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Mature Wives & the Cuckold Lifestyle

The image we likely get whenever we research the cuckold lifestyle on the internet is usually that of a handsome couple (in most cases, a couple in the middle-age group, and in few cases, a mature couple), submitting themselves to a dominant figure. When you visit xxx-video sites such as PornHub and Xhamster to watch videos in the cuckold genre, it’s usually gorgeous-looking beauties (in this case, a hot-looking porn star) with an unattractive, submissive white male/suck, and then the handsome black/white hunk who’s there to have sex with her.

This isn’t a complete photo of what the lifestyle resembles in reality. I want to make that clear to my readers here.

I’m not going to quote statistics, or confound you with logistic pie-charts to enhance what I mean. However, I will address that when we look at cuckold couples in porn videos, the picture is usually different from what exists in the real world.

Majority of couples, in my opinion, that indulge in this lifestyle often range from couples in their mid-to-late fifties, and to a second extent, couples that are in their fifties and older. That’s not to say that younger couples in their twenties and early-thirties are exempt from becoming involved in it, or that they shouldn’t. It is the power of the internet that has afforded the means for this lifestyle to expand beyond its defined borders. As much as many would like to assume that this lifestyle exists only in the western hemisphere, currently it as become transplanted into cultures around the world. It has infiltrated the lives of almost every class and homestead, in communities that previously such would have been sighted as rare. There isn’t a necessary photo that can best describe what the cuckold imagery looks like currently.

But as porn videos are often populated with images of younger couples in this range, let it be known that senior/mature couples do often make up the bulk of couples desiring this lifestyle. Much should be afforded to make them more involved, beside the fact that many of them assume that this lifestyle isn’t meant for them. Here are some Q & A to further expand on this notion:

  1. Are more older couples out there seeking to partake in the cuckold lifestyle? Yes, they are?

  2. Are there older/mature women in their forties, fifties and way past their sixties seeking to become Black-Owned whore-wives? Yes, they are.

  3. Have more and more mature husbands harboured in their minds for a long time the urgent desire of wanting to find their wives in bed with strong black men without suffering any consequences to their married life? Yes, there are.

As many husbands are starting to learn about this lifestyle and of how it can work for their benefit, they dare themselves to confront the notion that has often held them back, which usually involves the fear of lateness in the game. It worries them that such activities can only have been possible years back when they were younger. Only then would they likely have found the tact and courage of circumnavigating whatever societal restrictions that might apply to them. Restrictions such as raising a family, and of finding suitable sexual playmates for the wife to enjoy without compromising on their family/societal way of life. Where some couples have succeeded with diversifying past these conundrums, many still seek some form of guidance from a bull/Black Master to make the journey less burdensome for them.

This especially occurs for women. In this case, I’m referring to to senior/older women, whether single or married, who assume that the best years of their sexual lives is behind them.

Many of these women live in doubt regarding to where they fit sexually with society. The assumption is that a majority of senior/older women perceive their beauty has diminished in the eyes of most men. They have become nearly invincible and superfluous. Though these women have attained the age of menopause doesn’t that their sex life is henceforth nonexistent. Instead for many, menopause can even become a resurgence of their sexual desires. The question then becomes what to do about it.

Do they lie down in contentment of never attaining whatever quality of sexual satisfaction they can enjoy, or should they transform into feral cougars and partake in the fun of searching for capable lovers amid a cluster of younger, curvaceous women seeking the same competition? Should these older married women endeavour to contribute to the cuckold way of life with or without their spouses’ approval, or should they hold off and see if their men would wise up and find a credible Black Master to come and awaken the sexual beast in their wives?

The choices are arousing and yet consequential, inevitably leading to more doors yet unexplored. Regardless of the majority of these senior/older women presuming that they are past their sexual prime, it can as well entice a revitalising habit for them to explore whatever erotic kink and desire that tickles their fancy. What better way for these women to find themselves rejuvenated into accepting and enhancing that their sexual instinct is an inherent part of their femininity.

As long as they have an aorta of wanting to pleasure someone in bed, regardless of whether or not that man falls within their age range or not, so, too they should see to commit towards pleasuring the one type of man whose mission it would be to arouse their sexual nature in the bedroom.

Older couples should not dare hide themselves from their erotic desires. As long as they wish to be made submissive before a Black god, then so be it.

As I have reiterated already, more and more older couples are becoming amused and seduced into wanting to become involved in this lifestyle. They seek to become a part of the Black New World Order, and like most other couples who have already graced the lifestyle, they should be welcomed as well.


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Jonathan Cuckold
Jonathan Cuckold
26 Ιαν 2023

i don’t have any facts to back up your article but I’d say it was faily accurate from our experience.

We’re in our mid/later forties and came to this a couple of years ago. We have been a of times to swinger clubs and on a couple of times to an event in the UK called the black man’s fan club - check it out on the web they have events at a few clubs around the country. Given the name I’m sure that you can guess that it’s the black men that fuck the white wives/partners while their husbands look on. while there are all ages present I would say that our age isn’t out of place a…

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I think that many potential hotwives in their 50s, 60s, 70s etc. might feel that they may not now be attractive to black men and feel, "who would want me?" Changing that mindset is difficult. Maybe you could have a special section where such women could have pics of themselves posted and comments solicited from potential bulls. Hopefully the comments would be positive and the wives might have more confidence about taking the plunge. Great article by the way.

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17 Φεβ 2022

I was 58yo when i was first blackened. Just a few months ago

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Άγνωστο μέλος
25 Οκτ 2021

A great article! Not sure where you've gathered your facts from but I would say they are pretty much in line with what my wife and I have discovered. It was indeed early menopause, or at least that timeframe, when my wife and I began to tip our toes into the cuckold lifestyle, and it was all black for us - a result of a time in her life long before when she had dated a black man. Plus it was just far more exciting, and I believe sexually rewarding (there is no doubt in our minds about a black man's ability to perform).

One small thing. Since I note your writing is flawless, the paragraph above with "As lon…

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