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I Want to Get Blacked!

I am a white girl, and I want to get Blacked so bad.

I have heard plenty of exciting tales; I have read countless raunchy stories and even listened in on confessions from other women who have gone a similar route. Here and there, a few of them have expressed unsatisfactory results, but those are merely few and far between; a majority of the women whom I’ve met have uttered similar confirmation: it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them!

As a white girl, I feel it is my solemn duty to offer myself to a Black god who would convert me into becoming a black cock-slut; I never want to go back to dating white bois, ever. My last boyfriend and I broke up months ago. He said that I was becoming too extreme with my thoughts and couldn’t grasp my fascination towards Black men. There was no way I could make him understand regardless of the times that I tried. I realised too late that he and I will never see eye-to-eye on this subject; we’re so incompatible, it’s like comparing mammals to fish.

I certainly would have loved for him to get a glimpse of this lifestyle. Who knows, maybe then he would have seen how revolutionary this is for us, and maybe he, too, could get to serve Black men also. And why not? After all, there’s plenty of white bois around who, too, have expressed similar love and reverence towards Black men. Not that they are gay (although a few of them are, or likely pretending to be, or maybe they’re bi—who knows?), but they seem to have come to terms with the reality that Black men are superior, and it is our place to revere them for who and what they are.

Yes, I wasn’t lying about my statement that this is a revolution because that’s what it is. How long it has been ongoing is beyond my knowledge, but from my investigation, I would say that it’s been an ongoing affair that’s only recently becoming prominent because of the internet. Who knows what kinky stuff our parents have been doing back in those days that they’ve never told us about. But these days, it isn’t merely young women like myself who are committing towards this lifestyle; our moms and even older folks, too, are joining into it. I guess they have come of age to say that they give two-fucks what anyone might think about them wanting to become Black-Owned servants like myself.

Black-Owned servant. That certainly does sound nice when you think about it. It’s got a nice ring to it when you utter the words. Some of my friends have already become Black-Owned.

Charlene, my best friend, has already first me in becoming hooked with a young Black guy named Marcus who lives down the block from her. She often tells me about their sexual adventures together. She leaves school early and heads over to his place instead of going home; her dad would bust an artery if ever he found out whom she was spending her afternoons with. Marcus has got a terrific cock, and he loves it when she screams his name whenever they fuck—her words, not mine. I’m so jealous of her for beating me to this, but I know one way or another, I’ll have my own.

Some girls have even gotten pregnant by black men. There is this one girl in my class called Reika. She’s into her fifth month of pregnancy as I’m writing this. Her is no problem: her parents know the young man, and they love having him as part of their family. As a matter of fact, I hear her mom, too, secretly has a ‘Queen of Spades’ tattoo on her butt. Do you know what that means? That means she’s a walkin’-talkin’-horny Black Cock Slut! That means she’s hungry and available for any black man that wants to fuck her. If she’s got such a tattoo, then that means her husband knows it, and he’s just as happy for her. Wow! How I wish I had a family like theirs.

I’ve begun preparing myself, though. I’ve watched countless interracial porn, including some instructional videos on OnlyFans and audio podcasts that expand on this interracial addiction (yes, that’s what it has become for me, an addiction.) They offer many clues as to why plenty of white women are attracted to Black men, and what can be done to expand the idea. There’s no real answer with regards to why—there just is. I’m not ashamed to admit what I like and what I want in my life. I don’t expect most people to agree with it, but this is my choice and not theirs. I want to become a black cock slut, and it’s something I dream about every night before I go to sleep. I often wake up feeling my panties soaked with cum; my pussy, too, cannot deny what it wants me to enjoy.

I have bought myself a black dildo, and I’ve got another of my friends, Sally, to stick it in me. It’s pretty big, and always it leaves my pussy sore whenever I get done with it, but it’s invigorating. Always I imagine myself getting fucked by the real thing and that makes me cream a lot more.

Sally is another dirty slut who, too, dreams of becoming a Black Cock slut like me. She has let me into her idea of involving her parents in learning about this addiction. How she intends carrying that out, I have no idea. I will wait and see how she goes about her plans so maybe I’ll endeavour to borrow from her and execute the same with my folks. My mom is in her forties, and she and my dad barely communicate anymore. I feel bad for her and know her life will improve if she lets a black man in. Sure, she and dad can stay married, but she can be like Charlene and play around. I’ll be proud if she does such.

Had my former boyfriend been agreeable to my wants, he would be the one using the dildo on me. But since breaking up with him, my entire mindset has moved on to me wanting a black cock so bad. He did try to get back with me, but I cancelled his chances; why settle for less when I know greater things coming around the corner? I wished him the best and hope he finds himself a lily-white girl who will be with him.

Hopefully, she, too, will discover this Black Cock Addiction revolution and dish his ass to go and have it all with a Black god. That will teach him.

Yes, I do think that every white girl should experience what having a Black Cock inside her feels like, even if it’s only once! It’s necessary and damn right essential. With the way the world is coming, I know there’s going to become a time when that dream will become possible. White women need to follow examples of white girls like myself and my friends and understand that worshipping a Black god is the ultimate religion they can crave.

I long to kneel before a Black god and beg him to let me taste his cock.

Then I’m going to beg for him to stick it inside me, and not to stop.

And afterwards, I pray he gets to cum inside me . . . get me pregnant and allow me to birth him a beautiful, strong Black baby!

My parents would go crazy if ever they find out about the wild thoughts that I’m having. But I don’t care. It’s my life, and it’s my body. I don’t want to be a statistic of young white girls who only dream about Black Cock but are too afraid to take action. In fact, I’ve already begun making plans for that. There’s an end of semester party that will be going on next week, which I’m looking forward to attending. Lots of Black guys from the school will be there; hopefully, I intend to score that night, as I know other white bitches, too, are thinking similar thoughts as well.

Happy Women's Day!


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I think its great that you have seen the Truth about Black Supremacy and you are acting on it. You asked some important questions: how long have white women been willing slaves to Black Men? The answer is forever, any time Black and white have interacted. The only problem was that white society sanctioned and at one time even criminalized race mixing. Now that Black People are on more of an even playing field, the Truth has come out and more whites everyday are accepting the Truth of Black Supremacy. This is why whites of all ages and backgrounds are embracing Black Supremacy. Your ex-boyfriend was probably in mental agony because deep down he knows he is inferior to a…


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AT THE MONDIAL WOMAN4S DAY OFFER YOUR WIFE A GREAT black owner to take his best care of her beutiful body

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