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We Play Together - Cuckold Confession

Updated: Feb 1

My wife and I love to suck cock together. We prefer black cocks to white; we are Caucasian, and Sheryl had long quit sucking mine. Mine is the only white penis she’s had in her mouth, and it’s the last white penis she ever wants to enjoy. My wife is a ‘Queen of Spades’ certified black cock whore, and I am her participating ‘Jack of Spades’ cuck-slave.

I am lucky to have married a beautiful woman like Sheryl. We have been together for thirteen years, have two adorable kids, and our motto has always been to live life to the fullest, which in our particular case includes sex. We wear our cuckold way of life with pride, as we have no problem revealing to anyone our QoS and JoS tattoos that link up our desires.

Sheryl is my second wife, while I am her first. My first wife never concurred with my lifestyle choice, regardless of my attempts at persuading her to see things my way. She was so conservative she would give the Pope a run for his money; even having sex with her was an excruciating chore. She would lie on the bed like a block of wood and allow me to do whatever I wanted to her, after which she would roll on her side and fall asleep. We argued often, and it always revolved around the same range of topics. Inevitably, we concluded that we had nothing in common and decided to go our separate ways after nearly two years of trying. I have no idea where she currently is, as she refuses to correspond with me; I can only feel sorry for the bloke who wishes to make a good wife out of her.

Everything fell into place the instant I hooked up with Sheryl. She was coming off a bad relationship before we hooked up. Little time passed before I realised she shared similar erotic peccadilloes as I do. I loved engaging in sex with various women, and she did the same with other men, which was something her previous boyfriend couldn’t accept. It was only natural we would fall in love and decide to carry about our swinging partnership together.

We began as swingers, indulging in various swingers’ vacations to the Caribbean and elsewhere across the States. The partying soon wore us down as we found out most couples weren’t as enthusiastic as we were about hooking up. At one venue, I got to watch Sheryl get fucked by a chiseled black man. Sheryl exclaimed later that he gave her an incredible orgasm; I could tell she wanted to have another go with him in private so as not to share him with other wives milling about.

I searched the man out of the crowd of swinging gentlemen and invited him to our hotel suite, where we were enjoying our fifth-year anniversary. I expected him to show up with his date; he came alone with his thick black schlong dangling between his legs. I was mesmerised when he unveiled it from his jeans; Sheryl laughed when she saw amazement in my eyes and knew I wanted nothing but to see them together.

They wasted no time going at each other. I sat farther from the bed, stroking my cock, watching the black man (unfortunately I don’t remember his name) go ahead and fucked Sheryl in a tremendous way I could ever imagine. He fucked her like she was a whore, nothing but a slutwife, which she was. I kept jerking my cock to their action, unaware that I had shot my load in my hand. I kept expecting them to call me over to dig in my share, but that never happened. The man sprayed semen on Sheryl’s tits, and I ran over and licked every drop. It was then that something amazing happened. The black man dragged me over and aimed his prick at my face. I opened my mouth and sucked his cock without thinking.

That was the night Sheryl and I became a cuckold couple. We ditched the idea of continuing our swinging lifestyle in place for another that is far more rewarding than anything we could have wished.

We returned home and promptly began learning more about the cuckold way of life. We corresponded with couples already practicing the lifestyle and learned to incorporate their knowledge into our activities. We got ourselves tattoos that signified what we were about. Then I began searching through various cuckold forums and social media sites where I could hook up with suitable men to train and domesticate us into the lifestyle. We wanted to interact with black men who wouldn’t mind letting me clean their cocks after they concluded fucking my wife. I wanted to let them know ahead of time what I wanted, mainly to let them know that it wasn’t merely about sex; Sheryl and I desired to become a submissive couple. We wanted to serve and worship black men and wanted men who knew what to do with willing couples like us.

Such men aren’t always easy to find, especially online. We encountered numerous strays and false promises before eventually finding someone who seemed to know what he was about.

His name was Donald, and he was an ex-serviceman turned bodybuilder. His stature was as formidable as was his cock when he texted me a photo. His cock was huge, and he told me he wasn’t into wearing condoms when it came to fucking. He assured me he was clean and provided documentation to prove it; Sheryl thought about it and decided to give him a try.

Our fateful meeting happened at a resort hotel. We scheduled to be there for the weekend; our kids were spending time with my sister and her kids. Donald arrived at the appropriate time. We had dinner together before heading upstairs, where the night’s fun began earnestly.

Donald demanded that I occupy a chair by the corner after I’d undressed down to my pair of briefs and told me not to dare make a noise. He then focused his unbridled attention on Sheryl. Sheryl allowed him to strip her naked, and then she focused her attention on getting his cock hard in her mouth. She sucked him for a lengthy time, after which Donald approached where I sat and allowed me to suck his cock, too. I got some good licks before he returned to the bed and got busy ripping Sheryl apart.

He fucked her doggy-style, and Sheryl moaned so loud I feared that the hotel management would come knocking at our door any minute. Donald got her to lie on her back, and I jerked off while he continued from where he had left off. Sheryl whimpered and pleaded for him to cum inside her. I was shocked when she uttered those words but did nothing to stop their momentum. Donald did cum inside my wife, then gestured at me to come over and clean his prick, after which I ate Sheryl’s pussy like ice cream.

That happened hours after we had met. Sheryl took a shower while I got to sucking Donald’s cock some more. He slapped my face with his prick and told me what a sissy-bitch I was; I loved the sound of his voice as he insulted me. Sheryl returned from the bathroom and knelt beside me, and together, we worshipped him like the black god that he was. It was an incredible weekend for us, and we remember it for the fondest memories.

Donald was part of a long line of lovers we have had since. Other black men we encountered have been as aggressive and demanding with each session we enjoyed. I even found one who inevitably deflowered me in Sheryl’s presence. Yes, I got my cherry popped. It did hurt, but after the hurt came the most satisfying pleasure imaginable.

We have been lucky to have avoided being found out by our children. It’s tough trying to hide our social life from them, and often, they have come close to discovering some slip-ups, but thankfully, they are too little to know anything. However, it’s only a matter of time before they do. Hopefully, we’ll know how to combat things when the time comes. Until then, we love to play together and the fun is unlike anything else.

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3 comentários

Helen Ner
Helen Ner
26 de jan.

Black Bulls are this group of well-built, well-hung, and dominant black men, living throughout our city or nearby, who have sex with white wives. They enjoy a philosophy of 'Black Supremacy,' and it gratifies them to subjugate married white couples...

"Yes, I will have to promise never to fuck you or any white man ever again! It's pretty serious, for sure...

"They will let us go to an 'initiation' and have a 'preview' without a commitment, but just an hour of foreplay for me while you watch... Then, if I decide to proceed past that foreplay--which honestly seems like a foregone conclusion... AND ALSO you as my husband take off my pants and panties to 'offer' me to the Owners…


Helen Ner
Helen Ner
11 de jan.

Yes, I really like it when a husband and wife please a bull :) Helen and I often have fun like this


11 de jan.

Those images....they look so real. Well maybe because they ARE...😉 Makes the whole post more trustworthy

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