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White Marriages in the BNWO Lifestyle

Updated: Oct 23

WHITE marriages won’t ever be the same once a couple commit themselves towards becoming part of the BNWO lifestyle. Gone will be the cookie-clutter way of life each individual has always enjoyed; expectations are bound to become further enhanced once the couple agree to the terms and wishes of involving a Black Master in partaking a significant part of their lives and home.

Many white couple might prefer to hide from the truth. They would like to presume this lifestyle isn’t totally regarding of their complete time. Or they fancy the lifestyle like dipping their feet into a swimming pool, feeling the warmth of the water, rather than jumping in wholeheartedly.

The Black Master’s style of fucking is as aggressive in his approach as he is sensuous when exploring the wife’s bodily features.

Many couples seek only a mere taste and nothing further beyond what’s expected of them. What they fail to realise (or some are starting to realise) having a taste won’t do. They need to bite the entire apple to know how worthy their craving is for this lifestyle.

In other words, merely hooking up your wife with someone (preferably a black bull) to fuck is barely scratching the surface. The husband needs to bind his arm to his wife, and they both need to jump into the pool together.

Black-Ownership is for the wife as it equally involves her husband; without either, then the lifestyle circle remains incomplete.

Modern-day white marriages are learning to come awake to this resolve. A horny wife wants to be desired and cherished sexually by her lover as she’s willing to commit towards being submissive to his dominance. Such involves long-term relationships that include her Dom training her mind and body to respond to his commands at any moment’s notice. That includes wherever she’s at, whether she is in his presence or not.

When a Black Master needs to fuck, he doesn’t want to be met with silly excuses as to why such might not happen: he demands sex from his whore-slut, and has the authority to make such declarations even when in the presence of her family/friends. His unwavering dominance is meant to prod the wife towards quick acceptance of obedience to his desires.

The Black Master’s style of fucking is as aggressive in his approach as he is sensuous when exploring the wife’s bodily features. He works a fine line between making love to her like her cuck-husband previously did, as well fucking her sternly in ways her cuck cannot keep up or ever maintain.

A hotwife’s husband can still be expected to make love to his wife, though such instances are expected to diminish once they assign themselves to become a Black-Owned couple. And even when he does make love to his wife, he is expected never to conclude his business inside her womb; that is left for her Black Master to own.

Once the couple become Black-Owned, the closest the husband might come to making love to his wife is to kiss her feet while she received continuous thrusts from her lover/Black Master, or after her lover concludes his business of flooding her pussy with his seed, then her husband can come to taste his drips.

A cuck should expect to get humiliated as well humbled by his wife and her lover at regular instances. From the moment he invites the Black Master into his abode to own his wife, he has thus relinquished his obligatory duties are being her man; that space would thence be occupied by her lover, while her cuck stands at the interim.

All breeding purposes are left to the Black Master to fulfil. It matters not whether the wife is in heat or if she has long passed her prime of child-birthing age. Her pussy and womb are henceforth decreed to become her Black Master’s property as she is, too. Her husband should recognise this as intentional and non-negotiable.

The outcome of such relationship is to enforce Reparations upon a white couple: for them to acknowledge what it means to become Black-Owned property that is sure to lead to a natural fulfilment in their marital existence. The dynamics are certain to become well improved once they ensure that their commitment and obedience towards their Black Master is rewarded by him exacting long-term engagement with them.

Most would like to assume that a wife is bound to get divorced sexually and emotionally from her husband once she takes on a lover. But this isn’t a mere lover she is taking on, rather a Black Master, whose mission it is to unite them as a couple under his umbrella of cuckold/BNWO relationship. She is still bound by marriage to her cuck husband, but her mind and body belongs to her Black Master, and her husband is expected to go along with the natural submissive role expected of him to follow.

Couples should endeavour to make their Black-Ownership dream official.


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