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The Power of being a Black Dom

This article was previously published in my former newsletter, which later got shut down due to the erotic adult photos. So I figured this would be the best possible place to keep it. Enjoy.


Being a Black Dom/Master isn’t merely about fucking wives/girlfriends in front of their husbands/boyfriends. It isn’t merely about dominating husbands in their presence of their wives, and making both of them submissive under the Master’s will power.

There is more to being one than that. These other part isn’t often talked about, and it involves more subtlety than most would prefer to consider. It involves making the couple become further entrenched in their cuckold desires, letting them be well aware of each role they are supposed to play, and that neither gets to see this as an individual fulfilment.

This part doesn't often involve sex. That isn’t to say that sex cannot be included—the sex is often the finishing part that seals the deal—but before that happens, there needs to be some fleshing out to make sure that neither couple is being selfish in his/her choice towards wanting this to happen.

In 2012, when I lived in Washington D.C. for a year, I encountered a middle-aged couple that lived in New Jersey. The husband was the one that reached out to me. He had purchased several of my books, and figured I could help him with his dilemma. He had been seeking for a means of getting his wife to indulge in the cuckold lifestyle with him, but so far he hadn’t been making any headway. He invited me over to come and spend time with him and his wife. I got to speak with them in private. It turns out that the wife certainly was attracted to the lifestyle and wanted to partake in it wholeheartedly. However, her husband had a racist streak about him, something which he had long failed to acknowledge. I confronted her husband about this, to which he evidently came clean to me about his racist past, and how he had been struggling towards wanting to turn a new leaf. For him, he wanted himself and his wife to become a committed Black-Owned couple, hoping that would be a giant step towards killing the racist mindset he previously held against Blacks.

I presented this idea to his wife, to which she then accepted, as long as he wasn’t ever going to renege on his word. To prove his point, I got to fuck his wife in his presence, and not once did he express any ill-feelings towards me. I got to spend a fun weekend with them before returning back to D.C. Though we kept in touch after that period.

Things often differ with most couples, some of whom jump into this lifestyle fully prepared to accept everything they know that’s coming to them. However, there are many out there who are yet to come in contact with anyone who has been successful in this lifestyle, who can carefully ease them into becoming a part of it.

It certainly takes time for some husbands to decide on what efficient role they are meant to play: are they meant to be a stag, or a true cuckold? Should they desire towards wanting to be humiliated by their wife and her lover/Black Master? Would they prefer her becoming settled with a single lover, or having a row of lovers suitable enough to satisfy her? Even when such questions have been answered, they (the cuck and hotwife), need to ascertain how far they are willing to go towards enjoying themselves. At some point, the lifestyle is bound to seep into their homestead. Would they be willing to introduce the idea of what they are becoming to the rest of their family, or should they strive towards discretion?

Such talking points would include them sharing it with their chosen Black Master, as it would be his regard to accept how well to place the couple under his domain.

Let it be known that as it is the Master’s given will power to dominate the couple sexually and psychologically, so too the couple must adhere towards granting him ultimate satisfaction when it comes to distilling pleasure.


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1 comentario

21 feb 2022

Im not into a cuckod lifestyle, im simply a submissive whitewoman who knows her place is to be under te control of Black Doms. But what is funny is if i were to be trwatedsexually like that from a white man (lol, i know) , i could orob file charges against him. But with an Alpha Black male, i understand its supposed to be that way.

Me gusta
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