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These erotic works are available only on Amazon Kindle.Vella.

Naughty Wives, Horny Daughters-3.jpg

You are a loving housewife, while she is a sweet, charming daughter. You are each other's best friend, even your husband cannot figure you both out. Except when nobody is watching, and your guard is down, you do get to be a kinky slut whenever you feel like.


Your husband knows, too, and he cannot dissuade you; he doesn't need to. The same goes with your daughter. She's not as sweet as you think. She's a yearning slut, just like her mom. These stories prove it: like mom, like daughter.

Wife, Husband, Mother in-Law.jpg

Gwen and Nate are a sweet, loving couple. But like all loving couples, one of them harbours a secret. Gwen, in the midst of being pregnant, comes face to face with the realisation that Nate hasn't been as faithful as she assumed. He has been cheating on her with none other than Alicia, her mom.


Gwen is further stunned to know that her dad, Charles, is long aware. The story unfolds Rashomon-style a web of deceit and desire that will either break Gwen's marriage or change it forever.

I Married a Queen Of . . ..jpeg

This is a story I will never forget. It was the start of our honeymoon. Constance and I got married in Atlanta, before taking off to prearranged hotel suite in Panama City beach, in Florida.


The following morning, Constance revealed a stunning secret that would change the outlook of our marriage till this day. It was the start of an erotic journey, and of the incredible black man that made our week-long honeymoon worthwhile.

Gloria's Secret.jpg

Lem returns home from work and engages his wife Gloria regarding his recently discovered infidelity secret that she has been keeping from him.


Lem expects Gloria to submit to his anger, except he is rudely disappointed when instead she reveals even more detail regarding her secret lifestyle. Details that inevitably ensnare him into partaking in unexpected actions that reveal a hidden nature in his life.

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