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Reparations 2022

It is now February. Black History Month in the USA, which can as well be translated as Reparations Month for white couples.

Is there a debt to be paid? Yes, there most certainly is. Profound as it may seem, every white husband is involved in this venture, whether knowingly or otherwise. The same, too, applies to their wives and in some cases, their daughters and sons, too. But we are mostly concentrating on their wives.

Every year sees the welcoming passage of married couples willing to adhere towards being self-aware of how beneficial they should be towards their Black Masters. Whether through financial assistance, or by offering his wife for black breeding exposure. No means should be left out of this agenda.

Most cuck husbands need to be constantly reminded that their debt towards black servitude is ironical a release from their own mental cage. The need for them to learn about becoming more accepting of their submissive nature and obedience required for the growth of their cuckold spirit.

As long as more white couples learn to relinquish their stance in society by committing themselves towards upholding the black domination of their household and livelihood, long as they submit their wives for Black-Ownership, and even learn to teach their adult daughters to be like their moms and sign up for White Slut Training, their cuckold happiness will grow tenfold.

As it occurs in their homestead, so too it should involve them sharing the good news of cuckold harmony with their suburban neighbors and best friends. By introducing their friends’ wives to their Black Master, by imbibing the rigors of black history that has forever shaped and remolded the entirety of American way of life, whether through science or entertainment, and sexual explorations, more white couples should open themselves to knowing what true domination is about.

Cuckold couples should use this month of February to repair and mend whatever they assume is lacking in their cuckold spirit. For those who are yet to align themselves with a Black Master, this is the time to do so. For those wives still deliberating about offering themselves wholeheartedly towards being Black-Bred, now is when they should make do on their affirmation.

Couples should seek out to sign a Black-Ownership Agreement and promise to solemn maintain every aspect and command stated in the document to firmly keep true to their cuckold disposition. They should endeavor to have a Black Dom residing in their home, and make whatever growth and financial contributions they can offer towards the spread of the BNWO lifestyle.

p.s. I recently suffered an injury to my arm that has dispelled me from doing much writing this past period. I’m still in recuperating mode and hope to get stronger as the weeks proceed.

If any of you wish to contact me, feel free to do so by mail or through my website contact box, or by leaving me a comment. If you wish to make a contribution, feel free to use my PayPal address:

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4 comentarios

17 jun 2023

i am looking to pay Reparations to the Black Race use me as you see fit i am the slave whore and my many masters to use me any way the want nonstop pleases own my ass nd ill service every one you want

Me gusta

07 feb 2022

Master Shango, You are a Wonderful Black Master and King. This is so beautifully written and speaks volumes of Truth. We all know that Reparations to the Black Race should be codified into law through a tax system that exempts Black People from paying any taxes and punishing whites with a larger burden of the tax liability. There should also be direct payments to Black Families. But this doesn’t look like it will happen any time soon. In the meantime, white couples and families can pay their own Reparations by inviting a Black Man into their home and then serving Him as their Black King. White mothers and daughters should be given to their Black King as concubines while…

Me gusta

Very true, Sir! This submissive white cuck celebrates Reparations Month. It is a good time to remind us white “men” to focus on pleasing our Black masters and our wives who find true fulfillment under them.

Me gusta

Dear Master, I just got finished reading your work. I love your new post. I am commited. But you know, having self disciplin is not easy and this lifestyle is a lot like a religion, because you need to stay commited and focused. But it would help, if a black bull would guide and lead us. Regularly checkin on us, making sure, that we keep our oaths and pledges. So when I date a girl, its never for me, but for you know who. Best regards.

Me gusta
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