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Sign Your Wife for Black-Ownership Training!

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

This work was previously posted in my Medium publication.


Dear Mr ___

It gives me great pleasure to let you know that your wife has been chosen to submit for Black-Ownership training with immediate effect.

I know this might come as an unwitting surprise to you. I would even say shocking, as you have been clueless regarding the receipt of this letter what Black-Ownership is all about, let alone that it involves a training program. I will do my best to fill you in on what this entails. But please know that nothing that I’m about to reveal to you will dissuade your wife from committing herself to the program. Her paperwork has already been signed and approved by her.

Your wife, Sara, has complained to us regarding the state of your eleven-year-old marriage to each other. In her words, sex with you has been dull and lacking. According to her, it’s awful tough for you to maintain an erection worthy enough to satisfy her. That along with the fact that your erectile muscle is way too small and inefficient. So inefficient that you often compensate her displeasure with an adept usage of your tongue. Yes, joe, your wife—our client—does compliment your tongue but states that it’s seldom enough to induce her to orgasm satisfactorily.

Your wife has resorted to using various shapes and sizes of dildos, all with the sole desire of climaxing. It wasn’t until later that she began expressing her displeasure towards wanting to share bed-space with you at all. Your Sarah, at one point, was even contemplating divorce from (and I quote) “your limp, wimpy, and pathetic, snivelling weak-boy ass!”

It was only due to the advice of a friend of hers who happens to be a patronising customer of ours that such disaster was averted. Your wife’s friend clued your wife onto our establishment: The Tongue Patrol, whose work ethic involves never leaving any married pussy unsatisfied or devoid of being Blacked.

Yes, joe. I perceive that you are becoming further engrossed and engaged in what revelation I am about to share with you.

Sarah signed with us and made dutiful payment for a preliminary test, an initiative process to see how Black Cock-worthy she might be. This process took place a week ago in an unspecified location in the downtown district. Your Sarah was subjected to a three-man gangbang by her sole self. She was appropriately well fucked: pussy-pounded and her mouth well-stretched by three massive black dicks, each varying in girth and length.

The men were specifically chosen for their stamina and efficient workout regimen regarding their utmost capabilities when it comes to of manhandling and fucking white pussies for hours. Sarah afterwards confessed to having achieved multiple orgasms in that one day of workout compared to any other time of her having sex with you.

And yes, the Tongue Patrol boys did adequately squirt and jettison copious ounces of rich Black seed down her throat and all over her breasts and buttocks. Yes, I am happy to declare that your Sarah did swallow every load of cum offered her. She passed her initiation test with a high mark, where most others might have found this part of the exercise too unsettling to conform; of this, you should be proud of her. Rest assured, the boys are all disease-free, and your wife had no qualms taking their cocks bareback.

As I have already stated, your wife did agree to sign up for our Black Cock Ownership Training program. This program was instituted to ensure future wannabe hotwives become addicted towards wanting to ever be of sexual submissiveness and service towards Black gods, whether male or female. Hotwives will learn to become dedicated whores whose sole desire would be to please and be pleasured by Black men and also to enjoy being Black-Bred.

Such wives are tutored to steer clear from indulging in sexual activities with white bois unless it involves some monetary exchange, in which case guided rules must be adhered to, or else. Be forewarned that Sarah won’t be having sex with you ever again. That would be the least pressing desire on her mind once she has been through our program. Of course, she will still remain as your wife. But her sexual obligations would be directed henceforth towards others, none of which would include you.

Our program has no definite end, and also, let me assure you that once a white woman becomes involved with her program, she is bound to achieve 100% black cock addiction. Of this, I guarantee you that our program has never failed in converting bored housewives into becoming the steadfast hotwives they crave to be. We have never relinquished any form of refunds before, and if our expertise is to be trusted (which I would gleam with no effort of equivocation), yes, we are the best at what we do.

You may visit our website and correspond with other married couples whose testimonies and contact info you can easily find if you so wish to learn more regarding our esteem methods of sexual service to horny wives far and wide. We have offices in major cities across the country and have even begun opening branches beyond.

You can assist with facilitating your wife’s erotic journey to be fulfilling for you and especially for her. You might inquire as to how and why? The how is for you to endear towards showing your Sarah every ounce of self-respect and encouraging love that she can accept as necessary to continue this lifestyle. Believe me, this isn’t an easy choice for her. The opposite, which you can liken to the why is a choice I won’t wish for you to follow up on. We can undoubtedly grant you some incentives that will include you observing how well your wife’s training is proceeding with each succeeding client.

I’m sorry if this letter seems a tedious read for you, and I would like to end on this final paragraph and wish you a pleasant evening. Everything will work out exquisitely well. Your wife’s training will begin next week. You will be kept abreast as regards to how things are going.


Master Odom of the Tongue Patrol Inc©.

Wife Husband Cuckold Contract
Download PDF • 196KB

Whore Contract
Download PDF • 106KB

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Jun 17, 2023

want to be owned i should be owned by 150 big cocked black masters nonstop all holes do as they want



Cuckold Hameln
Cuckold Hameln
Jan 20, 2023

Its so so crazy to think about


Jonathan Cuckold
Jonathan Cuckold
Jan 17, 2023

that would be a letter worth receiving!

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