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In the Bedroom

In the bedroom is where the Cuckold/Black Cock Training experience begins for most couples. But such is not where it usually begins.

The addictive aspects of the Cuckold way of life is very inherent in the minds and hearts of all who speculate and dream of it. It is something that is most existent in them, even though many would admit to having stumbled upon this lifestyle through hearing or being aware of it through some secondary means.

It is usually a friend, or them watching a porn flick, or visiting some online adult site that the imagery perforated their mind. Little do they every come to realise that they have borne this idea for so long, and it is only through some imaginative type of stimuli that the idea becomes fervent in their present day consciousness.

A husband can view as many cuckold porn he wants, but he will always see his wife as being the focus of his erotic pleasure. As for the wife, seeing herself as taking the place of the porn actress being seduced and dominated by her lover is an aspect they cannot be rid of from their emotions. Only when they get to include their husbands into the mix does it appear that they are heading into the realm of reality.

For the husbands, getting the wife to get involved in this cuckold fantasy is the main hurdle they need to clear before moving onward onto the training aspect.

Seduction and communication becomes the focal tools when it comes to convincing the wife to give this lifestyle a serious looking into. The seduction aspect as well involves the husband, when the Black Dom is there in their midst. The cuck gets to give the two of them adequate space towards communicating and corresponding with each other, but also he, too, is inclusive in the way the adventure is proceeding. The Dom endeavours to convince the wife through charming wits and other means of beguiling approaches to accept the notion of becoming a hotwife and as such, a dominant over her cuck, who now gets to accept his submissive aspect that comes with being her cuckold.

As things proceed from the seduction, toward venturing into the bedroom, this is where the true Nature of Command comes into play for the three subjects: the husband, being the cuck, gets to assume his role. The wife, now being the hotwife/slutwife, assumes her position of submissiveness toward her Black Dom/Master, as well humiliates her husband be ordering/commanding him to accept her status while under the watchful gaze of her lover.

In the bedroom is where the wife dares to welcome herself into her newfound being. As she spread her arms and legs wide to take in her lover's cock. As she allows him to use her, and fuck her in ways she could only before have dreamed, and to let herself go loose as he takes her back and forth across the bed . . . even better, for her lover/Black Master to fuck and breed her in the presence of her husband/cuck, is bound to make it all worthwhile that she submitted herself to accept this lifestyle as a part of her life henceforth.

The couple's transformation occurs in the confines of the bedroom.

Where once she was a naive housewife, but henceforth she has become a self-aware hotwife whose mission and duty is it to pleasure and submit to her Black Master's sexual calling. The same as well goes to the husband. Where once he was (and outside the home, still might be) a domineering husband, but henceforth he has now become mellowed and humbled into an unassuming sissified cuck.

Though this transformation takes place in the bedroom, it is not supposed to end there. Even in the husband's place of work, his newly transformed mentality remains active to the sight and sound of any Black god whom he knows now demands his utmost respect and deference.

Such is the lasting life of a true Black-Owned couple.

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