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Father's Land


Otis Lovejoy returns home to Nigeria from a five-year trip to America disillusioned and lost to the abrupt changes that have happened since he left the country. He gets a quick dose of reality when he survives a bomb explosion that claimed dozens of lives, including that of his former girlfriend.


What stuns him more is when he discovers that his brother was part of the terrorist bombing. His brother Joshua goes by the alias Ishmael, who's wanted to numerous crimes across the country. Joshua vows revenge and is now on a collision course to confronting a brother he once knew while traveling across an arid landscape littered with spilled blood. 

This book was eight years in the making, and I'm glad it's finally seeing the light. 

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REVIEW FOR "Father's Land" -
A man returns home to Nigeria, reconnects with an old flame, and she ends up getting killed. He decides to avenge her death by becoming a vigilante, going after the group that committed that heinous act, called Black Path. The leader, being someone he knows.

Wow. What a thrilling ride with this story. I was engaged from beginning to end, and was unable to put this book down until I was completely finished. The author did such an amazing job with this book. I truly enjoyed this wonderful and entertaining read. I will be looking for any future works from this author.

I received a copy of the book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review of my own thoughts and opinions.
- By Shannan Harper  on December 10, 2022.
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