Couples of South Pointe Lake


Allow me to present to you another riverting Master Shango tale. The third work in my 'Suburban Trilogy', which began with "Mary's Addiction," then with "The Suburban Wives Club". 

Welcome to South Pointe Lake. An idyllic six-mile suburban community. Here, everyone knows everyone, and everyone has a secret they would love to keep behind closed doors.  

One day, one of such secret sets off a tumultous dilemma beeen three married friends when they unearth an erotic video in another of their friend’s phone. This prompts one of them, Steve Miller, to start asking questions. Questions that would unearth a bigger intrigue occuring in his neighbourhood of which he is unaware, and that couple possibly break his own marriage.

Also, a Black-American couple, the Shango's, have arrived to take up residence in South Pointe Lake. And they’ve got a baggage of secrets that will turn the community upside down. Secrets will be revealed, relationships will be tested, and all that lies behind locked doors will come out into light. The question is, will things stay the same?

This novel is currently available on Dreame.


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REVIEW FOR "No More Keeping Secrets" -

The opening tale, 'Venus', is the darkest of the collection and it sets a thoughtful tone. It is the story of a woman who moves from open flirting and seduction to boldly cuckolding her angry, jealous husband. What so compelling is the husband's journey, slowly coming to understand how selfish he has been and how it is only the fear of losing her that reminds him how much he loves her.

By contrast, 'Amber' was a fun tale of a cuckold couple in need of an emergency bull, while 'Marie' was an intense little tale of a hotwife's first time and her husband's long-distance voyeurism. A definite fantasy for some readers, 'Kim' is story of an unemployed young black man who stumbles across the opportunity of a lifetime, accepting a job as a couple's dedicated bull for $200 a session.

'Alice' was one of my favorites in the collection, exploring a threesome full of secrets and revelations, with a husband and wife confessing to their submissive infidelities with the same man. It is a funny, sexy, thoughtful story, and their session with a dominatrix is so much fun!

'Jessica' marks the return of Master Shango with a story that explores the erotic connection between husband, wife, and bull. 'Greta' was another favorite of mine, a taboo tale of a newly married bride who discovers secrets about herself, her black husband, and her kinky family while on honeymoon.

Stepping back from the brink of taboo fantasy, 'Elsa' was a loving story of cuckolding, voyeurism, and cleanup; 'Lily' explores the erotic bonds between best friends who share the same black lover; and 'Berna' starts as a couple's exhibitionist fantasy, but unexpectedly slips into humiliation-fueled cuckolding.

Finally, closing out the collection on an exquisitely high note, 'Sheryl' is a sort of thematic sequel to Alice, moving beyond submissive bisexuality into sissy cuckolding. There was just so much to love about this one, with a happy couple absolutely owned by a black dominatrix who demands their oral worship before orchestrating the cuckolding so that everybody feeds the white boy.

There are stories in No More Keeping Secrets where cuckolding is the wife's idea, the husband's, or a mutual fantasy. We see happy cuckold couples, strained marriages, and even a kinky bit of matchmaking. Some of the cuckolded hubbies are eager participants, some are more reluctant, and some are tortured voyeurs. It is not just mind-blowing sex that you get with these stories, but genuine emotions that enhance the erotica. Some of the stories are more fantastic than others, but they are all plausible, and being able to imagine yourself within the experience is a pleasure indeed.
- By Sally Bend at on April 27, 2020