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A Hotwife’s Satisfaction

Your slutwife demands the best sexual satisfaction in bed. Hence why she has gotten weary of looking towards you to give her the best. The best sex, she knows, can only come from someone other than you.

This is why she’s always on the lookout for someone of my nature, white boi.

Your wife doesn't want to continue being the same bland housewife to you; to a certain degree, you don't want that for her either.

I'm here to let you know that you aren't alone in your urges for your wife. There are plenty other husbands out there who equally want the same desire that you want. They want to see their wives to control of their sexual urgency to find themselves a desirable man to occupy their bed with them. Someone who will be capable of fucking them repeated hours of the day.

This is what you want to see happening in your bedroom. You have carried that image of your wife becoming a whore, just like most other the other women whose photos you have seen on social media.

There is just one big problem: how do you find the right man for her?

Therein lies the delimma. This is the one question that couples grapple with: how and where and whom to find the best lover to satisfy the wife.

Let us face the fact: the where can be anywhere - whether online, or could even be the couple’s next-door neighbor, if they’ve bothered to look. Who it might be is up to their specifications: most couples prefer for the lover to be of a young age, preferably single, and to possess a 10-inch cock that’s ready to do business any hour of the day. Plus, he should be at their beck-and-call, regardless of any scruples that might hinder them. And as for the how: that is another answer entirely. It is unusually tough to find a suitable lover, almost as another difficult question is how to find one. Should a couple decide to make a post via social media declaring their desire, or should they utilize some shrewd, scrupulous measure through dating sites? Or should they make contact with other cuckold couples and see if they can tag along with them?

Whichever the case might be, couples should be ready to exercise patience for the daunting task of finding a suitable mate for the wife. And even when they find one, going through the ceremonious specificities regarding their newfound relationship is going to take some time for either of them to settle on: specificities such as scheduled time of meeting; venue(s); and if/what role the cuck husband is bound to play; also, whatever other miscellaneous arrangements that might come into play, like would the wife allow for her lover to include another of his buddies, or should it strictly be between them?

All these are insights that each party would have to deliberate on as they venture further into this lifestyle. It might seem gruelling and somewhat time-wasting, but it will all guarantee the wife becoming firmly entrenched towards having the best sexual experience she can get from her lover. And the husband, too, though might not be too comfortable should he become excluded from the process, but as long as he is taken into consideration, it will create a dynamic relationship for the three of them.

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Unknown member
Jan 09, 2021

Her Master will call her by name, A whisper close in her ear, or in general conversation - like a husband. In their presence i must always refer to her as "my slut wife"


Black sexual superiority is not a matter of cock inches. The true power is the need of some white men to imagine a black cock taking possesion of their wives/girlfriends to get an erection, without having to do anything. A fascination who may lead a white man to offer his beloved better-half to a black male, embracing a process whose outcome could potentially ruin his manhood. For many cultural and biological reasons, this is a power they hold today


Sep 21, 2020

I would love to see my wife being satisfied sexually by a huge BBC while that bull totally emasculates me in front of my wife and fully reinforcing my wife's feminization of myself!


i agree completely. my wife deserves good cock, and that is where i fall down.

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