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A Pregnant hotwife named Maggie

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

My name is Maggie Lucas, and I am from Chicago, Illinois. My husband’s name is John. We have been married for ten years and I have borne him two beautiful kids with a third on the way. The irony is that none of the kids are actually his.

You see, I am a certified Black Cock-slut, and I have been bred by three different black men, all within the span of five years. Your best your sweet ass John knows about this—the fucker was there the entire time to watch it all happen. It was him that introduced me to the lifestyle prior to us getting married. He got me hooked onto loving black men, and I haven’t ever looked back since.

I’m not going to bore you with my life history regarding how I became such a dirty whore for black men. You can go online and read up plenty of tantalising stories of older milfs who’ve fooled around with or without their husband’s knowledge when it comes to tomcatting with black men. You can picture me as being one of them, tramp stamp and everything. But I doubt you’re going to find as many white women out there who have taken it upon themselves to bear raising black babies of their own. In that aspect, John and I are an exception.

As I mentioned before, I have been fucking black men for a long time now. Always whenever I fuck, they give it to me bareback. I fucking despise condoms. Condoms, in my opinion, should never be worn on a black cock. If anyone in my home is recommended to wear one, it’s John. I sometimes punish him by making him wear one in place of his silver chastity cage that I bought him. He can masturbate however he wants, but he knows he’s not allowed to cum anywhere but inside the condom. And he’s expected to lick it clean; I don’t ever want his semen spent anywhere else.

I have a number of lovers around. You would think that I’ve gotten myself an entire stable of black men pouring in and out of my bed whenever they want, and yes, I’ve had that sort of fun before. But the days have grown weary on me from wanting to enjoy myself in that manner. Nowadays, I’m more content to have a regular lover or two that live close-by to drop over whenever they’re chanced.

Our home is sort of like an Airbnb when it comes to entertaining black men. I like to refer to them as black gods, because really that’s what they are. So handsome and strong, and very masculine studs that they are. It is an honour for John and I to welcome any bull who might happen to be passing by the city and desires a place to lay his head for the night. I waste no time when it comes to advertising my services. I have online accounts on Twitter and FetLife. Jeff has posted a number of photos of me getting banged up on Flickr and elsewhere. I am shameless when it comes to serving black gods. My only recommendation is that they’ve stored plenty of cum in their nuts that they would be willing to part with when it comes time to stretching my pussy.

The longer they fuck me, the better. My orgasms tend to explode like clockwork, and I often squirt buckets when the fucking gets good. I enjoy having my hair pulled, getting slapped, having my ass spanked, and rimming their asses if any bull so happens to demand that. The moments I cherish foremost is when they get to cum inside my orifices, whether in my mouth, anus, or down my throat. Black seed has quite a nourishing taste for us both.

John, too, does get to assist whenever called upon. He loves sucking black cock alongside me. Most times, I have to push him away for fear that he might get too carried away and let the bull cum in his mouth. John loves tasting cum out of my pussy. He usually stands by the corner, taking photos of me getting fucked, and pleading with the bull(s) to go ahead and fuck me harder. The harder the better, is what he usually declares.

I have two boys, and right now I have a girl growing inside my tummy. My boys both have African names, and they are very beautiful to behold. My parents weren’t in tune with our decision, and neither did Jeff’’s family, but we didn’t give a damn. His sisters both know what I’m about. So far, I’ve successfully recruited one of them into becoming a black cock-slut just like me. She and I have indulged in gangbangs, and I’m hoping that soon enough, someone is going to knock her up.

John and I have flirted with the idea of becoming a Black-Owned couple. Yes, I hear it’s the latest trend that most cuckold couples are talking about: having a Black Master living with them under their roof, whose job it would be to keep me sexually satisfied. We have met a few prospects, but need to make sure it will be ideal enough. Plus, it would have to occur after I’ve dropped my third child.

I’ve gotten dozens of requests from white women across the country, young and older wives, (and especially husbands) wanting to know how best they can persuade their spouses to go along with their cuckold choices. John corresponds with many of them on a daily basis. They’ve seen photos of my black kids, and the urgency to become black-bred has them creaming in their panties.

There is a strong addiction that comes with submitting to black gods and their cocks. It’s something that mere mortals cannot understand, and it would take me ages to attempt an explanation. All I can see is whoever it was that coined the term ‘once you go Black, there’s no going back’ wasn’t lying. I am living proof of that. If anything can convince you, go online and research on me.

My pussy is built to drain whichever black cock that comes near it. Any bull who gets to give me a credible fucking earns a place in my diary, and depending on whether he lives close-by, I cannot wait to have him around again and again . . . and again.

I am living proof that being Black-Bred can create wonders for white women. It’s the best thing many of us can endeavour to do, and with the loving assistance of my husband, John, beside me, I have never been as happy as I am now.

Black Lives Matter.

Black Cock is Better.

Say no to white bois.

One Love,

Maggie Lucas.

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5 comentarios

23 ago 2021

I was supporting a girlfriend that had 2 black kids.......I loved it when people were looking confused. As a cuckold it's exactly what I deserve....raising the black mans' children.

Me gusta

Such a hot story! And beautiful black bred wife :)

Me gusta

I loved reading your story about you being a filthy married white slut for any and all black cocks and loving to have their black babies and lick their black assholes while your lucky white cuckold husband watches and jacks off into a condom while the strangers black cocks are cumming deep inside your unprotected married white cunt and womb. You cuckold husband is a very lucky man to be married to a certified Black Cock-slut has been bred by three different black men, all within the span of five years. Extremely exciting to know that you are a happily married white slut that has had three different black men's black babies. Very hot that you and your husband's families…

Me gusta

very interesting particulary her husbands acceptance i was lucky i was bred by the second black man i met lucky my presemt husband accepted Taurus and is raising him i am sure he would not accept a second breeding i hate condoms also and love the feeling when cum inside me i do have sex with my black boss but condoms always jack kinda acceots this as they are friends but a new black man has moved into our building a very i mean VERY handsome one i am sure he is single

Me gusta

Wow, I grew up with Maggie! This is so hot!

Me gusta
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