a black cock a lot more.

This is what I dream about most nights: seeing another man—a Black god with a huge cock!—slip into bed beside Vera and roughly fuck her without concern about my presence. I get hard imagining him shoot his load inside her, possibly breed her for me. We have talked facetiously about the possibility of her getting impregnated by a Black bull. Believe me, it makes for an ideal fantasy. But whether it will ever become a reality is yet to been seen.

For now, what I crave are what I have earlier mentioned. If you’re reading this, and you feel that you can lend us a hand, then do contact me and hopefully, you might be the one to make our dreams come true.


Here is a great way to find me:

Check out my latest forum post: BBC Craving for Wife/Yourself

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Oct 14, 2022

So want to watch my wife taking her first black cock and enjoy her screaming as he cuts in her hopefully impregnating her !


Jul 15, 2021

best wife and most ideal is the hottest insatiable and never get enough of black hard stiff black studs


May 27, 2021

good wife never get enough of men cum .... only hubby is not enoudf


Mar 25, 2021

be good ideal open minded HUBBY. and as soon as you sign on the marriage act . you MUST offer your wife TO HER GREAT BLACK OWNER.. TO FUCK AND OWN HER even in your presence..6 days a week


Mar 23, 2021

I hope they found a good bull for her! It's a shame to let such a moment go to waste!

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