Cleaners Inc.


“You ever heard of a company called Cleaners Incorporated?”

No, Josh Brady had no idea about such an esptablishment with a profound name as that, but he was soon to find out. 

Prior to that time, things hadn't exactly been going his way.  The country was in a Recession, and a few days ago, he had received a Red Letter of unemployment from his accounting firm.  His wife, Sheryl, is now the sole bread-winner and that doesn't sit well with Josh, especially since Sheryl is the dominant figure in their household.  Somehow, he needs to reclaim his dignity back, and he's determined to do whatever it takes to take any proferred job that comes his way.  Including one that would test the limit of his submissive stature.

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REVIEW FOR "Couples of South Pointe Lake" -
Couples of South Pointe Lake is an interracial erotica by Damien Dsoul. This book had a very strong opening that instantly pulled me into an intriguing suburban community. One shocking incident had served as a portal to secrets that everyone wants to keep behind closed doors.
This book is an erotic novel with substance! I absolutely loved the writing style! The narrative was artistic. The dialogues were indicative of the character’s race and personality. And the diverse set of characters was fascinating! The book doesn’t have pristine editing, but I couldn’t care less because every single element in the story totally made up for it. Hence, I’m giving this book 5 out of 5 stars, and I highly recommend it to mature readers.
- By SheySaints  on June 5, 2021.