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Five erotic stories comprises of intimate sex; the type of sex that resides behind closed doors. The type of sex that is so secretive it's barely mentioned aloud, even though it exists, and is thriving. 

This type of sex involving conniving participants between a wife's husband and her mom: "A Family Affair", A husband realising his wife's most desired sexual wants: "My Wife is a QOS Hotwife and I Never Knew", or how the desperate lengths a husband would go to find a compatible lover for his wife: "Wanted: A New Boyfriend!" 

This is a collection of stories worth having.

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REVIEW FOR "Father's Land" -
A man returns home to Nigeria, reconnects with an old flame, and she ends up getting killed. He decides to avenge her death by becoming a vigilante, going after the group that committed that heinous act, called Black Path. The leader, being someone he knows.

Wow. What a thrilling ride with this story. I was engaged from beginning to end, and was unable to put this book down until I was completely finished. The author did such an amazing job with this book. I truly enjoyed this wonderful and entertaining read. I will be looking for any future works from this author.

I received a copy of the book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review of my own thoughts and opinions.

- By Shannan Harper  on December 10, 2022.
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