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Today’s Modern Marriage

Updated: Apr 5

Today's modern marriage is different from what many white couples have experienced in the past. Many would admit it’s for the best, and that’s for those practising the lifestyle. For those who are clueless or defiant about it, their answer would be negative. Whichever one you choose is up to you, but let’s go with the former.

In today's marriage, a husband gets to sit back and allow a Black Master to be the one in the driver's seat. The Black Dom gets to fuck the wife, while he assumes the spectator role to watch and see what gets done to his wife. The husband might disagree with his submissive stance in the marriage, but such is nobody's concern.

For the husband to witness their chemistry together is sure to ignite multiple emotions within him, the most potent being her esteem desire towards pleasing and pleasuring her Master every hour of the day.

In most cases, the husband won't necessarily be upset about being pushed to the submissive role since that's where he suitably belongs. His wife wouldn't need to concern herself about how he feels or whatever task he might assume to win back his foremost place. Such wouldn't be required since he opted for the Black Master to take in the responsibility of fucking and breeding his wife for him.

So, instead of the husband being upset, envy is the utmost emotion he's likely to showcase. Him being envious and aroused by the high-powered attraction his wife shares with her lover/Black Master. For the husband to witness their chemistry together is sure to ignite multiple emotions within him, the most potent being her esteem desire towards pleasing and pleasuring her Master every hour of the day. Seeing her Black Dom dedicate his time to fuck and satisfy the wife is never lost on the husband. He knows the Black Dom could be elsewhere at that moment, probably spending quality time with another wife across town. The fact that the Black Dom here in their home, fucking his wife in his bedroom, ensures the spirit of dedication and desire for his wife shared between them.

This makes for a credible trifecta of marriage involving the three of them.

In a cuckold relationship, the wife desires her lover/Black Master as much as her husband desires to see her sexually fulfilled. The husband’s cumulative pleasure increases the more he sees his wife responding positively to what her lover does to her.

In the same relationship, the lover provides not only sexual pleasure but simultaneous transformation to the couple individually as well as together. He transforms the wife from being an arousing woman to becoming a sexually-desirable and horny creature bound to become a hotwife to her husband. As regards the husband, he gets to wallow in his submissive stance, knowing it is for the betterment of his relationship with his wife.

Some would say this only appeals to cuckold husbands and not equally to stag couples. The argument is that if a husband demands to share his wife and not stoop to the level of submission, he need not surrender his stance to her lover. I would argue that as long as a husband invites someone to come and fuck his wife, he is ultimately a cuck. And even if he only demands to watch or not partake in the sexual experience from a submissive standpoint, he still falls under the cuckold category. The only way he wouldn’t is if he never succumbed to offering his wife to another man in the first place.

A couple can get any man out there to come and partake in their sexual fetish as part of some intimate fun; there is no question about that. What makes things different is when they opt to find a particular sort of man who wouldn’t merely come to stick his cock inside the wife and then bounce afterwards. This is especially important for wives indulging in their first-time experience of wanting to commit to this lifestyle.

Finding a suitable gentleman or Black Dom to entice her towards further opening her mind, body, and yearning soul to enjoy this experience to the fullest is required. If it takes the husband a lengthy time sorting through several men before stumbling on the one capable of providing the right chemistry and tactic to galvanize his wife’s arousal, so much the better.

What is most important is the sense of unity and bond that’s supposed to occur between them. As long as the husband stays dutiful to his wife and her lover, so, too, the wife would be to him as her cuck and, more importantly, focused on giving and receiving pleasure from her lover. Her lover, too, will acknowledge his dominance and willpower to them by being so intimately attached that anyone would perceive their tightness even from afar.

Many couples demand this strong bond once they find a decent Black Master willing to take them under his domain. If the couple acquaint themselves loyally, then all should work out fine.

Such is what the modern white couple’s marriage is bound to become as we look towards the future.


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Right to the point!

When we started it was a fetish...the swinging fetish. From the beginning it was clear that i (cuck) would sit back and just watch and enjoy. So we (or better my wife...not a Hotwife yet) had a lot of different men. With some she had just onetime sex, with others 2 or 3-times. Then we met the ONE...the one black man. His aura fascinated us from the first moment and we both felt attracted to him. With his appearance, his charisma and his mannerisms, we both immediately hoped that it would lead to a long-term relationship. The way he treated us, it was clear that he had more than just swinger experience...and also wanted more from…




Beautiful video to support your words.


The satisfaction of seeing my wife filled with happiness under the power of a black male.

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