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I live the life I write about. Most would find that hard to believe. My library is a ten-year journey of where I've been to where I presently am now. I bid you welcome to my page, and hope you find whatever you see useful to your taste.

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Mary's Addiction


Donald and Mary Clauston are a rich, white couple. They own a lovely mansion in Sherman Oaks, and three lovely kids, and they’re both happy with each other. Or are they? 

Their life takes a drastic turn one Friday night. Three black hoodlums take advantage of Mary while her husband Donald is forced to watch. To Donald’s shocking surprise, Mary seems to enjoy the activity and becomes smitten by the hoodlums. Now Donald has to contend with how best to deal with his wife’s new-found life, as cracks begin to appear in their marital life, revealing secrets that once were best-kept secrets. 

Will they resolve their past difference before it rips their marriage apart?

The Story of Thaddeus Black.jpeg
The Story of THADDEUS BLACK, Part One


The sequel to 'The Story of Michael,' finds Thaddeus Black, a New York City private eye approached by John Paymer to travel to Nigeria and search for his missing son, Michael, who's gone searching for his kidnapped girlfriend.


Thaddeus Black is reluctant to take up the case, but changes his mind when he realizes how connected he is with the missing kid. But more so as he grets brainwashed and becomes involved with a ruthless militant army kidnapping white couples around the sub-Sahara region of Africa, and discovers the extent of their activity.


His life now hangs by a thread as he seeks to find a means of escape.

gretchen fergussn.jpg
Southern Hospitality: Horny Wives of Pinopolis

I saw her standing there, towards the end of the pier, alone. She wore a multi-coloured dress. Her hair was ruffled but she did not seem to care as the wind blew against her face."

So begins the story of a young man's summertime journey to Charleston, South Carolina, where he gets to spend quality time with a horny mature wife and her husband. The couple take him to their home in a suburban enclave called Pinopolis where more lonesome wives are just waiting to make his acquaintance, and he's just the right type of man they have been searching for. They sort of man to sate their sexual thirst.

The Seduction Game

Hotwife April McLaren gets sucked into a world of escorting alongside her friend and neighbour Jenny. She realises just how much she's been missing out on as she embarks on a new secret life as a sex goddess servicing black men... the money is just a bonus. 

Will her new life take a toll on her marriage or will husband Howard also succumbing to the profound feelings and desires. Let the seduction begin!

Wife Breeding Team and Other Stories.jpg
Wife Breeding Team and Other Stories

A collection of short stories from Damien Dsoul…

An exotic resort catering to the most exquisite cuckold fantasies couples can enjoy, especially for husbands seeking their wives to become Black-Bred;

Explore the individual state of mind of a mature husband and his wife vacating in Nigeria with the wife's lover as they entangle in a night of forbidden sexual passion and seduction; 

Pimp Zee travels across town to reawaken a milf slut who but still desires getting back into the game of servicing black clientele.

A hapless white husband makes a late-hour confession to a black preacher regarding the event that occurred in his home that changed his marriage and his world forever.

Eleven erotic tales of interracial/cuckold fetish involving housewives becoming self-aware of their untapped sexual desires, their husbands willing to acquiesce to their pleasures, and the lovers more than willing to make their fantasies come through.

The Story of Michael.jpg
SOLD: The Story of Michael


The sequel to 'The Story of Caya'. A month after Catherine and her parents have been declared missing, her boyfriend, Michael Paymer, undertakes a journey to Nigeria with the hope of finding her. He's soon to befall the same experiences his girlfriend and her parents suffered.


This is his story.

The Story of Caya.jpeg
SOLD: The Story of Caya


Catherine arrived Nigeria with her parents to spend a three-week summer holiday. Twenty-four hours later she and her parents and several other American families were kidnapped by rebel militants and sold off to wealthy Black Masters and Mistresses.


This is her story.

The Tongue Patrol Sales-Rep.jpg
The Tongue Patrol Sales Rep (Group Sex Erotica)


Saul Mellors has just gotten a job working as a sex representative to a company that indulges fulfilling married white women's sexual fantasies in his neighbourhood.

Master Shango Presents - Five Stories (BDSM Erotica)


A collection of five erotic stories that showcase married wives and couples succumbing to their hidden, erotic desires.

Thaddeus Black - The Devil Wears High Heels

Constance Loftus, a rich widow, has just buried her deceased husband and returns home to find her nine-year old son missing. 

Enter Thaddeus Black, a suave, street-smart Private Eye with a nose for trouble and eyes for hot women, who gets hired to find the rich widow’s son. Nothing is ever what it seems, and before he knows it, Thaddeus Black is neck deep in family secrets and dark histories that just might overwhelm him in his search for the missing kid.

The Suburban Wives Club

The second novel in the Suburbia Trilogy. One summer afternoon, Jolene Briggs, along with four other wives are discussing their mundane sex life in Gail Cavanaugh’s backyard, when Gail, their matron, makes this declaration:

“I’m talking about us coming together like a horny wives’ soccer team and having fun as only horny housewives can. About us pooling together our resources of handsome black men around and sharing them amongst ourselves. What I’m talking about here is for us to start a sort of suburban wives club.”

For the five wives, only one rule exists: Once you get involved, your sexual life can never be the same to want to go back again. For Jolene, the summer is about to get heated up in more ways she nor her friends can imagine. Just when you thought suburbia can’t get any erotic, you can never believe what the wives can do, especially with their husband’s support.

If you enjoyed ‘Mary’s Addiction’, you’re going to loved ‘The Suburban Wives Club’.

The Merry Wives of master Shango.jpg
The Merry Wives of Master Shango

Olu Shango. A Nigerian sex fiend and Black Master.


His mission: to conquer, seduce and dominate as many white women in Nigeria and turn their husbands into domesticated submissives. The wives find him irresistible; their men cower whenever in his presence. The city of Abuja is his domain. His jungle. As more expatriates pour into the city, Shango has suitable pickings of snaring naive white women left alone by their unsuspecting husbands into his erotic trap with climatic results.

Gloria's Secret & Other Short Stories

A housewife decides to reveal to her husband her infidelity secret in the most unusual way; A husband blindfolds his wife before leading her into a room with an encounter with multiple black men; a Black dominant tricks a submissive executive into convincing his wife of his secret fetish.

Here are ten stories of high caliber story-telling and erotic pleasure showcasing the tantalizing lengths of which married couples would go toward achieving their sexual pleasures.

My A1AdultEBooks
Club Venus
Lily is a good girl who's striving to do something naughty.
After botching up a sexual rendezvous with a black male escort named Morris, she becomes obsessively driven to want to see him again. She trails after Morris to Club Venus. A night club with an erotic twist that's bound to excite her desire beyond anything she's ever encountered.



Black Master Shango


Olu Shango, a career diplomat working in the Nigerian embassy oversees every foreign international arriving in the country. The job affords him the benefit of subjugating himself into the lives of whichever foreign couple he so wishes. Recently he has just found the perfect couple. And by the time he's done with them, their lives will never be the same again.

White Wife, Black Heart


​A Croatian couple decide to take a four-week summer holiday in Nigeria. Alana isn't so excited about it, but unknown to her and her accompanying sister-in Law, Linda, there's more to their summer holiday than meets the eye. There's going to be a lot of sexual temptation, the likes of which both women will be unable to resist.

All the Right Reaons


​Sophie is a married middle-aged teacher. Her boss, Gerald Lamas, has long being thinking up ways of getting between her legs. Right now he has found the perfect means, and before the weekend is over, Sophie's way of living will never be the same again.

A Tenant Comes Knocking


​Tamia Ronan, a middle-aged white woman living in a suburban home who'd just been through a messy divorce is in need of a tenant to occupy the Boys Quarters of her home. Never was she expecting anyone like Clavin Brown, and the swirling emotions she would undergo upon meeting him.

THADDEUS BLACK: The Devil Wears High Heels


​Thaddeus Black is a Private Eye with a nose for trouble and eyes for hot women. Constance Loftus, a rich lonely widow whose son is missing has found the perfect man to find her boy. Still nothing is ever what it seems, and before he knows it, Thaddeus Black is neck deep in secrets and dark histories that just might overwhelm him in his search for the missing kid.


THADDEUS BLACK: The Devil Owns the Night


​Thaddeus Black is on the case again . . . except this is one he is least prepared for. A pretty dame he spent the night with is missing and all fingers point to him. With nothing to go on, except for a Chesire cat, he's got less time to solve the case than he becoming someone else's cat food.


Ana & Her Boss


​Ana's boss has had the eyes for her a long while. Ana and her husband have thus found the best form of role-play neither thought they would ever experience, awakening moments of lust in their lives, the likes they had never experienced.

Wives, Husbands and Lovers


​Ten seductive and highly erotic short stories that showcase hidden inhibitions and sexual depths that occur between cheating housewives, cuckolding husbands and sexually-charged lovers.

The Merry Wives of Master Shango Pt. 1


​Black Master Shango is such a randy animal. He roams his domain in Nigeria, conquering, seducing and mauling white wives and their hubbies. Monica once was a naive and unhappy American house wife who never knew how far her sexual appetites and desires would go . . . not until Shango awoke it in her. With more white wives out there to conquer, he's just getting started.

In May Came Summer


​BASED ON A TRUE STORY. Caroline Martin's life changed when she lost her husband. Months later a stranger walked into her life and it's never been the same again.

The Neighbor's Wife


​White surbubia is the setting. Two neighbours are about to start a practice of swinging that's about to get hot for the summer.

Tales from the TONGUE PATROL Vol. 1


​These are twelve stories featuring sexual conquests of the TONGUE PATROL gang. There are tales of hot wives being naughty, of hubbies wanting their wives seduces, also of couples desiring domination. These stories are sexually entertaining as they are raunchy.

The Story of Caya.jpeg
The Story of Caya


​Catherine arrived Nigeria with her parents to spend a three-week summer holiday. Twenty-four hours later she and her parents and several other American families were kidnapped by rebel militants and sold off to wealthy Black Masters and Mistresses.


This is her story.

The Story of Michael


​A month after Catherine and her parents have been declared missing in Nigeria, her boyfriend, Michael Paymer, undertakes a journey to the country with the hope of finding her. He's soon to befall the same experiences his girlfriend and her parents suffered.

Mr. Tibbs


​Mr. TIBBS loves his white women,and they can't resist loving him back. Now he's conquering a white neighbourhood and the white couples next door will never be the same again.

Sophie, Cassie & Marcus


​Cassie is a rambunctious, sex-hungry young adult. Her mom Sophie is a sexually-starved milf in need of a man. Cassie, unhappy with her mom's status takes matters into her own hands by getting her boyfriend Marcus to seduce her mom which inevitably leads to a climax that will be life-changing for all three of them.

Strangers & Open Windows


​Thirteen erotic gay stories with infectious bisexuality thrown in the mix.


​The TONGUE PATROL is expanding its sexual workshop. Saul Mellors is a mild-mannered suburbian who'd lost his former job and is about to be involved in something he hardly knew he ever would be a part of. Soon things are going to get heated up in his neighbourhood in ways he could barely control, even as it inches towards his front doorstep.

Master SHANGO Presents Five Stories

​Master SHANGO has been busy still conquering white women, subduing hubbies as well. Here are five stories to showcase his actions.

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