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Ms. Jenn's Confession 

Good afternoon Master Shango,

First let me start with the basics: My real name is Jennifer but my friends call me Jenn or J. My submissives usually call me Miss Jenn. I live in the USA. Grew up in the New Orleans, Louisiana, but now live outside of Denver, Colorado and as much as I miss New Orleans, I love living up here.

You mentioned that you travel. Have you ever been to New Orleans? It is a magical city. My regular life is normal. I am 44, separated but live with my husband, whom is white, and two young daughters. He is a great dad and it saves money. We have never been on the same wave sexually so I do my thing and he does his. I am 5’0, so short and curvy with short hair (as you will see by my pictures). My Owner does not mind the way I look, but I when he introduces me to people I never want to give him any reason to feel ashamed of me. I am bisexual and have one female trainee that Osiris, my Master, gifted me and one sissy cuck.

You asked about how I am involved in the lifestyle. That is a little more complicated.

Before I met my husband I was a Top to a few men. I knew that sexually I enjoyed being in charge. My sexuality never bothered me. After my husband, I tucked it away but it after we realized we did not have the same sexual drive I started to meet up with men. One was a Master. He is very knowledgeable and taught me a lot. About my body, rope, mental play etc. I was his property for about 3 years. I was a slave but also his assistant. I helped him with other women. He enjoyed them blindfolded so it helped to have an extra set of hands.

The best thing he ever taught me was never to question what I want. For some reason I Topped the other women but never had a problem serving him. When I told him this confused me, he said it was because I have a slave’s heart. I knew that no matter how much I was in charge at home or work or even of other women I knew my happiness was serving another. He taught me that if I want something to not be ashamed of it. Ask for it. If it is something I want to learn I research or take a class. If something feels good or interests me I do not try to talk myself out of it. I always take my partners boundaries into consideration but I try not to stand in my own way. After he moved, I did not think I would have another Master.

One day I answered a message from a man on Fetlife (not sure if you are familiar with that site) asking me what I was looking for. He ran a local BBC group and was looking for white women that may be interested in a gangbang. After we talked a few times he asked to meet with me one-on-one. He worked nights so he asked that I meet him during a break.

As soon as I met him, I was struck by how he has a presence about him. After talking a little while he told me that he wanted me. I thought he meant sexually, but he meant that he wanted to own me.

We were in a remote area and he told me to kneel so he could pee in my mouth. Without a second thought I did. He let go of a small stream, then cut it off. I looked up into his eyes as I held it in my mouth. He told me I could spit it out if I wanted but I stayed kneeling and swallowed. He finished peeing on the side of the road then held out his hand to help me up.

“Lift your skirt,” he ordered.

I did.

“Spread your legs.”

Again, I did.

Since I was not wearing panties it was easy for him to reach down to feel how wet my pussy was. He then put his fingers in my mouth.

“You’ll do nicely,” he said.

We exchanged a few pleasantries as he said he needed to go.

We texted everyday. Mostly trying to feel each other out. A few weeks passed and I began to think that maybe I imagined feeling the unwavering attraction to him. I actually started second-guessing what I thought I wanted. We would make plans and I would usually have to cancel because of work or my girls. He liked me to send him pictures of what I was wearing, my breasts or holes. One day, he told me to masturbate at my desk. I locked the door to my office and did so.

A few days later he told me to wear a skirt to work. I did not thinking anything about it until I went out to get an appointment, and it was him. I was acting chipper like he was just any other potential volunteer. When we were in my office, he told me to shut the door and lock it when we got in my office. I did as instructed. I sat at my desk as he pulled out his huge Black cock and asked if this is what I wanted to serve.

“Yes Sir” was all I could say.

He told me to kneel and suck him.

Once hard, he bent me over my desk and worked his way into me. I have never had anything that big in me before. I felt like he was going to split me open. I was moaning and he told me to be quiet. I told him that I could not. It hurt so much. I must have sounded brisk when I said it because he said he bet he could make me be quiet. He grabbed my arm and pulled me over to my office door. He bent me over, pushed my face to the closed door and slid his cock back into me. The pain of his huge cock and tasting the blood from biting my lip was almost too much to take. After just a few more minutes he began to fill me with his cum. He pulled out, stuck the head of his cock into my exposed ass marking it with his seed, and then rammed it back in my already dripping pussy.

It felt like he came forever.

Once he caught his breath he sat in my chair and told me to clean him off. While cleaning him he informed me that I belonged to him and that no one else would touch me without his permission. It has been over a year now and he has not allowed another man to touch me. Sometimes with him working nights, it is hard. We cannot see each other as much as we wish. That is one reason I am working two jobs. I want to buy a house so he will have his own entrance. As I mentioned before when my girls are of age I will introduce them into the lifestyle. If he or his son wants to breed them I would be very proud.

He does know that I follow your blog (not sure if you have another) and that I have talked just a bit. I have not told him about the books or that you may put me in one. IF it happens I believe that he would enjoy the surprise.

As I just mentioned to you I apologize for this being so detailed. It just got away from me. Please let me know if this opens up any other questions on your end.

I look forward to hearing back from you, Jenn

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