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Never Going Back!

Your woman took one long look at that massive black cock and right away knew that she wanted nothing else but that.

She knew that she wanted to go Black with a bang, and once she realised that you weren't going to stop her, she knew she wouldn't want to return back to you. Not to say that she didn't want to be with you any longer, except not in bed. You have much fun jerking off to interracial porn than you ever wanted to have sex. Anyways, she doesn't mind anymore that that's what you're about; she has definitely found something way better than you.

Is it humiliating that your woman wants something more than you can possibly give to her? You knew that this day was coming--you couldn't hide the truth from her anymore. You want your woman to become a black cock slut. The idea has been lurking in the back of your mind for weeks and months since. You were merely too afraid to tell her the truth. Not to say that you don't love her, but the thought of seeing her become a slave/servant to black cock weights on your mind more than anything else.

But not just her; you also want to become a servant alongside her.

Seeing her caress and play with that mighty black cock arouses you beyond anything else. You have never held another man's cock before, but you won't mind to hold a Black Master's cock up to your wife's face for her to play with. You won't mind wanting to worship that same cock along with her.

Is it fate that white couples like you are destined to worship black cock? Was this something you have wanted for yourself for as far back as you can remember?

You don't recall when the feeling came upon you, but it has always been there, in the back of your heart. You even know of other couples around you who have been worshipping black cock way before they got married. Whatever could have gotten them hooked, or how come your wife suddenly desires this more and more each day, you have no idea. Not that it even matters. What matters is that you have an addiction problem, like her. And the only way to resolve this is by letting yourselves become part of the journey that's brought you here.

Once you go black, going back is never an option. This addiction cannot be weaned out, nor can it be controlled. Matter of fact, it can only be transferred from one couple/wife to another.

Black-Owned couples cannot resist wanting to share the good news with other couples around them. More couples visit cuckold forums on a daily basis, showcasing photos of their lovely wives, wanting to see if other men find them desirable. They want to offer their wives to suitable black men to come by and ravish them in their presence. Such husbands are eager to taste a black dom's cum as it gushes out of the wife's pussy, delighting in the taste of nourishment.

More so, knowing that they are one step away from getting their wives impregnated.


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Sep 27, 2023
thank you for training me to be sissy

Feb 22, 2023

Its not that I cant... its that I dont wanna go back


Jul 16, 2022

they want to use the girls, not claim them. if we can show that we can take care of their seed, maybe they will let our women get pregnant, especially now that abortion is basically abolished. no condoms, no guilt, no responsibility after..


Excellent writing as always master. But after speaking to many black bulls about impregnating white wives, most if not all said, they don't want to knock up white wives. It just doesn't really interest them.


Unknown member
Jul 15, 2022

Now for Her lap of luxury

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