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The Need to Breed Black

For couples who have invested themselves into the cuckold lifestyle, many husbands do secretly wish for their wives to become Black-Bred. It isn’t a necessary wish that they would likely want to share with anyone, let alone their wives in particular, but the notion does inhabit the dark reaches of their mind.

Always there exist that possibility known as ‘What If’.

What if the wife were to decide to go bareback and allow her lover to cum inside her?

What if he decides to no longer ejaculate in her mouth or over her tits and butt, but instead allow himself to cum while inside her pussy?

What if you, her husband, were to suggest to either of them to let things happen? To simply allow nature take its course . . . what if?

The possibilities of such type of accident occurring will always exist as long as the wife is submissive towards expressing her desires towards craving sex with her lover.

Accidents is what makes this lifestyle more and more infinitely special. Most couples don't usually start off wanting to be involved in the cuckold lifestyle. This usually builds up with time. It could possibly be that either the wife or husband must have been harbouring such thought prior to them hooking up. And even then, it would take for some uncertain form of stimuli to awaken the desire in either of them.

Such stimuli could come from anywhere: possibly either of them observed an interracial couple and began to speculate as to their history. Or usually it comes from them watching an interracial porn flick. This case often befalls husbands: watching a white woman have sex with a black man, and then imagining his wife in place of the woman.

The desired intensity will further build when he watches the bull cum inside the woman. This will definitely lead to stimulating questions in the husband's mind:

My God, imagine if that was my wife! What would be my response if ever another man (preferably a black man) decides to climax in my wife like that? Would I get angry? Would I pretend to be upset?

Yes, the husband can as well pretend to be upset if ever he neglects stopping the bull from pumping his seed into his wife's pussy. Outwardly, he might assume a fit of anger, but inside his heart, there will be a succumbing satisfaction knowing that this was necessary to happen.

Many couples become introduced into the cuckold lifestyle taking tentative steps forward. It almost always begins with the wife seeking out a lover for herself, or the husband/boyfriend corresponding with a bull(s) who will take the wife/girlfriend to the next level of cucking him. Parameters are often established towards making this dream come through. It can start with the couple/wife meeting with the lover/bull at a secluded spot, preferably a hotel. The first outing might not be a spectacular one, but it is a well earned start to what's eventually coming.

The more the wife/couple spend time with her lover/bull(s), the more she/they become firmly entrenched and comfortable with their adequate choice. Things are sure to gravitate towards them taking things onto another level, such as inviting the lover to come and have sex with the wife in the comfort of their home.

The wife can insist upon her lover wearing a condom. Although this will likely change the longer she gravitates towards wanting a more personal feel. As time goes, she can choose to have her lover fuck her bareback.

For most husbands, this is the moment that eventually seals the deal of them becoming a permanent cuckold couple.

There is an alluring magnetism that occurs in a hotwife's body once she allows herself to surrender to wanting a black bull fuck her bareback. Nothing beats the desire of her wanting to be fulfilled by a strong black cock. Especially one that holds no barrels towards owning her pussy. This captivating feeling will definitely entice the wife towards creaming suddenly as his shaft penetrates her womb, as he digs into giving her the best damn fucking she deserves.

All her walls of tension will most certainly become loose at this point, to which she won't be capable of fighting back the urge or wanting him to cum inside her.

White pussies desire black cock, and need to be fed and watered with a steady dosage of black seed. Cuck husbands know this, hence why they crave this sight of watching the bull's cum mix with the wife's pussy juice. This would be a most cherished creampie to enjoy.

The risk of the wife being Black-Bred will continue to fester the more she enables her bull to climax inside her. For some wives, this is a risk worth taking; the same goes for the husbands: the notion of the wife getting knocked up by her lover/Black Master is a fantasy unlike anything they can ever experience. Whatever happens should such become a reality is left for them to handle. For a Black-Owned couple, nothing else can further solidify their union to their Black Master than this: a solid Reparations tribute to the Black New World Order.


Master Shango turned a year older today!

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12 commentaires

After we went into a "full" hotwife / cuckold lifestyle it was clear that the hotwife will only have unprotected sex with the black Master and no more sex with the cuckold! Unfortunately the decision was made too late and the hotwife never got knocked up.


06 juin 2023

i love to get bread be a group of black bulls filled with hot cum


06 févr. 2023

We got married when we were 20 years old, my husband and I, after 10 years of marriage with my husband's consent I started to relate to other men, after 2 years I met a black man that I fell in love with and I started to serve him constantly over the course of 20 years he made me serve three other black people, and over the course of these 20 years I have been serving them with great dedication, with the covid pandemic one of them came to live in my house, and I ended up becoming pregnant with this master, in december 2022 our first mixed-race child was born, my four masters are 62 years old, 50 years…


Honestly, it is hard for me to imagine a cuck watching that video and not wanting his wife bred black. It is so incredibly hot and sexy to think about and so natural looking

En réponse à

I agree. At the end I am dying to lick her clean. Can imagine how hot that must have been to watch


13 juil. 2021

I have great respect for white couples who want to Breed Black. When the white wife gives birth to a Black Child, everyone will know that the white couple is in this lifestyle. They will know that the wife is a hot-wife and the husband is a cuckhold. It is a great way to recruit more couples into the lifestyle, leading by example.

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