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I knew I had found the perfect birthday gift for my wife when I lazily stumbled upon a YouTube video of a woman showcasing two recently purchased sex toys. The first one was called the Cuddly Bird, the second was the G-Spa; the G as in G-spot.

I got intrigued by the instructional video as it went along, but had to pause it first, then went to make sure nobody was coming to bother me in my office. It was my lunch break hour, but still, you never can tell when interruptions can begin. I glanced outside the corridor, then locked my door and returned to continue from where I had left off.

The woman went ‘oohh’ and ‘aahh’ as she opened both packages and took her time presenting each apparatus to the viewing camera.

She began her presentation with the Cuddly Bird. It had a light-blue colour, and it resembled a giant blow fish. The mouth was shaped into a suction-like cup, and it’s body was soft and squishy. The suction mouth has a vibratory mode, and according to the woman’s demonstration, it’s very soft and erogenous; the prefect thing to make Sandra fall in love with herself.

The second toy, the G-Spa, was shaped in the form of a U, but had the figure of a baby seal. This one could be used on the clitoris as well on nipples, and it’s got a vibratory function, too, like the Cuddly Bird.

Both toys resembled the sort of items one might find little girls playing with, except these were nothing of the sort.

Each apparatus comes with their individual charging device and instruction manual inside; both toys looked easy and pleasurable to use. I finished watching the video, then clicked on a link that took me to the company’s website to investigate more on the product. The company had won a number of awards for their creation.

I knew I had to have them, and went ahead and purchased both. They forwarded me my receipt, including the date of when the packages would arrive. I signed off from the website and congratulated myself for something well achieved. I wanted it to be a perfect surprise for Sandra when next we had a good time for ourselves.

The twin packages arrived as scheduled at my doorstep on a Friday afternoon. The timing was perfect because Saturday was when I wanted to spring the surprise on Sandra. I had given her hints already that I was planning something special for her come weekend. She did inquire but I kept my lips sealed, having hidden the packages in the garage where I knew she won’t ever go looking.

Saturday evening arrived. We had ourselves a sumptuous dinner before leading Sandra upstairs to take a bath while I sponged her body. I took my careful, sweet time, caressing every arch, every valley and mountain of her body, from her torso down to her toe nails. I caressed her breasts and applied similar tact to her backside before washing the soap suds off her body.

We came out of the bathroom and I recognised the horny in her eyes that let me know she was in heat. She assumed we were going to go straight to fucking, but that was when I told her about the surprise I had for her. Already I had sneaked the packages into the room when she wasn’t around. I brought them out of the closet and told her, “happy birthday, honey.”

Sandra was stunned. She looked at me, then at the packages, and couldn’t think of what to say. She was almost afraid to touch the packages, like she couldn’t believe how real they were.

“My God, John, where did you get these?”

It was then that I told her everything. How I had been lazy at work and surfing the web and then stumbled upon the video that led to me purchasing these toys for her.

“You’ve complained a lot about me not being always sensitive to your wants,” I explained. “I want to see if maybe these can help.”

I opened up the packages, starting with the G-Spa. I was so intrigued by this one. I remembered what the video had shown me, and after reading through its simple manual, it took me little effort on how to use it.

I got Sandra to lie down and told her to relax herself. I activated the G-Spa and it immediately started to vibrate. I ran it’s sucking mouth against Sandra’s breasts, gently rubbing it around her aerolas and on her nipples. She squirmed and fidgeted from its touch. She muttered a string of chuckles and gasped as her nipples started responding to its sensitive touch. I ran the G-Spa down the underside of her breasts, further to her abdomen.

“How are you enjoying it, honey?”

Sandra smiled, though she had shut her eyes as she was enjoying what I was doing to her. “Don’t stop,” she whispered.

I spread her legs and ran the G-Spa down her pubic region. Her moans were starting to grow frantic. I ran the suction mouth around the edges of her vulva, listening to Sandra’s gasps, before then edging towards the tiny bud that was her clitoris. Sandra’s body quivered and suddenly she grabbed my arm as her thighs and lower legs took on a life of their own. I knew she wanted me to stop, but that was the last thing I wanted to do. It was my desire to get her off. I continued stimulating her clitoris with the G-Spa’s suction mouth. Sandra let off whooping gasps like she couldn’t control herself anymore.

Not finished, I turned to the tail end of the G-Spa, which I learned has its own unique qualities, especially when it comes to finding the G-Spot. Sandra was still excited from what I had done to her. I held her leg apart and gently eased the tail end of the G-Spa into her pussy. I introduced it further inside her till the baby seal’s head rested against her crotch, then gently tipped the head, making the tail hit its mark.

Sandra writhed and whimpered like she was open fire. Later, she told me it was the best orgasm she had enjoyed in years.

We broke off for a while before later resuming from where we had left off. This time, it was the turn of the Cuddly Bird.

I turned on its vibratory mode and got into a ’69 position with Sandra. I rested on top of her and wrapped my arm under her thigh so as to spread her legs apart before bringing the Cuddly Bird’s suction mouth to rest on her pussy. I laid its sucking mouth against her clitoris area and gently rubbed it around her virginal walls. Sandra couldn’t stop squirming under me. Her moans were distinct. Her feet kept scratching the bedsheets while her hands caressed my backside. I was giving her far more pleasure than she could ever handle.

We were both sweating by the time we concluded our lovemaking. We fell asleep in each other’s arms while the Cuddly Bird and G-Spa sex toys laid in the small space between us.


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