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Reparations & Submission

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

It is written in the wind that sooner or later, a large majority of white women will inevitably submit to Black gods. They are going to worship Black men like none other, unlike their mothers and aunts before them, and they will enjoy doing it with a large smile on their faces. They will bear Queen of Spades tattoos showcasing to the world what they are (hotwives/BBCsluts), as will their husbands and sissies acquiring Jack of Spades tattoos.

The reason is that they will become too addicted towards wanting black cock, and they know there’s no other place such gets manufactured except by Black men.

But this statement doesn’t merely apply to white women but also includes their men. A large number of white boys are going to consent to the knowledge that they stand no chance of competing in the sex field that’s dominated by Black men.

The same field where their women want only the best quality of sex that Black men offer.

These white boys are inexplicably bound to turn green with envy and red with jealousy realising they no longer can hide their women from the certainty that beckons them to commit towards wanting to serve Black gods around them.

These white husbands/boyfriends are expected to pay the ultimate Reparation fee that comes with them submitting to the demands and needs of being dominated by a Black god in the presence of their women.

This statement is as accurate as you can imagine: more husbands are going to beg their wives to cheat on them with a Black man. They are going to urge their wives that the only means for them to become sexually stimulated is when the wife gets to have sex with a Black man in their presence. These husbands are even now going to bed imagining their wives being sexually fulfilled by a Black man who would fuck and climax in their pussy however he wants, and nothing the husband does would stop that from happening.

But inevitably, these husbands still would not be completely satisfied. Not until they, too, get to experience half of what their women are enjoying. These men would want to grow from being mere cuckold husbands to becoming sissified servants who, like their wives, would love to become enslaved by a Black god in their home. And should even the Black god decides to take things beyond their home, so much the better.

How did this truth become a reality? At some point, these couples were happy, especially the husbands. Their wives worshipped and adored them, as well as their kids, who grew up to date handsome white boys who resembled their dads. How did these women become hooked on wanting to be with Black men? Who or what’s responsible for this fantastic trend? And if we know the answer(s) to that particular question, can such a trend be stopped or perhaps reversed to what it once was?

That question regarding what’s responsible for such occurrences is an enlightening one. How can you reverse that what was meant to happen? Many husbands need to face the realisation that this quest of wanting to see their women become seduced by Black men has been a seed/gene that’s laid dormant in the fertile grounds of their hearts and mind for decades. It’s only awaited the emergence of some unnatural stimuli to awaken the gene that’s gotten it to germinate to the forefront of their consciousness.

Most husbands have been unconsciously living a cuckold way of life before they discovered the rightful meaning of the word. Or, to put it differently, before that word came into existence as a lexicon of the English language. These husbands have felt the need to attain forgiveness and submission for crimes enacted upon Black men for centuries. What better way to offer their Reparation payment than offering their wives, including mature daughters and sons, towards becoming sexual demands for Black men?

Would you consider it as a worthy sacrifice? Perhaps some would see it that way, but really, it isn’t; it is what comes merely naturally that they are adhering to obeying. These husbands have become attuned to the void they have long struggled with for years.

A void that can only be closed once they and their family become certified Black-owned property.

It matters not that their wives become used and abused as black cock whores by Black men or that their women become committed to serving and pleasing a Black Master in the comfort of their home. It matters less that such husbands wouldn’t mind offering their Black Master spare keys to their home to come and go however he pleases and to offer whatever form of financial attribute to ensure their Black Master’s dominion lies with them. What matters is that this is part of what their Reparation agreement declares, and such husbands (including wives, sons, and daughters) adhere to the stipulated demands coming their Black Master forthwith.

Submission is the key to unlocking this burden of desire that lurks within the heart of white couples and singles—knowing they are in awe of wanting a Black god to take ownership and charge of their sexual livelihood regardless of whatever societal obstacles might claim otherwise.

Most cucks sense this urgency of submission from the moment the stimuli begins working on them. Suddenly, they want the entire world to appreciate how sexy their wives look. They start showcasing her figure on the internet, demanding comments regarding what would become of their women should they opt to be let loose on a sexual spree. Most importantly, the husbands do this to attract suitable Black men to take a necessary look at their wives, knowing that only Black men would do.

The wives, too, are acquainted with similar resolve, as do their daughters (snow bunnies) showing off their twerking capabilities on Instagram and TikTok.

The husbands know that as long as their women are apt to go Black, it’s only a matter of time before the addiction compels them to want to become sissified cucks and beg to become whores to Black gods just as their wives and daughters are becoming. The circle of inevitable ownership is bound to spur them to accept their submissive stance, knowing that it is the best thing that can lead to their Reparation payments being guaranteed acceptable.

Next Article: White Bois Reparations. #ComingSoon

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Apr 28, 2023

Dear Master Shango - What an excellent analysis. You have great insights into what is happening, how the white race is surrendering to and desiring Black Ownership. And how Black Ownership is spreading everywhere. You have such a keen understanding of what is going on in the minds of whiteboys and white girls. How white girls want to mate with Superior Black Men, and how whiteboys want to be cucks and eunuchs and want to perform even a female role with the Black Master. What an excellent article !!!


very True and enlightening!!!


Dear Master, you have done it again. You wrote another masterpiece of excellent prophetic literature. You know and understand the psychology so well and the spiritual aspect, that the karmic part has made this BNWO movement into a type of religion. Thanks for enlightening us !!! Best regards

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