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JoBeth invites a Midnight Lover

Enjoy this excerpt from my upcoming novel which is to be part of the 'Suburban Trilogy' of stories, titled "Couples of South Pointe".

* * * *

Charles and JoBeth lived in an apartment building across from the railroad. The apartment lease was In JoBeth's name; Charles, however, took care of the bills and rent. Charles parked Jo's car and Elroy drove into the yard a minute later and parked beside him. Jo was laughing shrilly at whatever humor Elroy must have shared with her along the way. They got out and Elroy came around and wrapped his arm around her as they walked behind Charles who led the way up the flight of steps into the building. He stopped at their apartment and unlocked the door for the three of them to end. Jo threw her bag on the sofa while Charles switched on the living room lights. His discomfort was apparent with Elroy in their presence. He felt a slight betrayal that Jo would go behind his back to spend quality time with someone he would rather cross the street than meet in person.

"Alright, Charles," Jo gave him a familiar wink that said she was about to do something naughty that didn't Involve him. Charles had received such wink from her plenty of times and should have been excited by it, except this time what he felt was a resigned numbness. "You be a good boy and sit your butt here. Don't come in the bedroom, at least not for another ten minutes." She laughed gaily when she said this.

Charles responded by shrugging his shoulders—that was all the answer he could give. He grunted when Elroy brushed his shoulder as he walked past, then turned to gloat at him. "Yeah. You be a good boy and you stay right there," he laughed.

Jo took Elroy's hand and they were both laughing as she led him past the door that served as the bedroom. They shut the door behind them. Charles waited some seconds then relaxed his mind when he didn’t hear a key turn in the lock. There were times when Jo came with a lover and made it known that she didn't want Charles's presence by locking the door. Such occasions usually occurred after they'd had themselves a lover's spat that lasted the entire day. What better way to get back at Charles than denying him the sight of watching another man pleasure her in their bedroom. It was either that or she would prefer spending the night elsewhere, leaving him to moan her absence.

Charles moved about the apartment listlessly. His nerves were acting up and he needed a roll of Mary Jane to calm his nerves, except his stash was in the bedroom where JoBeth was with her night’s date. He went into the kitchen and set about cleaning the dirty dishes that littered the sink. Jo was serious about not wanting him to come and interrupt her moment. It wasn’t often that she did that. In this case he guessed it was likely because she was allegedly with her first black man. Charles used the word allegedly because right now he couldn’t tell if really this wasn’t her first time with Elroy. There weren’t that many black folk residing here in Cumberland. He would have likely known if she were playing around with anyone besides Elroy beforehand. That was something he was going to have to get to the bottom about.

Done with putting away the washed dishes, Charles wiped his hands with a dish rag which he then discarded. He glanced at his watch and saw the minutes were halfway gone before he could sneak into the bedroom. He tapped his pocket for his cigarette pack but it came away empty. Charles returned to the living room and sat down, holding her bag on his thighs while the minute hand ticked off. He looked up each time he heard bumping noises and grunting cries coming from behind the bedroom door. His imagination concocted a plethora of images of Elroy and Jo fucking. So eager was he to go see the action, he began biting his nails just to kill the time.

Ten minutes finally concluded and Charles went to the door and eased it open.

The door creaked and Charles stuck his head inside to appraise the gloom. He caught his girlfriend’s whimpers before then making out the bodies that were on the bed. Charles slipped into the room but left the door partly open for light from the living room to filter inside. He made out Elroy’s frame that pressed on top of Jo, his arms locked under her head while his pelvis ground against hers. Jo hung her feet in the air. Her hips jerked back and forth as Elroy slid in and out of her. Charles grabbed a chair and positioned himself where he had a advantageous view. Elroy’s flesh was almost the color of midnight, whereas Jo’s Caucasian skin seemed to glimmer in the room’s darkness. The bed springs groaned as their workout raged onward. JoBeth was sucking in her breath and letting it off in loud gasps. Charles listened to her murmurs which were clear enough to tell him how bad she was enjoying herself.

“Awwhhh! Aaahhhieee . . . Fuck me! Ohhh fuck! Give me that big black fucking dick!”

Charles watched in stunned silence. Never before had Jo been this loud whenever she had sex. Elroy was grunting hard along with her.

Charles went and shut the door then turned on the lights.

Elroy had slid his hands under Jo’s buttock while still grinding his hips and pelvis against her. He came up on his knuckles and it was then that Charles afforded himself a glimpse of his cock. The man was all muscle and so, too, was his manhood which he rammed into JoBeth. Elroy lowered himself and turned over to be on his backside. He was gasping and sweating as he laid there; his cock jutted off his crotch like a tent-pole. Jo came to her knees and took a moment to suck his cock. Charles was back at his chair watching her. Jo looked at his direction and they locked eyes while she continued her slobbering and she burst into a giggling fit as she had done before. To Charles, she looked so gorgeously beautiful, more beautiful than he had ever beheld her.

“Oh boy, this is such a terrific cock,” Jo gasped as she stroked Elroy’s saliva-coated shaft. Her eyes gleamed with lust as she went ahead kissing his prick once more. “My God, I’ve never had anything this good before.”

“How about you hop on that dick, bunny rabbit,” Elroy spanked her butt.

Jo came up on her haunches on top of him, cradling his erection beneath as she then lowered herself onto his cock. She gave a lengthy whimper when that happened. Even Charles didn’t take his sight away from the appreciative sight of the black cop’s massive hard-on stretching his girlfriend’s pussy. Jo flung her head backward and gasped even louder as she then rested her knees on the bed. She didn’t quit from groaning as her pussy went on taking his cock, absorbing his girth that in turn exploded mountains of pleasure across her womb.

“Aaahhhh . . . this is so fucking good!” she gasped. Her face was dotted with beads of sweat. Her eyes were half-closed as she ingested his girth until her rump settled firmly on his pelvis. “Ohhh . . . Ooohhh fuck me. Fuck me, big guy.”

Elroy was breathing heavy as she went on moaning her pleasure. He locked his feet together and began jerking his hips. His hands cupped her mound of ass cheeks as she rode him in response. They became almost one in the span of their fucking. Their tempo increased. Jo laid her hands on Elroy’s chest, her face squeezed into a mask of hurting pain mixed with lust as Elroy pumped his thighs harder and faster. Her cries grew aggressive until she then fell off from him.

They remained beside each other for a while, gasping breathlessly. Charles thought that was the conclusion but he was wrong; Jo wasn’t yet done. She came back on her knees and took to sucking Elroy’s cock once more. Elroy exhaled loud grunts and forced her head down on his cock. Charles watched as brutalized her mouth. It went on for a while until Elroy began to jerk as gobs of thick semen pumped out of his cock and filled Jo’s mouth. She stroked his cock with every fiber of muscle in her arms. Her mouth guzzled his spray of cum until she thought she could almost choke on it. Elroy’s grunts died off and his body grew limp as he pumped his last ounce and his penis became flaccid in her hand. Only then did Jo let him go. She raised her head and licked off splatters of cum dripping down her lips and neckline and into her mouth it went. She was like a vampire who had just had a fresh taste of blood after a millennia of waiting. At least that was how Charles viewed her.

“Wanna have a taste, babe,” she said to him, chuckling while she did.

Charles got up and found a towel and brought it to her. She wiped the sweat and cum off her torso then used it to wipe Elroy too.

“Wow, that was fun,” said Elroy.

“You think,” Jo said as she continued wiping his arms and torso with the towel. “You were amazing. I’ve never had me a man quite like you in bed before.”

That did hurt Charles, but more so because it was the truth. As far as him getting any pussy in Cumberland that was almost a stop, no, and don’t-even-think-about-it sort of thing. His reputation was all over. Only way he could make something is if he packed up and left for someplace far from here. Fat chance of that ever happening. When it comes to making shit happen, he was lackluster to the point of not even bothering.

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Dec 14, 2019

very great page best greetings to mr/ mamien dsoul . as he has my wife inspiration on the bed

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