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White Wife, Black Heart — Excerpt

Their sleep was intermittent. They were still kissing, cuddling each other when outside the sky turned blue, ushering the morning of the new day to their side of the world. Leo turned to his side and lay on his back, muttering a sigh of relish as Dana kept on planting her lips all across his chest. The lights were turned off, but she didn’t need it to make out his outline on the bed.

One of her hand was under the sheets, between her leg and his, fondling his cock. It was wet with the taste of her lips. Since the moment he stepped into her suite and got out of his clothes, all she had been doing was sliding her mouth up and down the velvet smoothness of his cock followed by her pussy getting well fucked by it. All through the night they had fucked, sucked, kissed, taken a break from their sex bout, then dove back at it once again. The room was permeated with the aroma of their sweat and cum.

“You’ve got all that I want,” she whispered to him as her fingers reached downward to fondle his testicles. “All that I could ever need, you have it here with you.”

“No wonder you haven’t slept since,” he replied.

“I would have if you hadn’t shown up when you did.”

She pulled back the sheets, exposing their nakedness. Leo reached towards the bed’s edge and turned on the lamp that was there to watch her going down on his cock. She breathed down on his pubic hairs while her mouth slid downward on him, deep-throating as hard as she could afford. A sensuous vibration travelled up Leo’s spine all the way from his groin, making his clench his legs as if he were having a fit. She stroked his cock while feasting her mouth on his testicles, cupping and rolling each of them in her mouth. Not wanting him to cum yet, she decided it was the right moment to mount him.

Leo held the under of her legs while she came up and straddled him. His cock went inside her pussy with ease and she was humping her arse up and down his shaft before she’d even balanced herself properly. Leo helped as well, pumping his cock hard and all the way into her cunt, hearing her cry and beg for more. Her tits bounced before his face. Her bit on one of them while still relentlessly pounding her pussy from underneath. She brought her legs down and rode him like a wild pinto, back and forth. The bed shook under their combined weight.

“Ohhh… so fucking great a cock you have!” she gasped, feeling the tip of his cock touch the epicenter of her womb.

Leo felt reenergised by her wanton lust. He got off the bed and had her on her arms and knees on the bed and thrust his prick from behind and started slamming her hard. He inserted a finger into her puckered anal hole. Dana gave a searing cry from it. She reached a hand behind, wanting him to stop but he didn’t. He slapped her arse cheeks and pushed her hand away from his, still pounding her pussy at the same time fingering her arsehole.

“Please… please… don’t… ”

“Shut up!” he growled at her. “Take that dick! Yeah, take that dick!”

She went on taking his dick and he was still finger-fucking her arse till the moment when he roared as he erupted into her cunt hole. Dana fell on her face on the bed and so too did Leo.

“Where were you all through yesterday? I thought you and I were going to have the day to ourselves.”


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Beautiful post. Beautiful photos.


All whites should be punished for their infuriating unpredictability

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