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The American Cuckold Dream

Everyone wants a shot at the true American dream. There is the dream that comprises of owning a gorgeous home with a reasonable yard and enclosed behind a white picket fence. The home includes a loveable spouse, cute kids, a dog and a cat—maybe even a parrot—two cars in the garage, and a steady income to keep things going. That dream does exist, and I would say it’s a worldwide type of dream.

There is the other dream, however, that involves an American husband suggesting to his wife (or the wife suggesting to her husband) they become a committed Black-Owned couple and engage with inviting a Black Master to come and take charge of their home. This is the foremost dream a growing majority of American couples are eager to enjoy since the start of the new millennium.

This same dream is currently growing in rampant demand in other countries aside from the USA. In Canada, more couples are becoming self-aware of this reality. Over in the UK, and across the English Channel into Europe, more and more couples are determined towards becoming active with the cuckold lifestyle and everything that entails with it. Whether they will be able to achieve this quality dream remains to be seen.

The majority of persons would assume this lifestyle is more applicable only in a liberal society such as the USA. However, even within the USA, there still ranges a wide conservative outlook that would frown upon such form of sexual expression. Many would consider practitioners of the cuckold lifestyle as utter deviants who seek to pollute the minds and hearts of the society at large.

Would it surprise you to know that some of these same conservative followers are the same ones that was liable to indulge in this lifestyle more than typical couples would?

By such declaration, would it be easy to assume this lifestyle has an infectious means of claiming the minds of white couples, endearing them to want to become part of what it entails? Most would question: why is it so? The answer is never one to provide objective clarity; what matters is though most consider this lifestyle a growing, underground type of trend, the truth is this lifestyle has always lurked around in the underbelly of American society. It is with the aid of the internet that the lifestyle seems to be growing more popular among all age groups and strata of American household.

There is such a genuine rush that comes with a white woman acquainting herself sexually with a black man, or with multiple black men. Regardless the woman’s age group or social class. Though there is more levity when it is a married woman committing herself to the black cock experience with the abject support of her husband. Her husband has harboured the thought of wanting to see his wife sexually ravished by black men. The thought is often ubiquitous that he cannot ever recall whatever unleashed such sexual imagery to the forefront of his mind.

Perhaps it came with him recalling the loads of erotic porn movies he has watched over the years;

Seeing interracial couples mingling together in public;

It could even be from overhearing some secret dalliance between a co-worker or neighbour of his, or even acknowledging his wife’s adulterous habit for the first time since they got married.

It matters not much about where this cuckold idea occurred to him, but realising he is stepped in the thought of wanting to see his wife become a whore before his eyes. A black cock-whore!

The thought of a white woman submitting herself to a black god effortlessly breaks with tradition for most white couples around. It isn’t that they haven’t witnessed such couplings before, but their assumption was that such groups were usually a small percentage of the population that indulges in such. To think that a growing number of white women have begun rejecting white men, and equally, a growing number of white men, too, wanting to become black cock-slaves is astounding to some.

What is more astounding is that with a mere push, their women, too, would befall for such infectious desire, and their husbands would become hapless to stop such interaction. What are these husbands to do besides become intimately curious about the lifestyle, to learn how beneficial it can be for their marriage, and to further explore the bout pleasures that comes with witnessing white women become Blacked and black-bred by dominant black gods.

This curiosity doesn’t merely stick with white husbands, but include younger white men, too. They are even more attracted with the idea of seeing their white girlfriends become black cock-sluts, and like their girlfriends, they too want to be brought to their knees and compelled to worship a black god’s cock as his solemn duty. Most black gods would rather enjoy the white women than entertain the thought of letting their white husbands/boyfriends stick around to watch the proceedings. But to assure that the couple participate in togetherness with their servitude is the true calling of what being Black-Owned comprises.

The same appeal await white women, especially the ones wrestling inwardly with the thought of becoming addicted to black cock. They might jump into this lifestyle with mild curiosity (there always exists a strong measure of desire regarding involvement with a black man, as their conservative society still denotes such as taboo), but once they surrender themselves to virtue of a black cock invasion stretching their mouth and pussy, it takes little time for them to become willing partners in interracial couplings.

The husbands and boyfriends must show regard for ensuring the cuckold match-making union continues. And for those husbands who desire more to become sissified in order to further ingratiate themselves into Black-Ownership alongside their women, they are permitted to do so, as long as it doesn’t detract from the wife’s bonding relationship with her lover. Her lover, who is apt to become their Black Master.

This is what attracts many couples to want to embrace this lifestyle completely. This lifestyle is here to fulfil every esteemed craving for wives and husbands separately and together as a couple.

Couples outside America are eager to turn their community into an attractive haven for black men to visit and explore the social aspects they have to offer. For most foreign couples residing in communities where adequate number of black men are lacking, they could either carry out the above option, or decide to travel to known destinations where a large population of black men. Or maybe they can correspond with one they deem suitable to fulfil their cuckold desires and endeavour inviting him over to become part of their home.

The choice is waiting.

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My wife and I both were raised as Conservative/Republicans here in the states. With us, it began with her being seduced by a black man from work. In the beginning I left her over it, but the thoughts of her with him consumed me. I wanted to watch her with him so bad. We are a disappointment to older generations in our family, but as you say in your essay, this became our "American Dream" and there's no going back.

Replying to

How have things gone for you, as a married white couple since you and your wife have accepted you roles? Have either of you had an opportunity to bring anyone else, either

your friends or family members into this sort of relationship?


Nov 25, 2023

want that beautiful cock in me ill take every inch then suck you


Nov 09, 2023

Great essay Master, we hope for this


I assure you it's not only a American dream, me and my wife are from Brazil and it's beggining here too, it's still a VERY big taboo, but women are getting more and more open about it.

It was always a fantasy for women here, but it was something to hide, now it's something they talk more openly in the younger generations, like "we all know all of us wanted a BBC right? let's not fool ourselves" and it's something that is getting much more common nowadays.


David Sissy
David Sissy
Nov 04, 2023

In the United States, but fortunately in Europe we also have this wonderful BNWO movement. Many of us cuckolds beta hope that they will soon completely take over our wives and our beds, invade our privacy and our lives... I will be your faithful servant with great pleasure, because I have always secretly adored the BBC alpha male. It's time to show the world what a beta sissy cuckold I am...

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