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Take a selfie photo of yourself in the arms of your lover. Take several of both of you sharing a kiss, of him founding your tits and helping you out of your clothes. Take a snapshot of his erection: of your hand wrapped around his throbbing rod, and when he lays you down about to have sex, take another of his cock right as he’s about slipping inside you.

After the sex is over, while you’re both resting to get your strength back possibly for another round, forward those photos to your cuck. Include a naughty text in the photos and chuckle at the apparent glee you can expect from him once he sees what you’ve sent him.

Every Hotwife deserves a trophy collection. Something to showcase her black cock exploits. It gets better when she knows it’s going to be well kept by her husband. The husband/boyfriend – her cuck – desires such exploits to keep him in the know of her transformation. It as well serves to prove home the point that of his wife submitting herself to her Black Master/lover's domination was a good choice they both made.

The pleasure of seeing how happy his wife is in the company of her lover cannot be estimated. Such photos heighten his emotion especially for moments when he’s not presence to observe their interactions: when perhaps he’s at work, or on some business travels, or for those husbands more willing to send their wives off on summer vacations . . . These selfies become a great source of pleasure for the cuck to masturbate to. Even better, for him to brag about and present to his closet buddies of whom he had erstwhile been attempting to convince about including into the lifestyle.

For the Black Master, selfies serve as a qualitative measure for humiliation. Letting the cuck see how much he is progressing in his desire of transforming the wife into his personal slut makes it all the more worthy of documenting their relationship together.

Make a visit to a number of adult websites and forums that showcase such interactions and you will see how vibrant and expansive the cuckold lifestyle is fast becoming for couples. This trend isn’t only applicable to North American couples but as well it’s influences have gotten to be a stable hook in other parts of the world, especially in Europe where many more married couples are clamouring for such. And it’s not only subjected to middle-aged couples too, but of all ages, even ones who are just dating.

What inspires this trend are the collective give snapshots of couples who are just as open-minded about sharing photos of their daily cuckold experience when it comes to seeing their women frolic in the arms of another man.

For young white girls, it’s a plus to have it for bragging rights (“I’ve had my first black cock, Yipp-pee!”) Just as well it is to lay claim to their sexual choices and resolute determination to stick by it (“Yes, I am a Black Cock slut . . . so fuck you!”). A self-declaration of saying that they don’t intend to fuck with white boys henceforth. And with the intention of spurring their mothers, too, to get involved in their desire of going black and stick to it together. You might consider that as crazy, but trust me when I say that more mothers as of right now are doing what they can to inspire their daughters into accepting this. Likewise sons and fathers are doing the same too.

In time, more couples will consider keep scrapbook albums right next to their wedding albums of the wife, and as is often now starting to be the case, her cuck-hubby's sexual adventures in tow with her Black lover's company. It is a much craved activity that most husbands/wives who are yet willing to entice their spouse into supporting them in this journey cannot wait to enjoy.

For most, it started with them absorbing images of wives cucking their husbands online via selfies.


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Aug 07, 2021
  1. every white wife should get regulary fucked by BBC


Aug 05, 2021

A former black bull of mine used to love taking pics of me sucking his dick, or of us fucking, using my phone to do so. Normally I always deleted them before I returned home as my then white husband had no clue that I was being blackened on the side. At that time we were swingers, but had only been with other whites. However, one time in my haste, I forgot to delete them. A few days later my ex confronted me, having found them on my phone. At first he acted really pissed, but I sensed too that they turned him on as well. The following night, after he'd fucked me exceptionally hard, I asked him if…

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